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His Wyrda


A shiver traveled down the length of Eragon's spine. He couldn't believe he was here. He had waited so terribly long for this. He had dreamed of this moment day and night for as long as he cared to remember.

His lips brushed delicately along her flawless porcelain skin, and his fingertips danced lightly along every surface of her body. Her quiet gasp of pleasure took him by surprise. He still could not accept that she longed for him as badly as he longed for her. All this time, she had refused him while still desperately craving him on the inside.

Her hand slid slowly up the bare skin of his muscled back which instantly caused his heart to race uncontrollably. This couldn't be real, but as he gazed down the entire length of her exquisite body below him, he knew that it was. He brought his lips down to hers hesitantly and pressed his mouth tenderly against hers. The feeling was indescribable. The sensation of her lips moving passionately against his was complete and total ecstasy. He had never felt so alive.

They had endured so much to arrive at this place in time. Endless heartbreak and agony had consumed their forbidden relationship. By all the rules of the world, the two shouldn't be together. A devastating war raged around them, and they both were propelled into the midst of it by forces beyond their control. But death had nearly pulled them from their fate once before, and the cataclysmic revelations that followed had served to finally bring them together.

Eragon knew he would never let her go again. His fingers caressed her soft midnight hair as he deepened their kiss. Her body shifted under his, and his skin pressed closer against the soft expanse of hers. She brought her hands up to his face slowly and tangled her fingertips in his thick hair. They melted against each other as their love daringly challenged the fate of the universe.

Author's Note: Hey! I hope you liked it. I know its short, but that's because it is teaser for the real story. Chapter 1 is up now!