Sexy and the Demon: A Beauty and the Beast Twist

By: Anime-Hanyouluver

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The streets of New York were bustling and busy as usual. Carriages with matching sets of draft horses were pulling heavy loads of people to random destinations. The people who could afford automobiles were driving their luxurious automotives around absent mindedly. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the sky was a brilliant blue with not a cloud in the sky. Except along the eastern horizon. Dark pewter thunderheads rolled towards New York and soon there was rain pouring heavily on the streets, literally raining on everybody's parade. No matter, this didn't bother the happy people of the Big Apple. They simply took their happiness inside to their cocktail parties and social gatherings, enjoying the company of their friends and family.

The Roaring 20's were at their prime and there wasn't a face in all of New York that wasn't happy. Well...ok...maybe there was one.

On the outskirts of the city were several stately manors, each individually un-lacking in curb appeal, but by far the largest was owned by a single gentlemen. Well, a man...but he was exquisitely far from gentle. The manor was nice enough on the outside, but then again, so was he. The manor was surrounded by emerald green fields and had natural lakes. Horses grazed outside the large white stable towards the far north side. The area was picture perfect and ready for a close up for any home and garden magazine. An elegantly placed iron gate was set up all around the grounds to keep out strangers and only the workers were allowed inside the manor at all. The master never had a party or meeting or engagement of any kind. People hardly ever left the manor at all, leaving anything needing to get done outside to the master.

"Excuse me, milord?"

"What?" a man darkly yelled back. "I thought I specifically said that I didn't want to be disturbed." he cracked his knuckles.

"Well, there's a woman at the door who is asking for the head of the manor."

"Who is she?" he growled like a primal animal. That's what they bothered him for? Some woman?

"I don't know. She refuses to tell me anything. She wants to talk to the man of the household."

"Fuck...Fine. I'm coming." the tall man strode out of the room, his long flowing black hair swishing side to side from his large steps. The servant followed silently behind. "What do you want?" he said when reached the woman at the door.

"Kind sir, my name is Kaede and I'm in desperate need of shelter from this bitter rain. Do you think you could spare your kitchen to an old woman?" She was not easy on the eyes, this beggar woman. Her skin was sagging and she had a patch over one of her eyes. She had a cane in one hand and a large brown shawl drawn tightly over her hunching body.

"What are you willing to pay me, you old hag." he sneered at her pathetic request.

The woman looked around at her clothing, as if showing that she had nothing. Then her hand slipped into the sleeve of her shall. She took out a single beaded necklace.

"This necklace is all I have. It's made of stone found at the base of a sacred mountain and its fangs are said to be from a great dog demon."

"You're asking for hospitality and all you have to offer me is some knick knack from the corner of China Town?" he was becoming angered by this woman who obviously didn't know exactly who she was talking to.

"Do not be deceived by appearances, Inuyasha, for it is what is on the inside that truly matters." She narrowed her eyes and looked deeply into his own.

"How do you know me? And how dare you address me without my title, flithy bitch! Who do you think you are that you can come about here and tell me what to do? Get off of my estate before I take you out myself!" He was about to slam the door in her face when her cane caught in the crack of the door, holding it open a pinch.

"Inuyasha." she called sternly. Her body glowed and surrounded itself in a yellowish aura until it blurred his vision. When his eyes finally adjusted to the light and rain he didn't see an old woman, but saw a tall slender woman, with brown hair and stern hazel eyes. "I warned you Inuyasha. I've heard and seen of your horrible ways. You are nothing but a selfish spoiled brat in need of an attitude adjustment. I told you it is what on the inside that matters, but your vain personality and your unruly manner refuses to let you feel anything except spite. Now you will be forced to learn!" she raised her voice, angered now.

As Inuyasha looked up and down at the beautiful woman in his door way he fell to one knee in apology, extending a hand. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. If I had only known who you were I would've..."

"NO! Enough of your groveling!" She mumbled a few words that Inuyasha didn't hear, and suddenly the necklace that was help within her fingertips broke into separate beads and fangs rejoin themselves in colored light around his neck.

Without physically trying, his back lurched him forward. He huddled to the ground in a pain so agonizing that he wanted to cry. His skin burned and his innards felt like they were being engulfed by living flames.

"You will be cursed to live as a hanyou from now on. That is until you can learn to love and earn someone's love in return. Maybe this will teach you a lesson." She said in a sing song kind of voice, that started as that of a young child and then slowly changed into that of the old woman he had seen.

Resuming her former state of an elderly peasant woman, she began walking away into the dark rain. She only stopped to turn and look at the servant who stood beside the befuddled master. "Know this, dear heart, this whole place will suffer for what he is. This entire place," she reached out her hand to show the entire manor grounds, "and all those who live in it. The day he starts to love his time will begin. For each opportunity that passes that he does not tell her how he feels a fang on his necklace will disappear. When there are no more...well, it won't be good. You all will all remain in your new state...forever." as she said that the servant fell to the ground yelling as the master did. Only then did she leave the place entirely, closing the large Iron Gate behind her.

When Inuyasha picked himself up off the ground he put his hands to his forehead, which was pounding immensely, like after the night he spent at the casino downtown. Only after he looked down at his hands did he realize that he didn't have human nails any longer, but demon like claws. In horror, he ran to the lavatory and gazed into the mirror. His human features morphed somewhat with those of a canine. His human ears were gone and had been replaced with furry triangular dog ears atop his head. His dark jet black hair that had been the envy of the men in the city, leaving him one of the most eligible of all the bachelors, was now a silvery white and longer in length and silkier to the touch. He had fangs where his simple smile used to be. He was so mortified with himself that he grabbed the metal trash can from the ground and hurled it at the mirror, yelling in rage.