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"I love you so much Bella," he whispered into my ear.

"I love you too Edward." He pressed his lips back to mine. But of course, our time alone didn't last too long. That's a rarity when everyone living with you has super-hearing, especially when one's a psychic.

"OH MY GOD, FINALLY!" Alice ran into the room shrieking. Edward sighed, but I couldn't help but let a few giggles escape. She was on Edward's bed with the two of us, jumping up and down, and hugging us profusely.

I opened my mind to Edward again for a few moments. "She's insane," I thought. He chuckled and held me closer.

"Go away Alice," he said. Just as he was leaning in to kiss me again, Alice pulled me out of the bed by my arm.

"Oh no, Esme and I need to make preparations!" Alice chirped.

"…For what?" I asked her.

Edward looked just as confused as I did, so I knew he wasn't in on this. "For the wedding, of course!" Alice acted as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Uh…who's wedding are you talking about?"

She rolled her eyes at me. "Yours!"

I raised an eyebrow at Edward, but he was doing the same thing towards Alice. "Alice, are you crazy? This is the first time I've seen Bella in YEARS, and you want to start planning a WEDDING?"

"Well it's obviously going to happen," she huffed.

Edward pulled me back into his chest, and I sighed contentedly. "Not yet Alice. Give us some time." He smiled at her.

Alice couldn't help but smile back. She loved seeing her brother so happy – it was obvious. And she was happy to have her best friend back…her sister. Everything was falling back into place for both the Cullens and myself.

She darted out of the room calling Esme's name, and Edward tilted my head up. He kissed me lightly.

"So she's already planning our wedding?" I asked him.

He tried to fight back the huge grin that was attempting to break through. "Well, she sees the future. She saw ours."

I couldn't help but to smile hugely at this. "She saw us getting married?" I asked as kissed the base of my throat.

"Mhm," he breathed into my neck.

Even though Alice's vision wasn't always perfect, there was no way to doubt that Edward and I would be together forever now. For the first time in three decades, everything was beginning to make sense again.