"Are you just about ready?" she asked him from her seat at her ivory vanity. She pulled back a lock of her raven hair and pushed a flowered barrette into place to keep it there.

"Yeah." He adjusted his red tie in front of his full length mirror. His tailored suit was black and quite debonair. "What about you?" he walked towards her and placed his hands on her smooth shoulders.

"Please. Inuyasha I was born ready." She said confidently. She took a deep breath in, and exhaled slowly, allowing the magic to surround her. Doing just as the curse had said, her reflection in the mirror was that of herself and a tall man with long hair as dark as hers. They looked positively human.

"Aright then." He helped her out of her seat, making her twirl just a bit. He enjoyed the way her ivory dress swirled at her feet. The mermaid style gown hugged all her curves and the beading around the bodice enhanced her assets. It made his blood warm, but he knew there would be time to appease his appetite later.

Hand in hand they walked down the once deserted west wing. Since she had moved in, Kagome had made sure everything was in proper order, starting by moving all her things to the master bedroom. As they got closer to the grand ballroom, they could hear the soft roar of people chatting. Although he tried to keep all his emotions in check, Kagome still noticed his hands become cool.

"Are you sure you're ready?" she stopped in front of him, just feet away from the door that was the entrance to the ballroom.

"As ready as I'll ever be." He took her small hands in his own and kissed them. The scent of her skin, made him calm some. "It's just been a long time."

"I know." She said and she turned the door knob. "But stick with me kid, and you'll do just fine." She winked at him then, and opened the door.

The room paid no mind to them for a few moments as they began their descent upon the stairs, and then as one by one guests noted their arrival, peopled hushed, and in place of talking clapped vigorously.

By the time the couple reached the bottom of the stairs, people had already made a small circle, barricading them, until they greeted each person.

Inuyasha smiled, almost shyly, and shook hands with many of the gentlemen, while Kagome, social butterfly of the ball, hugged and joked with the women.

"Thank you so much for inviting us, Mr. Takahashi. We were all wondering what was happening up here." One middle aged man, smiled warmly as he patted the mansion owner's shoulder. "After Dr. Wolfe made such a fuss about demons and such nonsense, we were all ready to come by and see it for ourselves. Looks like he was right to move his practice elsewhere, though, after he acted so foolish."

"He left to California, didn't he?" Kagome returned to Inuyasha's side.

"That's what I've heard." An elderly woman said. Kagome recognized her as one of Kouga's regular patients.

"I didn't think a man enjoying his privacy was such a bother to Dr. Wolfe." Inuyasha said, wrapping an arm around Kagome's petite waist. "I figured since I was going to have the company though, I may as well have it on my own terms. Since my ancestors left the estate to me, I haven't given it a fair gala. I'm happy to have you all."

'Quite the little debutant.' Kagome giggled inwardly, as she listened to her lover talk to the important people of New York, reacquainting with the mayor and board members. 'For someone who's not used to being around people he sure is doing well. At least they accepted his story. Ancestors leaving him the mansion my ass….' She laughed a bit out loud then.

"And Ms. Higurashi? How's the business coming along?" another board member said to her, drawing her attention back to playing hostess.

"Its going well thank you. Actually, that's how Mr. Takashi and I met. He was about to put the estate up for sale, but I talked him out of it." She placed her hand on his chest.

"Of course, a pretty thing like you could talk any man in his right mind out of anything I'm sure." The man laughed and tugged at his little beard.

Inuyasha only kissed the top of her head, and smiled. "Yeah, I didn't think I was going to be keeping the mansion, much less the agent as well." The joke made everyone in earshot laugh, and Kagome didn't mind. She was happy they were being accepted, no questions asked.

"Well I didn't think I was getting a son-in-law either." Kagome's grandfather pushed through the crowd so that he was standing right next to them. "When's the date after all? Sometime soon I hope, the manor would be lovely in spring time." His eyes twinkled with mischief as he spoke.

Kagome leaned forward and embraced the short man.

After the whole ordeal, Kagome had found her grandfather and brought him back to the estate. It had taken some convincing, but after hearing the whole story about witches, curses and magic, Gramps nearly jumped at the thought of all of it being real. Kagome should've known better. He had taken the whole thing a lot better than she had anticipated. He seemed ecstatic to have some magic in the family. 'He had always dreamed that his spiritual powers would prove that something else was out there, and now he has us. Living proof.' Seeing his granddaughter change using the curse he had been astounded and swore not to tell a soul, not that they would believe him anyway.

"Well, we're not exactly sure what the date is yet Gramps, but you'll be the first to know." She kissed his cheek.

"Inuyasha, you better take good care of my granddaughter." The little old man poked the soon to be groom in the stomach some, and everyone laughed again.

More small talk was exchanged as Kagome and Inuyasha made their way through the ballroom. It seemed like everyone was happy to see the face of the mysterious Takashi estate owner. Kagome was excited to see that the man who had been so callous before was now talking to strangers quite well. As men gave him advice on where he should invest his "inherited" millions, he would nod and smile. As women commented on his taste in décor he would thank them without a snide remark. Everything was practically perfect.

"Where are they?" Kagome finally said in a hushed voice to Inuyasha, as he picked up a glass of champagne from a long table at the end of the ballroom full of drinks and horderves.

"They should be here soon, don't worry." She took the flute from his hand and took a sip. He stroked her long hair and could imagine her tail swooshing, showing her anxiousness.

As if on cue, a woman's voice carried through the crowd and Kagome nearly pushed half the guests to their feet as she made her way to greet her friend.

"Sango!" the woman squeezed each other as if they hadn't seen each other in years. "How are you? How was South America?"

"It was amazing!" Sango said, looking behind her. "Now where did he get to?"

"I'm right here my dear." Mirouku said as he stepped much more carefully around the guests who had gone back to their mingling. "Kagome, you look lovely, and what a beautiful ball like this place has never seen."

"Thank you, Mirouku." Kagome said, embracing him as well. "How are you both?"

"We're doing well." Sango said smiling, slipping her hand into the man's beside her.

"Hey you too. We were wondering when you were getting back." Inuyasha said from behind Kagome. In his hand he brought two more champagne flutes.

"I'll always be back, but there certainly wasn't a time limit." Sango laughed. Mirouku took one champagne flute and gave Sango the other.

"So Sango, I'm not going to lie," Kagome started to say, "I almost thought you were going to say you couldn't drink."

"Oh no no!" Sango laughed, and Mirouku chocked a little on his drink. "I'm finally able to be free like I want. Kids won't be here for a while. We're both still young after all."

"Yes, my dear Sango has her freedoms, as do I. And although I love the thought of little ones, I'm happy just practicing my new found freedom." The servants hand traveled down the once chefs back to her round bottom. Sango flinched but in the presence of so many strangers, chose to verbally warn the man of her wrath instead.

Everyone laughed, happy to be back with friends.

"Where is Shippou?" Sango finally asked. They were all s used to the child running at their feet, it was strange not having him around.

"He's upstairs studying." Inuyasha said, jerking his head towards the stairs. "He has some tests coming up. He says he wants to get a head start in school so that he might grow up a little faster." He chuckled. "Realistically he's probably asleep already." In a softer voice he said, "even if he can age now, doesn't change the fact that he's still just a kid. He'll grow up in time though."

"Yeah." Kagome said to her friends. "He's no bother though. He's a wonderful little guy."

"Then everything is perfect?" Mirouku said, to his friends.

"For now it seems to be that way." Inuyasha said, arm snaking back around Kagome's waist.

"Then I do propose a toast," Mirouku began, and their little group picked up their glasses, "To Inuyasha for learning to not be a selfish pig,"


"And to Kagome, for giving us all the second chance we all deserved." He concluded.

"And to friends." Kagome added smiling modestly.

"Yes, to good friends." Sango patted her shoulder.

They all sipped from their flutes, cheering their new lives.

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