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I believe in a thing called love.
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart.
There's a chance we could make it now;
we'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down.
I believe in a thing called love.

"I Believe in a Thing Called Love" – The Darkness

The first day of school has always been the worst for me. I hated greeting all of the faces that I didn't miss while going over the old review work. Everyone was comparing their schedules with smiles plastered to their faces while telling their friends what they did this summer. I was a the star athlete in my old school, the academic award winner three years running, and one of the best looking guys in the year. This was unfortunate because it made me the centre of attention, as always.

I used the same vague answer whenever someone asked me what I was doing. I've been around Europe, where my extended family lives. When they asked me what I did, I mainly shrugged. I pretended to be interested in what my friends did, but I just couldn't bring myself to not roll my eyes. I shuffled into my English class and took a seat in the middle row and my friends did the same. I took out my binder and started doodling on a fresh piece of paper. This was a habit I had. Any time I didn't feel like speaking or thinking, I would doodle. Nothing spectacular, just some patterns that took my mind off things. I heard the pair of chairs in front of me slide out and automatically, I looked up.

What I then saw were the two most beautiful people I had ever seen in real life. The two girls looked as if they had stepped off the page of Vogue, airbrushed and all. They both had alabaster colored skin that looked extremely smooth and perfect. They had purplish bruises under their eyes, one more than the other. The first girl was slightly taller than the other and looked older too. Her auburn hair was straight and reached her shoulder blades while her eyes were a pale gold, almost yellow. Her most prominent features were easily her large eyes and full, pouty lips. She was dressed in grey fitted jeans and a navy blue v-neck which suited her very nicely. The other one was the one that had caught my attention, but I had another habit of saving the best for last.

Her hair was bronze, curly locks that flowed down to the small of her back. Her eyes were a deep, soulful brown that resembled almonds. She too was dressed elegantly, yet it didn't shout out pretentious. A pale green skirt topped with a lacy white blouse. I couldn't take my eyes off of her; she was mesmerizing.

She caught me staring and paused mid-laugh. When the two girls looked at each other, I realized how similar they looked, probably sisters. It was not in my nature to speak to someone who I did not know, and yet I could not stop myself.

"Hi." I breathed.

She stared at me for a full second, and then a smile graced her strawberry lips as she said, "Hey."

My heart was beating at a wild pace, it was an exhilarating feeling that I imagine could be compared to extreme sports. My friends beside me were not as oblivious as they looked; they too were openly staring at the two perfect girls. I shoved them lightly to break their reverie. She laughed, the curly haired one, and I blushed pink. What had become of me?

"I'm Renesmee." She answered the question that was running through my head. I had to put a name to the beauty. "And this is Bella." The one named Bella looked amused but said nothing.

"Are you related?" I questioned without thinking. Renesmee's smile flickered.

"We're cousins."


Class was called into session and I did not get another chance to speak to her. I could barely take in what the little overdressed man was saying at the front of the class. Renesmee was speaking under her breath to Bella, who was pretending to be reading the course outline that was just handed out. After another minute of non-reaction, Renesmee gave up. The class passed in a blur and then the bell rang. They rose swiftly and exited the classroom but Renesmee turned and gave me a small smile that brought my heart to a ridiculously fast pace, yet again.

"Adam, what do you have next?" Julian, my best friend, asked me.


"Oh dude, we might have that!" I peeked at his schedule; I had AP math, had he had, well…idiot math.

"Oh yeah, maybe…" I responded half-heartedly while craning my neck to see the rest of the hall. Maybe she had math with me. Maybe we would sit together, and maybe she would need help, and of course I would help her. I waved goodbye as he realized he had his class in the basement. I slowly made my way through an unfamiliar room with wide desks grouped in fours. Most of the class was already there and there were a few familiar spaces. I had a seat next to Amy Spiller, one of the three people in this class I knew fairly well. She had short blond hair, up to her chin and an oval shaped face. Her eyes were a bright blue and she rarely wore make-up. Amy wasn't a tom-boy or anything, she just didn't need it. When I sat down next to her she acknowledged me by stopping her doodle.

"Hey." I said. She nodded meekly. Did I do something? I rarely spoke to Amy Spiller and she rarely spoke to me other than the time we were partners in an English project last year. "You do much over the summer?"

"Yeah, I went to Italy." She said with a stronger voice.

"Oh, sightseeing?" I prodded.

"No, we have a vineyard." She said a bit more quietly. That was one Amy Spiller's better qualities; she was extremely modest about her family's fortune. Her mom invented a special moisturizer that would keep your skin healthy looking and—

Well it's beyond the point seeing as I do not use it. I smiled and then looked away, staring at the door, hoping that she would come in any second. Instead, the whole class was filled and the teacher began to gather her things while writing the course name on the board.

A few minutes into class told me that Ms. Malvern was a bitchy piece of work. She barked that she had a seating plan for us which we would not be removed from. She placed me beside a small middle-eastern girl who looked like a genius. I grimaced knowing that I would have competition in this class. There was also a rather chubby boy with terrible 

skin and acne named Kevin Lee who sat diagonal from me. However, the most noticeable person in my group was easily a six foot, five inches native Indian named Jacob who sat in front of me. He looked too old to be in grade nine with his tall build and muscles. The masculine part of me felt a little miserable looking at how fit he was. Sure I was athletic, but I knew that I would never get that big. He saw me eyeing him and nodded. I slowly turned away, checking the class over for the tenth time, making sure I hadn't missed Renesmee. Of course I knew that I would have seen her the moment I entered the class, she was such a stand out. I sighed in defeat and resumed playing with my ballpoint pen.

"So is this teacher a bitch or what?" Jacob asked all of a sudden. I grinned and nodded. The middle-eastern girl, named Fatima, glared at us while we laughed silently. "Math should be pretty easy. Is this your only AP subject?"

"No, all my academics are." He nodded thoughtfully.

"Same here." He responded. Even though he was whispering, I could tell his deep voice was not that of a fourteen year old.

"Are you new here?" Our town wasn't small by any means, but no one seemed to look at him with any familiarity in their eyes. And everyone was looking at him.

"Yeah, we just moved here from Canada." He said in the same even whisper.

"Have any siblings here?"

"No, close friends though." We continued talking fir the rest of the period. I liked this guy; he was pretty funny and had interesting things to say. I think that we could be friends. Once the bell rang, signaling lunch, we rose from our seats and left the class. I figured that I would have lunch with him, as he was new and all. Maybe I would say to his friends. We walked to another class, the French room and waited outside there for a while. Out of all the students filing out, we didn't recognize anyone until she gracefully came out, bag slung over her shoulder.

Renesmee took the sight of both of us in, and then she smiled at me with more recognition that I would have expected; hoped.

"Hi Adam!" She smiled widely. Jacob looked perplexed as his eyes flashed between her ear to ear grin and my glazed over expression. His easygoing expression changed quickly to surly and annoyed. "Oh, hi Jacob." She said to him still smiling at me. My heart was beating wildly for the second time today. I didn't know what I did to have made such an impression on her, for her to even remember my name! She flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked with me to…well I didn't know where. Yet, that didn't matter for I would step into the fiery depths of hell with her. Jacob Black followed silently behind us. It hadn't occurred to until just then that Renesmee was his close friend.

"So are we meeting the rest of them in the cafeteria?" she asked Jacob. He didn't respond instead he gave her a meaningful look which she didn't acknowledge. Reaching the cafeteria, while ignoring the calls from my friends was easier than I expected, I automatically took a seat at one of Renesmee's sides as Jacob took the other.

"Are the rest of your friends mutual close friends?" I asked lamely. She let out a bubbling laughter.

"Some are family, the others, very close. So close in fact, that they look alike." She discreetly winked at Jacob, who came to life instantly.

"Yes, they almost act the same too." He spoke mater-of-factly. " You should be surprised." They shared a knowing laugh and I politely smiled back.

Though I couldn't place what I believed was a similar feeling between Jacob and I. Ah yes, jealousy.