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I ripped the top off of the bag — to actually... no avail, finally resorting to the scissors inside the drawer near the microwave. I made my way back to the living room where Charlie was situated, and poured the candy into the bowl i'd left on the coffee table. "We having chocolate and suckers for dinner tonight, Bells?" Charlie asked almost hopefully as I waded the plastic bag in my hands.

"No dad, i've got your trout and potatoes on the stove. This," I said picking up the bowl flowing in sweets "this is for the trick or treaters. It's Halloween remember? Pumpkins... Skeletons..."

Vampires. But they didn't only come out on the thirty first of October. And I knew that for a fact.

"Oh." he mumbled flipping the channel on to the game. I nodded to myself and set the bowl of candy at the foot of the stairs, feeling a strange wave of heat. It was unusually hot today in Forks. No rain, and for once it felt a little like Phoenix. I stress the word little. There wasn't even any sun! I tugged at the collar of my shirt, trying to get some fresh air between the cotton and my chest. I was surprised at how much I didn't like it... This heat. And I've felt worse...

I made my way to the kitchen to check on dinner and decided the fish could cook for a while longer, before heading back upstairs to change into a tank top. As I walked into the room my eyes fell on my backpack, laid on my bed. I changed into the top and peeled the sticker labeled "bite me" with a set of fangs Alice had slapped on me today.

I laughed when she so nicely pressed it on the strap this morning, and flushed when I saw Edward's reaction. He was less than pleased, and stared at his oblivious sister sternly. She still jumped up and down — Her own backpack splattered with sticker of different shapes saying other Halloween phrases.

What really drove Edward mad was at lunch when Alice passed out colored fangs at our table, forcing me to sport a pair of blue ones (because she thought I would look even more appetizing to her brother). I gave in and smiled sheepishly at the true vampire next to me who scowled.

The doorbell rang and I nearly jumped, tripping out the door and down a few steps. "Coming!" I called halfway there.

"Uh — Bells —"

My foot hit the foot of the stairs and I then realized why Charlie was trying to catch my attention.


Charlie stared at me wide eyed and I could've sworn I saw a muffled laugh behind the door.

I had left the bag of candy in my car during this balmy weather and had only taken in out an hour ago, neglecting to put it in the fridge for a little bit of a cool down... So the chocolate was a little... Mushy.

My foot was in the bowl of now melted chocolate and my shoe was nearly submerged in the brown.

"Come in." I groaned. Edward slowly peered through the door and let himself in, faking surprise.

As if I didn't know he already saw the scenario in Charlie's mind. "What happened?" he pouted. I sighed and sat on a step behind me. Ow. My lower back ached. "Hello, Charlie." he greeted politely. Charlie snorted something and Edward looked back at me while I pulled my shoe off. "Looks... Appetizing." he said slowly.

"It wouldn't look good to you even if I hadn't stepped in it." I countered. "Dad, I'm going out to get candy." I informed.

"I'll go." Edward offered. I scrunched up my nose.

"I think the world could do without your insane driving for one night. Especially since there are little kids running around in the dark." I said under my breath. Charlie was still unaware of my boyfriend' crazy driving habits. He chuckled and I instantly felt bad. "I don't mean to be so rude..."I said quietly. He nodded. He and I both knew why I was suddenly so moody...

No I'm not pregnant!

Quite opposite actually... I'm menstruating. Probably why Edward offered to go. He probably needed a little air...

"I'm much faster." he continued.

"Pedestrians have the right of way." I mocked. He smirked before stepping out, and waved over his shoulder. I sighed again and stood, groaning at the feeling of being 'wet'. I checked the clock. Five. The kids would start coming soon, so I hurried upstairs to get another pair of shoes, leaving mine next to the bowl.

I rummaged through my closet, and selected another pair of sneakers, walking down the stairs carefully.

Not careful enough.


"GAH!" I cried. Now my other foot was submerged in the candy. Charlie smirked. I could see it out of the corner of my eye. "Oh, so you think its funny, huh?" I muttered bitterly, peeling my foot out of my shoe. I'll just go shoe less... They do that in some cultures... Right?

I took my two 'dirty' shoes and put them in the kitchen sink, absentmindedly scrubbing the gunk off with an old toothbrush.

"Bells?" Charlie called slightly alarmed.

"Wha — AH!" I exclaimed dropping the things in my hands and rushing towards the stove, turning it off. Charlie was already at my side, taking the pan and holding it near the back door, fanning the smoke out with the newspaper on the table. "Aw, geez dad, I'm sorry! I totally forgot —"

"'s okay Bells..." he coughed. I snatched the newspaper from him and fanned furiously at the burnt fish.


It was Edward who'd just gone through the front, now jogging into the kitchen. "What happened?" he demanded, snatching the pan from Charlie and rushing out the back door. I followed him, and Charlie shuffled behind me and watched anxiously. "Did anyone get hurt?" Edward asked sternly. Charlie and I both shook our heads and he set the pan down on the grass to cool. "Let's just leave this out here." he suggested and Charlie nodded, pressed his hands together and made his way back to the house to watch the game.

"This is just about the worst day ever..." I said sourly. Edward ran his hands along my neck.

"Cheer up now, love." he said trying to sooth me. It always managed to work somehow... As if he were my own Jasper in some way. I shrugged and made my way back into the house nearly tripping up the two steps, Edward luckily there to grasp my waist.

We got into the kitchen and poured the candy into a new bowl.

The doorbell rang and I hurried to get it, the candy in my hands.

"Bella!" Edward called, but I had already opened the door.

I knew he would've jumped in front of me if dad wasn't there... and suddenly I was mad at him for not being in front of me when he could've.

"HOLY CROW!" I yelled as the eggs came flying at me, cracking against the door.

"Hey!" Charlie said voice low. He got up from his chair and made his way outside, trying to find the idiots who egged me...

"You know what?!" I spat, scrapping the yolks from my hair. "I've had it! I've had it! I've had it! Edward, go home, because I highly doubt I'll be out of the shower before twelve o'clock MIDNIGHT!" I screamed stomping up the stairs, not failing to notice that I stepped into the bowl of chocolate gushy mushy. I so should've took that into the kitchen...

I furiously pulled the sock off my foot and squeezed it in my fist, feeling Edward's eyes bore into my back and I knew Charlie was still looking for the wretched kids who egged me...

I'm sure I had left my boyfriend dumbfounded, but at this moment I cared... a lot.

With Edward how could I not... I was in tears as I stepped into the shower. I absolutely hated being on my period... With my lack of proper perspective, and state of mind, and how Edward kept his distance... I couldn't wait until I turned into a vampire... None of this... Discharge.

But I was still fuming mad... He could've at least popped up at my side... He could've chased after those stupid boys. But no he just stood there, and... did God knows what...

I changed and realized I had spent a long time in the shower... Charlie was already in bed. I checked the time. It was only eight. That wasn't right... He would be watching the game...

"Dad?" I called, straining to hear a reply.

It didn't come. I made my way down the stairs, and noticed the bowl was gone and the egg was cleaned up. "Dad? Edward?" I called. No one.

I spotted the note meant for me on the door.

Gone to the station to place charges on boys. Be back soon. -Dad

I ground my teeth. Stupid boys...

But where was Edward? Did he really take my words to he — Well of course not to there but... Did they really effect him? I frowned.

He could've at least left a note. I crossed my arms. Why didn't he leave a note? And why wasn't he here? In my room? He would've answered my call. He just left without a goodbye. I grew angry.

"Fine, leave both of you. Men are pigs anyways." I said miserably, falling onto the couch. As second accumulated I grew even more furious with my boyfriend. At least my father had the nerve to do something. What did Edward do? He wanted to protect me from the big things like other vampires and werewolves, but he was too lazy to catch idiots who threw eggs at me and made me step in chocolate? Sick vampire...

Again. Sigh. The bell rang. I stood, feeling the ache in my lower stomach and flung the door open. "What?" I snapped. I realized I had to look down to see who I was addressing. There stood in a cape, tux, sleeked black hair, white makeup and fangs — a boy no older than four holding his bucket out at me, his parents standing back and watching their child sheepishly stand there, too shy to request candy.

My stare softened.

"Trick or treat." he said quietly, slightly afraid of my tone.

"Oh." I mumbled, blushing. I found the candy on the coffee table and grabbed a handful filling the little boy's bucket.

"Happy Halloween." he said, suddenly elated, bouncing down the steps, and tripping. He quickly stood back up, unperturbed and ran to his parents who waved at me in thanks. I smiled back awkwardly and closed the doors, eyes landing on the floor.

I stood there for quiet sometime before sluggishly moving up the stairs into my room, pulling out the silver cellphone Edward gave to me a few months back to use for calling any of them.

"Edward? Come over..." I whispered anxiously.

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