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It's you!

Who puts me in the magic position, darling now?

You put me in the magic position

To live, to learn, to love, in the major key…

"The Magic Position" – Patrick Wolf

Renesmee Carlie Cullen was the most beautiful thing on the planet.

Her bronze ringlets were dancing in the rare sun as she ran. Although she was half bloodsucker, she did not sparkle blindingly like the rest of them. Instead, she had a glow about her which made her all the more beautiful. We had just been dropped to McKean Sanders High School while the rest of her family went "hiking". The two of us were fully aware that we were late, hence the running. This was the worst part, we couldn't run at our speed in case someone saw, so we were restraining ourselves. Why were we late you ask? Well, for that story I would have to take you back in time…to an hour ago.

"Jacob!" Renesmee called in delight. "Finally, now you can defend my point."

"What's your point?" I asked confused.

"Dad says I have to eat human food. Now that is obviously ridiculous. I think that I should be able to drink my normal o negative." Nessie said casually as though we were comparing oranges to apples. Secretly it disgusted me that she was drinking blood. That runs inside her veins. Isn't that close to cannibalism?

Edward looked at me. There wasn't venom in his eyes, but there was a frown on his face.

"You realize that there is only a half hour until school right? Jacob you aren't even dressed and Nessie neither are you." Alice spoke calmly. "So seeing as there is only human food currently in the house, and we don't have time for this, eat the fucking food."

"Alice!" Bella said for the first time in shock.

"Sorry, sorry, I'm a little antsy…" Alice shrugged a few times and walked away.

"What's wrong with her?" I questioned.

"Alice has officially missed the Paris Week Fashion Show." Edward responded in a hush voice, as not to anger Alice any further. "I would do what she says."

"Change. NOW!" Alice screamed. "Renesmee, I've laid your clothes out. And Jacob I don't know what the hell you're wearing but it's not that."

Nessie and I looked at each other and shuffled upstairs. We had an exam today that neither of us actually had prepared for. I saluted Nessie when she walked into her room and I stepped into their…well I guess it really was my room. Although I had my own little house with Billy, I didn't really stay there a lot. Nessie had given me a room across from hers. Unfortunately it happened to be right beside Edward and Bella's. I tried not to sleep there that often…for obvious reasons.

I opened the bedroom sized closet that Alice had stocked for me and groaned at the choices. Most of them seemed too flashy but Alice refused to let me where my own clothes. I looked through the jean choices and pulled out a dark pair I hadn't seen before. The tags were still on and Alice had tried to scratch the price out. I squinted and with my greatly improved vision I could see that the cost was…five hundred and seventy-four dollars. I saw the label and what a surprise! Giorgio Armani.

Bella had gotten a lot better at this than I had. She had convinced herself that it was a donation really.

I looked through another drawer and saw one of my favorite long sleeved shirts that I didn't let Alice throw away. It was a dark blue cotton stretch that felt light enough for the spring weather. I pulled that on as well.

I went back downstairs and had a seat at the immaculate kitchen counter. Edward was the chef in the coven—oops, I mean family. Crap, he heard that.

"So Jacob, what's the exam today for?" He asked lightly.

"Physical Education." I grinned despite myself. If any exam was easy, it was gym. Both Nessie and I had it together and we breezed through it. He smiled as well.

Just then we hear the lightest sound of a chair being moved and there was Nessie. Like me, she had a huge closet to choose from. Today she was wearing khakis and a pink turtleneck. Her gym clothes were neatly folded in a Louis Vuitton bag.

"Are you guys coming back here for lunch or what?" Bella asked. Since we had moved to a bigger city than Forks, we had more choice in where we wanted to go. I was fully prepared to come back home seeing as Nessie's blood—father, was a good enough chef.

"Nah, we're going to go out." Nessie answered. See the thing is, Nessie didn't really know that I had imprinted on her yet. In fact, she still thinks of me as a friend, and I still see her as a best friend too. So it was fine the way it was. No disturbing thoughts going through my head and none going through hers as far as I could tell. Which, you know, is fine; I don't mind at all. Really.

"Okay, let's go." Nessie picked up her bag and headed to the door with the Edward and Bella trailing behind me. That was until—

"Wait! Wait guys hold on!" Alice was invisible then showed up beside me. She wrinkled her nose and said. "You won't have time to change into your clothes today. The change-rooms are blocked thanks to some softball team. Most of the class already knows."

"Oh…no biggie, we'll just change here then." I said. Alice had a grim smile on. Edward looked at her with confused eyes. Nessie and I glanced at each other and ran up the stairs again. I quickly changed into the mandatory black shorts and grey t-shirt. I tied my sneakers and shoved my clothes into a bag. I went downstairs to find Nessie there already there.

And boy was she there. Although she was wearing almost the same thing as me, she just made it look…sexier. Her shorts were hitched up and grazed her mid-thigh. Her t-shirt just looked better in my opinion and her legs went on for ages. Oh fuck.

I turned around slowly, knowing what to expect. Cullen was glaring at me with no shame. None. Bella, having no idea why, shoved Edward lightly on the shoulder. He hadn't glared at me like that since well…I first imprinted on Nessie. But Nessie had never been so sexy. Shit.

There was a low growl coming from Edward now. Was it my fault that his daughter was hot and I was a guy? Shit! Why the fuck do I keep talking? Thinking! That's what I meant.

"Black." It was a warning from him.

"Sorry." I smiled impishly. Bad idea. He snapped; he turned and slapped his palm down too hard on the granite counter. There was an audible snap and three chunks of counter fell to the porcelain tiles. "Dad!" Nessie cried. She bent down to pick up the pieces. That was a bad idea as well. I was blatantly staring.


"EDWARD!" Bella screamed. I imagine that this must all have been very confusing: Edward snarling and snapping his teeth, while I tried to move back, stammering and apology and still sneaking glances at Nessie.

Yes, must have been very befuddling. But then Edward stopped. He looked at Nessie with horrified eyes.

"Why?" he pleaded quietly. Nessie blushed and ran forward. I caught her but then saw the look on Edward's face and let go as if she was burning. He moaned as if he was in pain.

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" Bella finally had the strength and thought to speak. Edward slowly moved towards his wife and whispered something in her ear very fast. Her eyes widened with each word and she too, was now glaring at me.

But Edward was not. He looked at Nessie with sad eyes and nodded his head. She looked relieved but then her smile turned down at the corners.

"What happened?" I was genuinely out of the loop on this one. She looked at her dad and said, "Nothing."

She slowly took my hand in hers and I intertwined our fingers. We swung it back and forth.

I don't know exactly how long we did that for but when I saw the time on her Rolex, I saw that we were now officially late for class.

"Get in the car." Edward said in a deadpan voice. All four of us ran into the new Cullen car. The Audi R8. It's honestly ridiculous now.

And so that puts us where we are now. Both of us are running with some restraint and grinning at each other. You know what, it doesn't matter if we're late for the gym exam…