A/N: This is 50 years after Edward left Bella. The wolves had been too late when it came to Laurent's attack, and Bella's a vampire. She's been living on her own this whole time. She keeps hearing about a best selling book by Edward Masen, and decides to read it. I used the title New Moon because I'm too unoriginal to come up with something creative, haha. Review, Review, Review! It's the only way I'll know if I should keep going. I don't think anyone else has done this story before. Or at least, I've never read one like it.


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"The top selling book, New Moon, by Edward Masen continues to hold its number one spot on the NY Times best sellers list! It's a novel about a man who has to leave his love to keep her safe, and needs to make her think that he doesn't love her in the process. When he goes back to her years later, all he finds is a grave," the TV blared across the room. "It's a heart-wrenching story, and brilliantly written. You can almost feel the protagonists pain."

I flicked the TV off. Edward Masen. That was his name before he became a vampire. I wanted to believe that this book could be written by him, but I doubted that was possible. I couldn't imagine why he would put himself into the spotlight like that.

Still, I felt an unexplainable urge to read the story. I walked by the book everyday; it was in the display window of the bookstore right outside of my loft. There was no picture of the author, nor was there an "about the author" section. The news had reported that he didn't do book signings either.

This morning, I think I might actually buy the book. Who would it hurt? And I could always use something new to read. I would just have to try hard to ignore the name of the man who wrote it.

As I brought the novel to the register to pay, the cashier smiled and began waving the book around. "This is such a good one, I've read it like, four times through already. It's so good! I feel like I'm actually in Edward's place, it's like, so crazy." She reminded me of Jessica Stanley.

I smiled half heartedly at the girl. I handed her the money and left the store. I wasn't working currently – I had more than enough money as it was – so I used the free time to start reading.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was like the human version of my own life. In the book, he left the girl named Marie (my middle name!) because she was always in danger around his family. They were in the witness protection program. It went on to describe the pain he felt when he convinced her he didn't love her, and how much it hurt him to leave her. But he thought it was the only way to truly keep her safe.

Then he went to find her five years later, and discovered her grave. If they ever went back to Forks to find me, that's exactly what they would find, too. Reading this story was giving me hope that I shouldn't have. It was the hope that he did still love me, and he had come back for me, but it was too late then. Maybe Edward Masen really was Edward Cullen (I winced as I thought the name).

The internet didn't help much. There was little to no information about Edward Masen. I could only find people saying that he didn't come out much, he didn't like meeting fans, and that the only reason he published the book was because he wanted to release some of the pain he felt for leaving the girl he had loved.

There was one fact I found about him that gave me hope though. He had a big adoptive family. His adoptive father was a doctor and he had four siblings. He described his adoptive mother as the most caring person one could ever meet.

I had to find him. After reading New Moon, I got a good glimpse into his mind, and I knew that he still loved me…unless writing this had gotten him through it. But I doubted that; vampires don't change that easily.

Edward was out there, and he loved me. And he thought I was dead. The information that I'd found online said he was living in a small town in Alaska with his family right now.

After spending a little bit of time on the phone with an airline, I had a ticket to Alaska in less than an hour. I threw clothes into a suitcase and took off without a second though. I had to find him.