I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does.

This was written for InuErotica's One Too Many Prompt, 500 word max.


Clawed hands moved with desperate urgency over her skin as if trying to touch every inch of her to assure him that she really was there. He'd been drowning his sorrows again like he had been for the last three years since she left him and was halfway certain that she was just a figment of his less than sober mind.

She moaned softly as his calloused palms brushed over her pale breasts, her clothes lost to questing claws and impatience, now just shreds of fabric not even worthy of being called rags. Her hands wrapped in silver hair and pulled his lips to hers. When his tongue slipped out to explore her mouth she could taste the sake that was allowing him to be so open, to let her see his weakness, his need for her.

Taking care with her delicate human body, he laid her on the soft cool grass, hovering over her as he took a moment to study her perfection. Her milky skin was sprinkled here and there with scars, each mark telling a story, a reminder of how hard she'd fought, how much she'd suffered, and in his eyes they didn't detract from her beauty. They were a testament to her strength and only added to her appeal. He knew where each scar came from, could remember each battle they fought together, the memories flashing through his mind as he kissed each lovingly.

His lips moved lower, finally finding her slick heat, and his tongue lapped at her arousal and flicked over her clit, making her arch and cry out in pleasure. He devoured her, bringing her to her peak over and over again until she couldn't take anymore, her hands fisting in his hair, pulling him up until his eyes met hers.

"Now," she whispered, pressing a kiss to his lips. "I can't wait any longer."

He smirked at her, sitting back on his knees to finally remove his own clothing, releasing his throbbing cock from the prison of his hakama, allowing her to see it for the first time. His balance wavered and before he fell he dropped back to his hands, laying his body carefully over hers, his hips cradled by her inner thighs. He kissed her passionately, full of all his loneliness and need, and rather sloppily as well, but she didn't care. She needed him just as badly, had missed him just as much, and finally the wait was over and they could be together.

She reached down to help guide him, her hand wrapping around his aching cock, and he slid smoothly into her heat, his hips moving with a mind of their own as he pumped in and out of her twitching passage that tried to hold him deep inside her. He thrust harder and faster, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead from exertion, and when she cried out his name in orgasm he followed immediately after, collapsing in a heap of exhausted but very pleased hanyou.