" Dammit they broke through the barrier!!" cried out a angry voice. As the Digimon turn around and see her comrade not there anymore. " No they all kill them all it can't be!! It just can't!!" Cried the voice. " Oh it can be cause will rule this world again AncientKazemon. After you and the maybe the warrior of the light but you forget one thing no barrier last forever and you light gnats would've known that!" spat a demon with a crimson red clothing. " As I Daemon will eliminate you CHAOS FLARE!!" As Daemon hands ignite a fiery ball and threw it at ancientkazemon burning her body to a crisp. A diabolical laughter is heard in the dark realm. " Well now that all the ancient warrior are gone I think we should get going and find a place to settle." Said Beelzemon blast mode. " Yes lets go that place they imprison us is way to awful barely no food at all!! So we will be back and destroy the light and bring the darkness for we will are the "SEVEN DEMON LORDS " and we will make this world and the other world in to a new one with a bang." cried out Beelzemon (bm). As the seven demon lord have been unleash to the digital world and with the ancient warrior are dead and revert to the digital egg.

Meanwhile back to the real world a teenage boy with messy blond hair and pure bright blue eyes is thinking about a girl he like for a long time. Her brunette hair with a hair pin stuck to the side and her amazing eyes bright brown eyes. Those thing is not what he is attracted to but her personality and her cute smile. " Sigh when will I tell her these words of emotion of what I have for her? If only I'm not a coward I always try to hide the fact of what I like for her. I remember when I almost say it when I'm not ready to tell her. ( reference digimon season 2 episode 13 thats right in the English dubbed where he accidently imply he love her.) Also the time when I saw her blush when that American kid kiss her ( digimon movie when Willis kiss Hikari you should see that Takeru have a cute shock expression on his face) Sigh when will I see tell her that oh well. Also in her eyes she only think I'm a friend and only use me to tease Daisuke so I must be strong." Takeru thought to himself.

A brunette teenage girl is also thinking about a blond hair boy. " Why is that every time he is around I felt comforts and feel safe? Why is that I flirt with him to make Daisuke jealous or am I to make him be with me? I don't know anymore maybe its just a faze I mean he dress goth but yet he is good at sport and I mean really good especially basketball. I wonder he haven't try out. I wonder I have these thoughts about him wonder if he like me back wonder how it happened of me thinking about of him. I wonder why that its him only and no other guys that is hot but him he is another story. I have been friends with for such a long time and yet its only him. I hope that he is thiking of me. i just hope he likes me back." Hikari thought herself.

As school have begin once again people meeting their old friends or new friends. The new digidestined once again goes back to school and the older digidestined have went off to collage and while Takeru, hikari, and Daisuke went to the 10th grade while Miyako and Ken is at the 11th grade with each other. Then theres Iori who is in middle school.

While the digidestined is at school somewhere else lurks the evil of all darkness and evil. The seven demons lord must be taken lightly for they are the that is all havoc and chaos, Each of the seven demon lords have their own crest and each one consist of one of the seven deadly sins and the seven holy virtues angels are no where to be found for lord holyangemon is under a eternal sleep. As the seven demon lords move separately and each one goes to each region and make that region to their own sins may the digital world mayhem begins and the digidestined have hope and lights.