Life and love is like a flower its blooms and wilt for its a repeating pattern and contains beauty and its contains tragedy as well. As the Digidestined have prevail numerous of times but in doing so some of their friends have perish. So with life but this life we have is fill with people thinking we should follow them and not have a opinion of our own and some have ridicule others for having less creativity or not being on the same ethic or even religion. These extremist have been on earth for many years some are minor but a lot of these extremist are majority and we do not even know it until its too late.

" gasp No not again please stop!! I will do anything!! Just spare my life I am begging you.!!" cried out a thundermon. " I will spare your life if you tell me the crest of sins!! I know you have the information of it since this is your domain thundermon." said Lucemon chaos mode. " I-I-I don't know w-w-what you are talking about." Thundermon stammer but before he can say anything else Lucemon grab the electric ball and squash him like he is a cottonball. "Hmmph I guess I still need to search for my crest of pride. sigh Why do I even bother asking these pesky digimon, I guess I have to do things my way then!" Lucemon said to himself "After all one have fallen and I knew that wizard is weak in defense, but he is right about one thing we are free and there will be a revelations." Lucemon talk to himself once more. As he look up in the sky and flew to his next destination.

" Koushiro I have one question how did one of the seven demon lords got here are they that powerful to move through the real world?" Hikari ask. " Gennai says they are indeed powerful to do so but he also say that one of the sins have fallen. Thats the problem cause he doesn't know who have killed the sin of greed. So my guess is that someone or a digimon is helping us. " Koushiro answered to Hikari. "Wait did Gennai give us the information of the seven demon lords?" Taichi ask. " As the matter of fact he did." "Here are the information on them." Koushro said.


level: mega

sign of sin: greed

type: Virus

ability: cause the sin of greed of towards other and manipulate others to his army

Weakness: Sword of magic

age:10,000 years old

Creature of myth: Mammon

type of being: Demon lord wizard

interesting information: He is the planner of sins and the most wisest of the seven demon but weak in defense magic but a powerful offense magic user.


Level: mega

sign of sin: gluttony


ability: cause the sin of gluttony towards others and gain power from fallen foes.

weakness: swords and cannon of courage and friendships

age: unknown

Creature of myth Beelzebub

type of being: gunner or long range weapon user also power gaining user from fallen foe.

interesting information: He maybe a gunner but he is also good at close combat as well but he can also drain the enemy of his foes. Be cautious of this one unlike the others he have some moral stands in combat. He also have another form called blast mode when will he use it is unknown.

weakness: sword of kindness


Level: mega

sign of sins: sloth

ability: every once a 1,00 year he will be awoken from his sleep mode and turn to rage mode and wreak havoc. This Demon must be proceed with cautious. As he his the most powerful being but not supreme enough to destroy all. He can't commit the sins of sloth towards other due to his rage form wreaking havoc and obliterate everything. While his sleep mode just sleep and cause few attack but very dangerous.

age: unknown due to his slumber.

creature of myth: Belphegor

Interesting information: As in sleep mode its good to attack while you still can but once rage mode comes your chance of winning is nil. Also once in rage mode he have no control what he is attacking as he will be in blind rage.

Weakness: Sleep mode gate of heavens and in rage mode unknown.


Level: mega

sign of sins: wrath

creature of myth: Satan

Interesting information: A fallen angel of heaven he use to be a Seraphimon, but now fallen due to his failure to take over the digital world. Beware his three form that might destroy a large area.

weakness soul banish + heavens gate


level: mega

sign of sin: envy

creature of myth: Leviathan

Interesting information: Out of all the seven demon lord he is the most coward of all even a sight of a angel digimon that is weaker of him he will flee from sight or flee from battle if he is losing.

weakness: any holy attack to him



sign of sin: pride

creature of myth: Lucifer

Interesting information: Even though he is a only a ultimate out of the seven demon lord. He is indeed a powerful one, but when he is only compatible as a demon lord only in his chaos form.

Weakness: none all out assault on him will destroy him.


level: mega

sign of sin: lust

creature of myth: Lilith

interesting information: A only female demon out of all the lord, but make no mistake she is indeed powerful. Also she can seduce her enemy and then kill them with her deadly poison claw. She rarely go into combat unless its needed to.

"Lilithmon must die!" Takeru mutter to himself. "Takeru?" Hikari ask in a questionable look. "Its nothing Hikari but I need to go I need to do something." Takeru said and then gave her a hug. " Please don't a person that you are not." Takeru whisper to her ear, then let her go and left. As the door have shut and everything remain quiet. "Something is up and I will find out why." Ken said and then he left as well. Soon everybody think they should leave and left the house.

"Teh so that Digidestined of hope knows what I'm going to do huh? That damn foreshadowing dream of his. Well now must take both of them down." a shadowy figure looking at the vortex. "I'll say it will be delightful once that light and hope will come to the evil side." As the figure said this and vanish.

A humongous eruption was heard and many rookie digimon fled. The portal to Highton View Terrace begun to distort and shift uncontrollably. Then a shadowy mist appear and shape into a dark digimon. "I've been revive but yet I will destroy the one who is trying to kill my friends." A new dark figure said. As he fled to the real world trying to destroy the disrupter.

" In later news many people have begun to eat more and more or drink and consume drugs even more and" ZzZz the tv have disconnect and shut down. " Tailmon I will do my best to help you." As a wizard like digimon said to himself.

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