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Ambezua: Hello, it's me again... Yes, I know it's not been very long since my last story, but, hey, I love writing so much! Yes, I plan on picking up where my last story left off, as a sequel. There will be an all-new cast of villains, so, don't worry about meeting up with the Gengar again. Oh, and, don't expect Team Rocket to be on the good side this time. But... I will be putting a few "easter eggs" in this story too! So, keep your eyes peeled...

The Labyrinth of Confusion

Chapter one: A Night at the Pokecenter

The sun had nearly set as a group of three travelers and a Pikachu wearily followed the steep path up the mountain. Brock walked up front, and held the map out in front of him. Ash usually got them lost whenever he led, so, they had unanimously selected Brock to lead them through the mountain pass. Pikachu hopped along after Brock, occasionally glancing back toward Ash and Misty, who walked side-by-side, holding hands. Pikachu trusted Brock's leadership, but couldn't help but feel a bit apprehensive about the mountain... Something just didn't seem quite right about it...

They had been walking for several hours, and Misty could already feel the fatigue weighing her down. She felt as if her shoes were made of lead, each step was significantly harder than the last. She gently laid her head on ash's shoulder, and slightly leaned into him. She closed her eyes and continued walking, trusting Ash to hold her upright.

Ash felt Misty's pressure as she leaned over onto him. He didn't mind, in fact, he rather liked it. He took his eyes off the road ahead and looked down at Misty. Her eyes were still closed, much like when she slept. He let go of her hand, and wrapped his harm around her shoulders, to support her better. She murmured something unintelligible as thanks. She slowly opened her eyes, and stared at Ash, who continued to stare back.

'She has such beautiful, blue eyes...' Ash thought to himself.

"Oh, come on, guys!" Brock shattered the moment, "get a room for crying out loud!"

Ash and Misty suddenly snapped back to reality. They had stopped walking, and had been staring at each other as Brock and Pikachu waited impatiently.

"Pika, Pika..." Pikachu mumbled to himself.

'human behavioral habits can be SO confusing...' Pikachu pondered, 'I don't think I will ever figure them out.'

"Pikapi, Chu Pikachu!" (Ash, you are beginning to remind me of Brock!)

Ash and Misty blushed, and released each other from the embrace.

"Let's get moving!" Brock shouted.

'It's been nearly a week since they last had a heated argument...' Brock thought, 'and their constant obsession with each other is REALLY beginning to get on my nerves... I know that they are in love with each other, they even admitted it. But, I still can't understand why they are so different lately... I mean, come on, Misty hasn't even slammed me with her mallet in days!'

"According to the map, there should be a Pokecenter just over this ridge..." Brock explained, as they continued on their way.

"But... Brock, you said that an hour ago." Misty yawned

"Are you sure you are holding the map the right way?" Ash asked sleepily.

Brock simply shrugged off their comments, and focused his attention on the road ahead.

Sure enough, as they passed the ridge, there stood the Pokecenter, off to the side of the road. They slipped through the doors, relieved that they had finally arrived. Ash and Misty quickly walked over to the couches in the lobby and laid down, each on their own couch.

"I will go get some rooms for us... you two can just sit back, and relax on the couches." Brock offered, blushing slightly.

"and give you free reign to flirt with Nurse Joy?" Misty raised up her head

She didn't need an answer though, since Brock was already at the front desk staring at Nurse Joy and mumbling another one of his pathetic pick-up monologues.

"...the radiance of your eyes outsides the sun with their beauty, and your love and care for pokemon is only overshadowed my my love for you!"

Nurse Joy, a bit surprised at first, was trying her best to not to become annoyed. Misty left Ash on the couch and walked over to rescue Joy.

"I guess only one thing gets through to you, eh, Romeo?" she slammed him with her mallet, picked up their room keys, briefly thanked Nurse Joy, and began dragging Brock off to their rooms.

They began to look over their two rooms. They looked well-kept, yet simple, with double beds in each room, a nightstand, and a small TV.

Brock, who had by now gotten back up on his own feet, looked over at Ash and Misty suspiciously.

"You two don't intent on sleeping together, do you?"

Ash and Misty blushed, and glanced at each other quickly.

"Why, w-what would give you an idea like that?" Misty managed to stammer.

Ash simply looked around the room nervously, unable to respond.

"I dunno... It's just that you two have been acting rather strange lately, like your already married." Brock laid back onto the bed, grinning and savoring the moment.

"What?!" Ash finally managed to blurt out, "come on, Brock, we're not like that... And you know it."


Pikachu "teardropped"

"I think your jsut jealious, Brock..." Misty stepped over to Brock.

In fact, Misty had jsut hit the nail right on the head... Or, rather, the Brock. Brock resented the fact that Ash had managed to get a girlfirend before himself. Ash was enjoying what he so desperately desired. Rather than adress that difficult topic, Brock decided that a differet approach to the situation would fit his purposes better.

"Well, actually, I was going to go over to the food court and pick up some dinner for us all, how about you two work things out?"

"Uh.. Thanks, Brock" Misty raised her eyebrow, a bit confused.

"No problem... But, remember, if I catch you two doing anything while I'm gone, I will take matters into my own hands."

Brock winked at Pikachu, signaling him to keep an eye on them while he was away.

"Pika, Pi-Pi chu" (don't worry, I will tell you if I see anything)

Even though Brock couldn't understand a word Pikachu said, he knew that the electric mouse would make it known to him in some fashion if Ash and Misty went at it. Brock nodded then quietly walked out the door.

Misty walked over and sat next to Ash on the bed. They both kept their eyes focused on the floor in front of them, not saying a word. Pikachu's watchful eyes kept locked on, even as he stretched out for a rest on top of the TV set. Misty slowly slid her hand over to Ash's side, who slid his hand over as well and grasped it. Pikachu didn't seem to notice... In fact, he suddenly felt VERY tired.

'You know... I could just take a nap... Just a short nap...'

Pikachu closed his eyes for just a moment, then quickly drifted off into a deep slumber...

Without a moment's notice, Misty lept into Ash's arms, knocking him right off the bed. they feel onto the floor with a rather loud thud. Misty quickly lifted her head off of ash and looked toward Pikachu, who appeared to still be quietly sleeping. misty let out a sigh of relief. She looked down at ash, who she was still sitting on. Ash didn't seem to mind, and had taken the opportunity to wrap his arms around her lower back. Misty blushed, then settled back down onto Ash, enjoying their closeness.

"I love you, Misty"

"I love you too, Ash."

They simply lay on the floor for a few minutes, enjoying the embrace. Then, something started to come over them...

"Hey, guys, I'm back!" Brock slammed the door open.

Pikachu's eyes snapped open, and he jumped over to Brock to get his bottle of ketchup. Ash and Misty bolted up off the floor, and stood up. Ash's hat was missing, and his clothes were all wrinkled. Misty's hair was in disarray, and was no longer pulled back into her signature ponytail, and her shirt was wrinkled as well. Both looked very embarrassed.

"What where you two doing behind the bed?" Brock asked as he set out the food he had brought them.

"Uh..." Ash began

"Pikachu, chu, chu, pika, pika chu!" (I didn't see them do anything, now, give me my ketchup!)

"Ash, translation please?"

"He says that he didn't see us do anything... and he would like you to give him his ketchup."

"Ah, so he didn't SEE you feel up Misty, eh? Thanks Pikachu, that's all I needed to hear"

Ash stared at Brock, mouth ajar and eyes wide. Misty colored deeply again.

Brock handed Pikachu a battle of ketchup, and rubbed him on the head.

"Come on, aren't you two hungry?"

Ash rarely lost his appetite, but today was one of the few days in his life that he felt like forfeiting his dinner.

"Don't worry, Ash, I will stop bugging you about it... Just don't get her pregnant."

This was going to be a LONG night...

Ambezua: I know what you are all thinking... No, Brock is not the villain, and from now on he will keep his promise to stop teasing them about their relationship. I know that this chapter was a bit fuzzy, but I wanted to give the readers an idea of the sort of relationship Ash and Misty had at this point in time. It really lays the groundwork for the next few chapters, even though they will have very little "fluff" in them. And don't worry... The villain will be turning up soon.