I never actually thought of another person (or vampire) kidnapping me. Being kidnapped once (actually, not kidnapped, but tormented) by James was enough to make my flesh crawl with fear when I looked into the vampire's glowing red eyes, thirsty for my blood and something else.

Even if I did, I didn't really think it would be like this. The vampire strode forward towards me with a grin that was probably the weirdest smile I've ever seen on someone's face. It was something between a grimace, a grin, and a scowl.

He said, "Finally I have gotten you all to myself." I trembled a bit and prayed that Edward would hurry up and find me. I knew this vampire (whose name was Zachary) was lovesick and only kidnapped me because he was jealous of the bond between me and Edward. He only wanted me for himself so that he would get some love. I know this because he explained it all to me.

2 Months Ago

Chapter 1

It was a typical day. Reneesmee was peacefully lunching on her favorite animal, buffalo, Edward and I were making plans to visit Carlisle and the rest of the family. Our honeymoon was coming to an end. Edward was absentmindedly playing with a piece of my hair while talking to Alice on the phone. I on the other hand was packing up everything. Edward said good-bye to Alice on the phone and came to me and kissed me enthusiastically. Reneesmee paid us no attention because she was used to her father doing this to me every morning. Before long I was gasping for air and Edward was laughing silently.

I said,"When should we go back to the rest of the family?", while cleaning up the rest of the buffalo that Reneesmee had eaten.

Edward said,"Alice told me that she saw us coming back in two weeks and that our next honeymoon was in two months."