Disclaimer: 'The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers' is copyrighted by Hearst Entertainment, Inc. This is a work of fanfiction and I make no profit of it.

Author's note: I work in an open-plan office with adjustable controls for the air-conditioning.

The first thing Captain Zachary Fox noticed when he entered his office was Audra Miles trying to teach a Lycan how to use his computer.

The second thing he noticed was that it was remarkably cooler than usual.

The third thing he noticed was Doc and Niko hunched over a panel, trying to reconnect some wires.

The fourth thing he noticed was that everybody besides himself was wearing winter jackets.

"Ok, friends, I see that I'm outnumbered in this, but don't you think that it would be much easier if we just set the air-conditioning to normal and gave your Lycan some water to cool him/herself instead of all freezing to death here?"

Audra gave him one of her patented 'the board in front of your head is thick enough to build a wood house from' looks and returned to encouraging her Lycan to direct the cursor with movements of his/her nose.

Doc didn't even look up.

Niko tried to explain: "Zach, this isn't what it looks like."

"So we're not training for a mission in Antarctica?"

"Well, it may be cold, but we're actually trying to fix the air-conditioning."

"It was working fine yesterday. What happened?"

"Well, it all started when Ranger Kim wanted the temperature a bit lower…" Doc chimed in.

"So what?" Zach asked, absent-mindedly petting the Lycan's warm fur and trying to get it to move from his chair – or closer to him, it was not clear which to the onlookers.

"Well, maybe he set it a bit too low…"

"So Ranger Romanov opened a window," Niko supplied helpfully, "and the air-conditioning tried to compensate..."

"So why didn't you close the window and set it to a medium temperature?" Zachary snapped, shivering.

"I was trying to negotiate a compromise between all occupants of the office, but then Goose came in," Niko defended herself

"The room climate triggered his bio-defenses…" Doc added cheerfully, "So he got a little violent and shot the control panel…"

"Zach, where are you going?" Niko cried.

"I heard they're looking for volunteers for a mission to explore the ice geysers on Enceladus."