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My fingers fumbled with the the cloth of my shorts nervously as I awaited his arrival. It was eight forty-six. And counting. I sighed into the dark, and sat up a tad frustrated. I suppose my patience is effected by this... monthly cycle. I pulled the hair off my sticky back and laid it on my shoulder, pondering whether I should open the window or not — Oddly enough, deciding not to.

Truth be told, I often ignored normal fears. A boy just burning to suck the life out of me. His blond brother who had a difficult time watching me live. Yeah, things like that. But normal was so boring...

But what makes everyone else scared? Ghosts? Clowns? Murderers...

I hardly thought of those. And they scared the life out of me. Something creepy and white floating, and all you can do is freeze — Mortified.

And then without warning — The lace curtains shifted, leaving me to yelp out in terror.

I clutched my heart. As the white light spilled onto the wooden floor.

"Bella." he breathed, quickly, already holding me. And I felt the safety of his arms, the iron of his skin, and grasped his neck.

"Oh, you." I sighed in relief.

"Were you expecting someone else?" he asked lightly laying me down on my bed.

"Uh... Yeah. I thought you were the flying Dutchman." I said, trying to breath at a normal pace.

"So sorry to disappoint." he laughed. And then I knew I had nothing to fear. That music escaping his lips. Thank God...

And then he was quiet next to me. I knew why. And I waited for him to speak, wondering if the frustration I held earlier would erupt soon. It did.

"You could've blocked me from the eggs, vampire boy." I spat.


"Yeah. Oh." The fury simmered below my skin. I could feel it. "And while you were at it, you could've at least warned me about the stupid chocolate bowl I was stepping into for the umpteenth time."

Quiet. Oh, yeah, Cullen?

"And then you left. Without saying goodbye." Suddenly I was very sad, a few tears escaping my eyes. I quickly brushed them away. "I know I shouldn't have been so... Angry with you... You did get that stupid pan out of the house. Ugh, today couldn't have been any worse, really... First of all, it's hot! Second the chocolate and the shoes — And then there's the fact that I'm currently —" I let out an angry sigh.

"Bella." he said softly. I crossed my arms, staring at the ceiling. "You're disgusted with me aren't you?"

When he put it that way... No. Most definitely not.

"Disgusted isn't the word." I whispered. I checked out of the corner of my eye at his sad expression, and quickly sat up. "I'm just — Slightly... Upset. I'm just having a bad day, Edward." I assured, patting his arm. He stared at the pillow where my head had just been.

"I haven't made it any better..."

"No, no. It's not you, it's me. I promise. What with this stupid... Girl thing. Ugh. It must be so hard for you! I shouldn't even be angry for —" I stopped short, bowing my head. I felt him sit up too now, and he brushed the hair from my face, his cold fingertips soothing me.

"Tell me, Bella." he almost begged.

"Well... You should know. I mean —" Again, I stopped feeling the blush creep up. Again, I was making it harder for him. Darn me and my embarrassment!

"Bella." he urged smoothing the side of my face with his palm. I took pleasure in his touch, but turned away.

"I'm so embarrassed... I've made everything difficult for you." I muttered.

"So what else is new?" he chuckled. I glared at him, and he stopped with an apologetic smile.

"Ugh. This... Well... As if you don't know."

"Know what?" he asked, the curiosity in his tone too rehearsed. The boy was a gentlemen far too often.

"Edward..." I sighed again. He laughed and gently took my hand.

"Love, really." he pressed.

"Being on my —" I growled the rest under my breath. "That stupid dot used at the end of a sentence..."

"Oh." he nodded. See? He knows... He just loves to torture me... "And?"

"And... Whenever this comes along... You're... Very distant." I said quietly, pathetically tracing circles with my thumb on the back of his hand. He remained quiet, of course. Ahh, there's that irritation...

"You know why." he said carefully.

"I know. That's what frustrates me. I'm too selfish. I want you all the time. Even when it makes you... Uncomfortable."

"Is that what makes you embarrassed?"

"No..." I admitted. He waited for me to continue. "Talking about this... Is the... Embarrassing part."

And then he scooped me up, placing me into his lap, his mouth at my hair. "Don't be embarrassed." he pleaded, lips kissing the nape of my neck. I froze, getting goosebumps on my arms all too quickly. "I love you."

I struggled in his arms, to face him, and placed my hands on either side of his face. "Me more." And his mouth was at mine, moving slowly against my lips. I sighed, and pressed myself closer, my legs wrapping around his waist.

"You're not the only one who's selfish, Bella." he growled playfully in my ear, hands moving down my sides.

"Liar." I whispered breathlessly, pulling his face back to mine. My fingers knotted in his hair and he kissed me too slow.

"So will you tell me?" he murmured against my lips. His fingers suddenly snaked up a few inches up my tank top and I moaned.

"Tell you what?" I panted.

He kissed me again before answering. "Why did you ask me to come? I was convinced —" Kiss "— You wanted me to stay away tonight..."

I pressed my lips gently to his before speaking. "Never." Again we kissed.

"Bella." he laughed. I kissed him playfully and pulled back reluctantly.



"I was reminded of you."

"Oh? May I ask how?"

I kissed him eagerly.


And he kissed me this time.

"Well?" Impatient boy...

I sighed and laid back down, pulling him with me, and pressing my back into his chest, as he wrapped his cool arms around my waist. I yawned and left him hanging for a few minutes.

"A vampire was at my door." I shrugged, sleepily.

"What — Oh, Charlie could you have better timing?" And he was already closing the door to my closet.

I laughed openly. Silly Edward. I closed my eyes sleepily. And sure enough within a minute, Charlie peeked into my room. He scanned it of course, and I rolled my eyes as the door closed slowly. Once I was sure he was in his room I remained laying there and felt Edward rush back to me.

"Bella, what do you mean —"

"Geez, Edward. Get a grip, It's Halloween. The poor kid stood there in his cape and fangs holding his bucket out to me too scared to say 'trick or treat.' It was terrifying, really."

He sighed and relaxed, so I did too, drifting into a peaceful slumber...

"Bella?" he asked urgently. I moaned quietly and rolled over to face him.


"Are you asleep?"

I snorted. "I was..." And then I fluttered my eyes back open.

"Oh, so sorry..." he muttered, stroking my hair in an attempt to get me to sleep.

"Why?" I yawned. I saw that coy smile creep onto his face...

"I just thought... Never mind. Good night, Bella." he sung.

"No." I huffed, propping up in my elbows. He smiled up at me sheepishly.

"I just... Enjoyed being selfish is all." he said, totally nonchalantly. I got a little too excited.

"Yeah?" I asked smiling brightly. He grinned and pulled me back down, so he could lay one on me. I moaned against his mouth, tangling his hair with my fingers again when he gently pulled away.

"Yeah. But maybe next time." he teased, subtly restraining my arms with his iron grasp. And he hummed my lullaby so I had no choice but to sleep.

"Trick or treat..." I mumbled.

"Hmm?" he hummed softly.

"I'm talking about you. You trick me and you treat me."

He snorted something unintelligible into my hair and kissed my shoulder.

"Happy Halloween, Bella."


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