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Chapter 6 Duplica's Redemption

Ambezua: Aw, yes... That's right... Duplica is a hero!

The walls began to shake, and boulders began to fall from the ceiling.

"Onix, try to keep the ceiling fomr falling, let's get out of here!" Brock yelled.

A large rock fell right past Brock's shoulder, and rolled along the ground. It bushed past Ash and slammed right into Misty, pinning her to the ground.

"Pikachu!" (No!)

"Misty!" Ash rushed to her side.

"Ash... Just leave me, get out while you still can..." Misty whispered.

Pikachu lept out of Ash's backpack, and stood near Misty. Pikachu had grown to be quite close to Msity, and was determined not to abandon either Ash or Misty, even if it meant his death.

"I'm not leaving without you..." Ash's eyes began to water.

Duplica looked at Onix, as he struggled to keep the larger rocks from caving in onto them. She turned toward Ash kneeling by Misty's pinned body, and Brock who was fantically pulling at the rock which held Misty down. She knew that if she didn't do somthing quickly they would be buried alive.

"Go, Ditto! Transform into a Regirock!"

"Ditto!" the pokemon could feel the urgency of the matter, and went to work right away. Within a few seconds, it had sucessfully completed the trasformation.

"Go, get that rock off of Misty."

The Ditto ran over to Msity, hoisted up the rock, and flung it to the far side of the room. Brock and Ash picked up Misty and carried her over to Duplica.

"Come on, Duplica, we have to leave. the whole place will collapse in any minute!" Brock shouted.

"No, you guys get out. this is all my fault, and I am going to fix it. Now, GO!" Duplica shoved Ash and Brock out of the sanctuary, then ran back to her Ditto.

"Onix, stay there and give Duplica as much time as you can. Meet up with us at the surface..." Brock ordered, then continued running.

Samos telepathically lead them toward the exit, then walked back to Duplica.

"Mini ditto... Transform into a hoothoot, and get yourself to safety. I have enjoyed being your trainer, but I am affriad that this is the end of the line. Please go."

The tiny Ditto (transformed into a Hoothoot) sadly nodded, and flew off into the darkness.

Duplica looked over to her Ditto, who looked back at her loyally. Her Ditto had never doubted her, it would obey any order she gave it.

"I guess... It's time... Jump up as high as you can, use Superpower, lift the rocks from off of Onix to allow him to escape as well, then use explosion!"

Ditto knew that Duplica had very little chance of survival, so, it gave her one last friendly grin, then obeyed her orders.

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu continued running down the exit shaft.

"Almost there... Almost there..." Brock huffed.

Some rocks collapsed right in front of them, blocking the exit... Then, Duplica's Ditto exploded. The shock wave sent Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu clear out of the caves, and out onto the surface.

Samos turned toward Duplica, who seemed to have accepted her fate. She had sacrificed her own life for that of Misty, Ash, Brock, and Pikachu. Such selflessness proved to Samos that Duplica had, indeed changed. The boulders which had been dislodged by the explosion fell faster and faster toward Duplica. She stood still, slowly closed her eyes, and waited. Samos walked up to her, and grasped her hand... then, the rocks hit the ground with a loud crash...

Misty, Ash, and Brock awoke to find themselves in the Pokecenter, lying on the couches in the waiting area.

"I'm glad your all awake now. I found you all not far from the road, and this young lady had a broken leg. I managed to set it into a cast without much difficulty." Nurse Joy smiled.

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Ash sat up.

"Pikapi!" (Ash!) Pikachu hopped over to Ash and gave him a hug.

"I have also taken the privilege of healing all your pokemon for you," Nurse Joy continued.

"But..." Misty looked around the lobby, "where's..."

"Hello everyone!" Duplica ran up and gave Misty a hug.

"But... How did you..." Brock paused.

"Samos teleported me out of the cave at the last second." Duplica explained.

"Uh... Well, thank you for saving our lives, Duplica." Ash managed to speak up.

"Anything for you... Ashy boy."

Everyone laughed, even Pikachu.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket...

"Gah... Why can't I see straight?" Jessie asked, as she stumbled over some bushes.

"Well, as least you CAN see," Jessie replied, as he held his hands over his eyes and wandered around aimlessly, "My eyes won't even focus..."

"Why do these things always happen to us bad guys..." Meowth sighed, and sat down, "Even bad guys deserve a break once and a while, right?"

"Wobbuffett!" Wobbaffett popped out of his pokeball.

And last, but not least...

Gary walked along, thinking of how clever he had been. Then... Samos materialized in front of him.

"You have caused enough trouble... Now, hand over Regirock!"

Samos' eyes began to glow. Gary shuttered at the thought of what could have happened next.

"Ok, ok, you win!" Gary ran off into the woods, throwing the pokeball into the air.

Samos caught the pokeball, then vanished from sight once again.

The End

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