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"Thank you Camp Rock! You know this might have been my favourite year." Brown smiled.

"Are you going soft on us?" Shane laughed, patting his Uncle on the back.

I giggled and waved at my mom; she was alone as dad had hurried home- there was a long drive ahead of him.

"Right, you lot have two days to get outta here!" Brown walked off the stage, as did the majority of the campers.

"Oh my gosh, you totally ruled!" Caitlyn shrieked, jumping up and down.

"So did you, especially your dancing!" I hugged my new friend. "I have to go see my mom. I didn't get the chance to speak to her properly before."

I jumped off the stage and hugged my mom.

"Honey, you were great!" She kissed my cheek. "I always told you that. Nice that you've finally listened!"

"I know and it's still hard to believe. Thank you so much, mom!" I hugged her again, but this time she seemed distracted. I looked at her feeling confused. Please don't say she's eyeing up Brown!

"I'd better quit hugging you." She laughed. What was wrong with her? If she had her way, she would be constantly hugging me and dad.

"Mom, what do you mean?"

"Turn around." She smiled. I turned around to find Shane standing in front of me. I fiddled with the purity ring on my ring finger, as I usually did when I was nervous; when I was worried or scared, it always felt like it was piercing me.

"Mrs Torres, may I borrow your daughter?" He asked. Mom raised her eyebrows.

"Well, be careful. She's fragile." What the hell was that supposed to mean!? I'm 'fragile.' Wait, was she referring to my heart!?

"Erm.. actually I want to apologise." I told him, still feeling guilty about lying to everyone, especially Shane.

"Let's go for that canoe ride." He suggested as we reached the door.

I had always loved the sight of the lake at night; the moon was high and it's silver reflection shimmered on the water's surface. Then camp would have been quiet, but afterparties were taking place around camp fires and the guests were singing. I followed Shane onto the dock, smiling nervously.

We rowed out to the centre of the lake and despite rowing around in circles, I said nothing.

"So tell me about yourself, Mitchie Torres." He looked a little awkward too, but at least he was breaking the silence.

"Well back home, I have one friend, so school is pretty boring."

"So are you gonna continue writing songs and singing. It could change everything."

"Ha, I doubt it." I laughed. Camp Rock was going to be the only place I let my voice escape.

"Then maybe this will." Shane leant towards me, then Splash. I moved away from him and he ended up in the lake, fully-clothed.

I laughed at the sight of the Rockstar in the water, but he just glared at me.

"Way to go Mitchie!" I heard Caitlyn shout from the camp fire.

Shane was still glaring at me. "I didn't touch you."

"That was the problem." He muttered.

"Excuse me?" What was he talking about?

"Like you didn't realise what I was trying to do, Mitchie."

"You have completely lost me."

"You are just so clueless." He pushed the canoe over and I fell into the cold water.

"Ah, it's bloody freezing!!" I shrieked. "What the hell was that for!?"

Shane leant towards me again, but I just splashed him in the face.

"What is wrong with you?" He asked, looking worried. My insides were churning. I felt sick. I couldn't date a rockstar.

"I have to go." I said, swimming away.

"Hey, what about the canoe!?" He called after me. "You can't expect me to drag it in myself, Miss Clueless!"

Clueless. The word actually kind of hurt. I wasn't stupid, but then I wasn't a brainiac either. "Don't ever call me that again!"

I swam to the shore, had a shower and got dressed, leaving Shane to deal with the canoe.

"That was a little harsh." Caitlyn said, before erupting into giggles.

"I didn't push him in." I replied. Jason and Nate walked over, laughing.

"Were you the wonderful lady who did this?" Nate asked, pointing to a struggling Shane.

"Dude, who is she?" Jason looked puzzled.

"Mitchie, the girl with the voice." Nate whispered his reply before turning back to me.

"Actually, we were just talking." I replied, faking a smile. Shane began to tie up the canoe.

"They were gonna kiss." Caitlyn told them, but I nudged her.

"No we weren't!" I replied.

"Then what happened?" She asked. Nate and Jason stared at me, but I looked away. Shane was storming towards us.

"I really don't wanna talk about this." I sighed, looking at the ground.

"That's a nice look for you, dude." Nate smirked as a drippy Shane stood in front of us.

"Not really. He looks like a drowned rat. And his hair's gone curly again." Jason frowned.

"Dude, just shut up." Shane hit him in the arm, before storming off towards his cabin.

"Why the hell did he just stand up!?" I thought out loud. Sure we were wearing life-jackets, but a canoe was hardly as stable as a speedboat!

"You are so clueless." Tess hissed as she walked towards our old cabin; for the remaining nights, I was sharing with Caitlyn and Lola.

"What is she talking about?" I sighed.

Caitlyn rolled her eyes. "That's the first time I agree with her; Mitchie, didn't you realise Shane leant in to kiss you!"

"What!?" I gasped at the same time as Nate and Jason.

"That's why it was mean to laugh. He obviously likes you, so you shouldn't have moved!"

"Argh... I'm such a bitch." I muttered, Caitlyn raising her eyebrows at my choice of language. "Sorry. I'd better go and apologise."

The lights in his cabin were turned on, so I knocked a waited a few moments. No reply.

"Shane, are you in there?" I knocked harder, but there was still no reply. I listened and I could hear him singing.

"When you love someone and they break your heart, don't give up on love. Have faith restart..."

I pushed open the door, but the living room was empty.

"Just hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on..."

I sighed and looked around; the cabin was cleaner and more luxurious than the ones the rest of us had to stay in- even Tess would have been jealous, not that it was different for her to turn green with envy!

"When it falls apart and your feeling lost, all your hope is gone, don't forget to-"

"Ahhhh!" Both Shane and I screamed in unison, as he emerged from the bathroom with just a white towel around his waist.

"Mitchie, what the hell are you doing in here!?" He sounded more angry than scared.

"I...er...I'm sorry." I thanked God that he was wearing a towel. "I came to apologise."

"You could have done so earlier!!" He hissed.

"But I-"

"Just get out of here!!"

I stormed out of his cabin, towards the kitchen. I felt hurt and angry. Since when had Shane become a jerk again?

"Mom, I'm gonna leave tomorrow." I told her as she washed up some pots and pans.

"Why honey?" She looked puzzled.

"Well I miss Sierra and I wannabe ready for school. It's gonna take two days to pick an outfit!" Liar.


11 months later...

I looked at her relationship status and smiled. Still "single." But I frowned when I saw how happy she was in her photos. How happy she was without me.

"Dude, would you quit looking at her MySpace!" Nate shouted at me. I sighed and ignored him. Since Mitchie had left Camp Rock last summer, I had emailed her, but I was still awaiting the replies. I had to win her back.

"We can find a voice at camp this year. Lots of people have them." Jason said, fiddling with his cellphone.

"But she's the voice." I frowned, but it was turned upside-down as I read one of Mitchie's blogs.

I'm happily returning to Camp Rock this year, as I had such a blast last summer!

So I will see you soon, Caitlyn.

As for the rest of you guys, I will miss you and see you back at school.

I smiled and exited the screen.

"Hey dude, you're smiling." Jason stupidly pointed out. Why did he have to be such a dumbass?

"Does that mean our songs are gonna stop being about heartbreak? I mean SOS was really popular, and so was Hold on, but it was getting a little depressing." Nate sat down and began to strum on his guitar.

"You know, I think I will take up Uncle Brown's offer." I smiled. I was going to see Mitchie again and this time I was planning on telling her how I felt. I sat down and began to write a new song..

You left without a single world,

Not even sorry...


Sierra put on the music channel and gawped at Connect 3. I hated her bedroom now. It had never been a problem before but the Connect 3 and Shane Gray posters were getting too much. Everytime I went round her house, I considered the different ways to destroy them.

Oooh, this is an SOS, don't wanna second-guess, this is the bottom line,

It's true, I gave my all for you,

Now my heart's in two and I can't find the other half

It's like I'm walking on broken glass,

Better believe I bled,

It's a girl I'll never get.

"Sierra, could you please change the channel?" I whined, covering my face with a pillow. Shane still looked hot and he sung directly into the camera. It was as if the song was directed at me.

Connect 3 walked over and began to chat to the talk-host, Kerry Springer.

"So guys, we know you've changed your image a lot, but why the songs about heartbreak?" She asked.

"Sierra, just change the channel!" I threw a pillow at the TV.

"Well, it's just on experiences, you know?" Nate replied with a smile.

"So which one of you has had a heartbreak in the past year?"

"Me." Shane said, looking up.

"Really? We had no idea you were dating someone."

"Sierra!" I shrieked, but she just continued gawping at the television.

"I wasn't. I tried, but it was thrown back in my face." He continued. Was he trying to make me guilty? He knew I watched Kerry Springer!

"Oh no, that's terrible. I can't believe a girl turned you down."

"Well that's life. Something bad happens and you turn it into a song." He smiled.

"Sierra!!" I snatched the remote and turned off the televison.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Mitchie!? You used to love Connect 3!" She jumped up and grabbed the remote back.

"I guess tastes change." I replied with a shrug.

"You've been a fan for years!"

"Have I ever told you, I hate your posters?" The six Shane Grays were staring at me, rubbing it right in my face.

"Wait? Are you jealous a girl turned him down? I mean he was at the same camp as you!"

"I realised and no I'm not jealous." I stood up.

"Mitchie, did you meet him? Is he as hot in real life?" She walked over to me.

"Yes I met him, yes he's hot, but it doesn't matter 'cause he's a jerk." I hissed.

"How is he a jerk?"

"He tried to...he tried to..."


"He tried to kiss me." I blurted out like word vomit. What was wrong with me? I hated one of my favourite bands because of their lead singer.

"No way! I thought he was dating Tess Tyler!" She shrieked.

"He hates her guts, but who doesn't? She wanted me to be her back-up."

"I still can't believe it.. wait until Tasha finds out... we are so 'in' the popular crowd!" She picked up her mobile phone.

"You can't tell anyone! They wouldn't believe you and it's kinda a secret!" I replied, taking the phone away from her.

Suddenly my email inbox opened. "You have mail."

Shane Gray.

"Crap." I muttered.

"Who is it?" She asked, hurrying over to my laptop. Her draw dropped. "You weren't kidding!"

I opened the email.


How are you? I'm still awaiting a reply for the other twenty messages, so you owe me.

Just wanted to say, hope you haven't stopped your singing and songwriting as you are really talented, and the guys think so too.

Well I will see you at camp next week,

Love Shane x

"Oh crap." I muttered under my breath.

"Eep, you're gonna see him again! Can you get his autograph for me!?" Sierra shrieked.

But the words were going around in my head. "I can't see him again."

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