Chapter 1: Where Alvida saves Luffy in Logtown

Pairing(s): Luffy x Alvida, maybe some Luffy x Nami, and possibly some Luffy x Nami x Alvida

Rating: T, just to be on the safe side.

This is my first attempt at a story, so please let me know what you think of it. Read and review, comments all welcome, so that I can improve this piece. I actually had more fun writing it than I thought I would, probably because this pairing is so out there and not supported P Well, hope you enjoy it.

As the Sun beat down on the small port town, a crowd began to gather in the town square. The famous structure erected in the center of the square served as a sort of rallying point, people spilling out from all over the city to witness the odd scene unfolding atop the scaffold. The townspeople who were there, had their eyes focused on the events unfolding, a small group of people standing atop the structure where the former Pirate King had met his unfortunate end. One of the people, a so far unknown pirate with a red vest, jeans rolled up to his knee, and a worn looking straw hat. This boy, looking far too young to be a pirate, was stuck, his arms and neck stuck in the stocks. His face, beaming a sense of incompetence, seemed to show that he had no idea what was happening. It was as though either he did not comprehend, or he did no care.

The boy sat there, brought to his knees via a surprise attack by another pirate, one who was more infamous in the East Blue to this point. His distinguishing feature was his face paint, topped by a round, bright red nose. A large blade in hand, he laughed evilly at his prey, taunting the boy he had finally caught after a humiliating defeat. For his part, the boy could not remember the name of his captor, spouting off wrong answers one after another, causing the older man to become very angry. But as he yelled at the boy, he shook it off, savoring his victory over him.

"Welcome to the execution!" he exclaimed, loud enough that everyone assembled could hear.

"An execution? Awesome!" the young boy exclaimed in his ignorance of the situation.

"YOU'RE THE ONE BEING EXECUTED!!" the red nosed clown screamed, his mouth wide open, teeth turned comically into sharp fangs.

Slowly gathering his sense of the situation, the dumb looking boy slowly pointed a finger at his own face, before screaming "I'M BEING EXECUTED!?", his eyes wide as saucers and his own mouth wide agape. "LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING!" the older man responded, clearly exasperated by the idiocy of the boy, to which the crowd immediately sweat dropped.

"You are going to pay for what you did to me, boy." the man exclaimed, the boy still furrowing his brows in an attempt to identify his attacker. His thought process was interrupted as another person appeared.

"I've missed you, Luffy. It's been a while." his eyes shot wide open, not expecting to hear his name off such a lovely tongue. The female voice that spoke came from a cloaked person, slowly making their way through the crowd. Luffy furrowed his brows, giving up on identifying his original attacker, and now focusing on who this person was. He focused on the crowd, noticing the person, watching as she approached the iron structure.

Throwing the cloak off, all assembled were shocked to see the vision of loveliness that appeared beneath. Murmurs went quickly through the assembled crowd, switching from the confusion of the moron atop the scaffold, to looks of pure lust as hearts appeared in the eyes of all the towns people present. Throwing her shawl over her left shoulder, her body elicited a chorus of "ooh's" and "aah's", her skin shining in the bright sun. Luffy, utterly lost, only gazed at her, working his brain into overdrive trying to remember who she was.

None in the crowd, man or woman, would turn their gaze away from the vision of loveliness that now stood before them. The white shawl, adorned all over with red hearts, now draped loosely over her shoulder, allowing her full body to be seen. Hearts shone in the eyes of all there, drinking in the lusciousness of the body they now saw. Pale, smooth skin shone, reflecting the light from the Sun overhead. She had a head of wavy black hair, that also seemed to shine, catching the light as it flowed gracefully down to her shoulder blades. Her frame, slender and exuding pure sensuality, showed off her graceful, smooth skin. Her head topped with a white cowboy hat with a red plume, her ample bust covered with a thin white bikini top, showing off her firm, toned stomach. She had, what one could only describe as the essential hourglass shape, ample bust dipping in at the waist before shooting out seductively in shapely hips. Her legs looked so sensuously slender, as her tight Capri pants displayed a pattern of white and red stripes, running vertically. Draped around her was also a purple overcoat, that dipped down to her ankles.

But as sensuous as her body was, her face was what drew more of the attention. Her face was a beautiful alabaster color, contrasting very nicely with her dark colored hair. Her eyes were of a chocolate color of brown, that looked like a burnt sienna color as it caught the Sunlight. Her lips, also contrasting with the pale color of her face, were full, bright red, and looked absolutely delicious. She was, in all opinions of the people assembled, the most beautiful woman they had ever seen.

All around gazed at the beauty, hanging on every word she spoke. Looking up at the boy, noticing his face of thorough concentration, she giggled lightly as she spoke. "Now don't tell me you have forgotten this face?" she said, a slight playful tone on her voice. The crowd gave various comments as to her beauty, comparing her to a silky flower and saying she was an unparalleled model of perfection. Even the women gazed longingly at her, possibly jealous of her perfection.

Luffy, thoroughly confused, finally spoke up "Who are you? I've never met anyone who looks like you." Smirking to herself, the woman spoke again "I will never forget. You were the first man to ever strike me." a comment that drew vengeful glares from the audience assembled, which had now parted and only stood in a semi circle around the beautiful woman. "Huh? I hit you?" Luffy wondered, his face beginning to exude a small amount of sweat, the first sign of nervousness anyone could have noticed from his thus far.

"At that time, your powerful fist…" she said, in a sensual voice, her hand rubbing over her stomach to indicate where she had been hit, "…it moved me." As she finished, the crowd gasped, backing up slightly as an effect to her speech. Luffy, still stuck in his awkward predicament, made a similar motion, dumb struck by the woman before him.

Before anyone could speak, the beautiful woman spoke first. "My dears. Who is the most beautiful person upon all the seas?", her vanity now completely deserved. "You are, madame!" all assembled said in unison, eliciting a small giggle from the girl. "Yes, it is me. There is not a man in the world who will not kneel before my beauty." Luffy thought for a minute, not sure if he would agree with that statement. 'Sanji would definitely' he thought, laughing in his mind as he did.

"And I love strong men." she began again, looking directly at Luffy. "You shall be mine Luffy." she said, matter of factly. This statement took Luffy aback temporarily, still not sure of who this person was. "No way. Who are you?" he asked, still very much confused. "You still haven't realized!?" she asked, exasperated by his idiocy.

Feeling himself being ignored by the situation, the clown looking pirate spoke "DON'T IGNORE ME!!", causing a few eyes to glance in his direction before going back to the beauty in front of the scaffolding. "Shut up, Buggy." she said plainly, clearly indicating that he was not a factor in the talks occurring. At this, Buggy felt a stitch appear on his left temple, just above the eye. "Don't ignore me, Alvida! I am the one who captured this idiot." he said, pointing his blade to the rubber captain. Luffy, for one, suddenly had a flash back of Alvida, and being in shock he said "Alvida? I don't see her anywhere.", a look of incomprehension on his face. "It is obviously me, you numbskull!" she spoke, her face going into a similar fault to Buggy's earlier, complete with sharp fangs.

Calming down she spoke again, "I changed somewhat after eating a Devil's Fruit." she began, explaining her situation. "Its name was…" she then threw her shawl aside completely, to emphasize her point, ".. the Sube-Sube no Mi." Luffy gazed at her, caught off guard by her beauty, and listened intently as she spoke. "However, I am sorry to say I did not get any more beautiful as a result." she said, absorbed in her own narcissism, to which Luffy sweat dropped, clearly finding fault in her statement. "The only noticeable change was, yes, my freckles disappeared." "No, that's not the change I was thinking of…" he responded, waving his left hand slowly in front of his face. "So, to track you down, I joined up with this gentleman" she said, pointing her large metal club towards the pirate who now had his blade against Luffy's neck.

Gaining comprehension, he looked over at Buggy, still trying to work through his name, before stating plainly "Ah! Bufoon!" at which point both became silent, before Buggy burst out "BUFFOON!? WATCH YOUR MOUTH!! YOU ARE JUST AS CHEEKY AS EVER!" he screamed, causing the crowd to back up a bit as they realized that this was Buggy the Clown. Luffy for one, had completely forgotten that he was at the mercy of this pirate, and simply sat, lost in his own thoughts. After a minute or so, he grinned widely, exclaiming loudly "Okay."

His sudden and brief speech caused all assembled to crook an eyebrow up, wondering what he was talking about. Alvida, for her part, was also lost. She looked at the boy, gazing into his deep, charcoal black eyes, looking for some sign as to what he was talking about. Then, he looked back in hers, and spoke again "Okay, Alvida. You can join my crew" he said, giving that large toothy grin of his, even in such a situation, "if you can get me out of here". Opening her own eyes widely, she took in just what he had said, wondering if he was agreeing to her statement earlier, that he would be hers. Smirking, she suddenly leaped, jumping towards the top of the scaffold.

"Baka! There is no way she would…" Buggy began to speak, but before he could even finish, his face began to cave inwards, Alvida's spiked metal club slamming into his face with full force. The crowd collectively winced as the sound of breaking bones could be clearly heard, and even Luffy grimaced at the sound 'Poor Buggy…' he thought briefly, before the small clown went flying off into the distance. All the other members of Buggy's crew stood, blue in the face as they idly watched their leader become a small dot in the sky. Their attention came back to earth, as they heard a loud cracking of wood nearby, and all looked in horror as the stock that had been holding Luffy in captivity now was splayed across the platform in a million pieces, Alvida slinging her club over her shoulder, a contented look on her face.

Luffy grinned widely, a sort of malicious look as he raised his head upwards, looking menacingly at the Buggy pirates, eliciting a look of horror from each of them. They attempted to run away, but were too slow, as Luffy tore into them, sending each in turn flying towards where their captain landed. As the last one went to become a star, Luffy gave his trademark grin and laugh, as he looked over at Alvida. "Thanks." he said, simply, causing her to smile a bit in return. Walking up to him, she threw her arms around his neck, taking one and tracing small circles along his chest, causing Luffy to gulp loudly. He had never been so close to a woman before, much less one who was so beautiful. "So, Luffy, where is your ship?" she asked, a seductive under current to her voice. Before Luffy could answer, he noticed the Marines among the crowd and figured it was best to get out quickly.

So, making his decision, he moved swiftly, sweeping the lovely young woman into his arms, placing one arm under her legs and the other behind her back, gripping her bridal style, causing her to blush slightly, but only smile wide as the young boy leapt off of the scaffold, running off in the direction of his ship. 'I hope I don't run into the smokey guy' he thought, as he ran, not realizing that he was still carrying her in such a manner. Luck was finally on his side this day, as Luffy met up with Zoro and Sanji, each also on their way back, each giving a different reaction to seeing the idiot captain.

Zoro smirked, giving Luffy a hearty "Congratulations." as he looked down at the girl his captain was carrying.

Sanji gave his normal response "Oi! You shitty captain, what are you doing to such a beautiful lady!" he said, perturbed to how Luffy could get such a gorgeous lady, his eyes still hearts as he yelled. "You know we can't just kidnap people, you idiot!"

Luffy looked confused at Sanji, wondering who was being kidnapped "But nobody is being kidnapped. She said she would make me hers." he said matter-of-factly, causing Sanji to go completely pale, and Zoro to laugh maniacally at the situation. "Well done, Luffy" he said, causing Luffy to be a bit more confused.

"Guess good looking women really don't go for dartboard brows" Zoro exclaimed, not being able to pass up a chance to jab at the love cook.

"Well, I don't see any gorgeous babes hanging around you either moss-head" he jabbed back, eyes watering like Niagara Falls. At this, the two met briefly in an exchange, the sound of hard shoes clashing against swords, causing the girl in Luffy's arms to sweat drop, 'I wonder if it is always like this around Luffy' she wondered, feeling his warm body next to her as he carried her towards a ship with a lamb figure head.

Usopp and Nami were making preparations to leave, watching the crew return. They looked dumbfounded at Luffy, wondering what he was thinking kidnapping someone, and such a babe to boot. 'Wow, I didn't know Luffy had it in him' Usopp considered, as he yelled for the boys to get on board.

Nami, however, looked towards the woman, feeling she recognized her, but was just utterly jealous of the girl 'Her skin is so beautiful' she swooned to herself, wondering why Luffy was bringing such a girl with him. As she noticed the way Luffy was carrying the beauty, Nami felt a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, a very unfamiliar feeling, joined by a pain in her chest. Clutching at her heart, she wondered to herself 'What's wrong with me?' as she tried to shake it off.

As the boys jumped on board the ship, they went to their stations, making preparations to sail, as Alvida sat, leaning against the railing, watching with a smile at the energy of the young pirate's crew. 'He has put together a nice crew here' she thought to herself, smiling as she considered where she would fit into this crew. An unfamiliar warmth washed over her, as she pondered her future with this unknown crew of pirates.

Getting everything underway, the Luffy pirates found themselves in open sea, and finally addressed the problem at hand. Nami had her hands around the neck of the rubber man, shaking him violently, causing his head to sway back and forth violently. "How can you just kidnap a gorgeous beauty!" she asked, still feeling a strange feeling in her chest. Luffy looked at her confused "But I didn't kidnap anybody." he said in his defense. He looked over at Sanji and Zoro for some support, to which they replied.

"It is true. Apparently it was her idea" Zoro claimed, hiking a thumb towards the young woman, who was watching with a smile, very amused by the antics of the crew. Nami looked over at the woman, then at Luffy, her eyes narrowed, trying to ascertain what was going on.

"Marimo is right, Nami-swan" Sanji spoke up, his face still a bit pale, tears still streaming down his face. "This beautiful nee-san apparently has a thing for our idiot captain", Zoro turning a brow up at the comment, and was ready to strike, but was stopped by a glare from the navigator. "So, what did she say, exactly?" she asked the rubber captain, her heart feeling oddly fragile, as if she did not want to hear the full explanation. "I will make you mine' Is what she said" explained the captain, causing another chorus of sobs from the blonde cook, and hearty laughs at the predicament from the swordsman.

Looking over questioningly at the young woman, Nami asked "Is this true?" with an underlying hint of venom on her voice, causing a small shiver to run up the spines of all that were there. 'Scary…' was all Alvida could think, as she began to speak "Ah." Finally calming down from the scare she got, she spoke again "Luffy is the first man to ever strike me, and it… moved me." As she said this, Sanji found his way to the rubber captain, kicking him mercilessly and spouting random profanities "How could you hit such a lovely lady?" he spat, still shaken by the fact that this beauty seemingly had the hots for his captain.

The young woman blushed slightly at the attention she was getting, slowly making her way over to the captain, draping her arms over his shoulders, pressing her breasts into his back as she talked in as innocent a tone as she could manage "So, can't I stay?" she asked, to which Sanji jumped, hearts in his eye, and the others only sighed their frustration, not able to go against the captain's decision. Luffy, noticing their assent, began to jump up and down excitedly, "Yay, now we have another nakama!". As he spoke, all looked at him, a thought suddenly dawning on each of them. Nami and Alvida both stood in front of the idiot captain, speaking almost in unison "Wait. What do you mean?", a tone of danger running in both their voices.

Calming down a bit, Luffy made his trademark blank face, as he spoke to the two in front of him "Well, you said 'I will make you mine' right? So, you wanted to be my nakama" he spoke, his trademark grin appearing again on his face. As he finished, the two women looked down, a black shade covering both their faces, an aura of danger emanating from both of them, causing the other men to back up, not wanting to see the damage that was about to be done to the rubber boy. They closed their eyes, as Nami lifted her fists, Alvida her iron club, and proceeded to beat the boy senseless as they screamed "IDIOT!!". Huffing, they looked at each other, before turning their heads away quickly, storming off in opposite directions. 'So, there is a rival for me, eh?' both thought simultaneously. 'Just fine. I will be the one to win!' Zoro, Sanji and Usopp watched both women storming off, thinking to themselves 'Wow, I am not envious of Luffy right about now…'. The same thought went through their heads, as they gazed at the lump of bruises and cuts that was the captain, before going their separate ways. Sanji went to prepare a delectable dessert for the beautiful ladies, Zoro going to sleep next to the mast, and Usopp going into the men's quarters to work on some gadget or other. Luffy, still unconscious, was left all alone.

As he came to, he looked around, and noticing Alvida on the rear of the small ship, walked over to her, taking in her remarkable beauty in the pale moonlight. 'Wow. She is so pretty' he idly thought, standing next to her, gazing in the same direction as the girl. Noticing that the idiot captain had showed up, she took a small lean back, her heart beating fast at the surprise, before settling back down. "So, where are we going, Luffy?" she asked, causing him to look towards her. "Of course, we are heading for the Grand Line. I am going to be the Pirate King, after all." he said, matter of factly. She opened her mouth in surprise, wondering how he could say something so grand so easily. Then she pulled her lips into a warm smile, and leaned slowly towards the slow witted captain, watching the sea breeze blow through his messy black hair. Luffy's eyes went wide as he saw her leaning closer, gasping as he felt her moist, full lips pressing against his. He was lost for a minute, before leaning towards her, pressing his lips against hers, returning the soft kiss. As he kissed her back, Alvida felt a surge of electricity run through her body, feeling all the passion this boy had inside of him. 'Wow, he is a good kisser' she thought, moaning lightly at the heat emanating from the joining of their lips.

After a minute of two of kissing, they broke, each out of breath, and feeling as though they had been joined for much longer. Luffy brought a finger questioningly up to his lips, touching at where they had been joined 'So that was a kiss…' he thought to himself. 'That was nice.' that thought made his eyes widen a bit, as he blushed slightly at the sight of the lovely girl in front of him.

Smirking to herself, she caught her breath slowly, still savoring the taste of his lips. To her, they tasted like the sea, something oddly fitting the younger man. Then, as she turned to walk away, she spoke "I guess I have the lead. A good luck kiss for the future Pirate King". As she spoke, she noticed that the boy shivered slightly, as her breath bad run against the sensitive skin of his ear. Luffy turned, and watched her walking away, drinking in the sight of her sexy hips swaying side to side as she walked. After she had disappeared, he slumped down against the deck, placing his hand over his heart. It was pounding so much, he could hear it even over the soft sounds of the sea. "This is going to be a fun adventure." he said aloud to himself, a wide smile on his face as he pondered the possibility. 'Now I get it' he thought, laughing loudly as he realized what Alvida had meant by "I will make you mine." And now, he didn't think that would be so bad. He felt happy as he slowly drifted off to sleep, nodding off out in the cool air, a smile gracing his handsome features.