A/N: This IS the final chapter, and I'm sure some of you are not going to be happy with the outcome! But there will be another storty to follow up with this one, so just have patience! :3 And don't kill me in my sleep for this one. D;

Act VI – Decision

Raito woke up the next morning with L sitting up in bed. He smiled that he was still there. Tired, he tilted his head up and rested it on his arm, gazing a L.

"Good morning, Ryuzaki," Raito said softly.

"…" L said.

Raito raised an eyebrow, "Ryuzaki?"

"Do you love Misa,"

Raito's breathing ceased, "I…w-well…no…I suppose…no I don't,"

"Do you love anyone?" L said again, staring straight ahead.


"How do you believe people fall in love?" L asked, his eyesight lowering some, but raising once again.

"Well…I guess when two people just really connect…I mean…where's all this coming from?" Raito asked, confused.

"I cannot understand it myself. It's not like me. I try to stay dedicated to the case, but I just start thinking about you. I think…" L brought his legs closer to him, a scared, hurt look in his eyes, like he's ashamed, almost.

Raito sat up in the bed, and put his hand on L's, "Ryuzaki…you…don't want to love me…if you do, that is,"

L turned his head to him, "Nani?"

Raito turned away from him, and leaned against the wall, "I'm…I…I could hurt you,"

L laughed, something that Raito never expected, "You would never hurt me. I dont believe it, not for a second."

Raito's heart sank. L was falling in love with Kira, but at the same time trying to capture and kill him. And if L was still in the game, so was Kira.

That meant that Kira couldn't show difference in his actions. If suddenly, after Raito and L's relationship took wing Kira stopped killing or the killings lessened, or anything out of the ordinary, it would ultimately point to Raito.

He knew that deep down L still suspected him, not matter how much he wanted to deny it. He also knew that he suspected Kira to keep killing and trying to find out who L really was. And if success in that information meant that L – no, his love - would die…

Kira would do it for the rebirth of the world.

"I shouldn't speak in such a way. My irrationality is getting the better of me –

"Maybe it's not," Raito interrupted, "Instead of thinking so much, Ryuzaki, just try to feel."

"Feel…" L repeated.

"You don't have to think about everything. In fact, it's better if you don't think about some things…Ryuzaki..."

"I think I am falling for you. In simplest terms, I think I love you…" L spoke quickly. Raito smiled, he couldn't help it. Raito swiftly moved his hand under L's chin and pulled him in close, for a kiss.

"I love you, Ryuzaki,"

L provided Raito with something no one else could. Not Misa or Takeda or anyone else he'd dated before, especially between high school and college years.

L provided him with warmth. With pain. With pleasure. With hurt and insecurity and wonder and desire.

L provided him with love.