I didn't want to write too much on Chapter 1, this is more of a preview actually. I just thought it would be fun and wanna know if people would be interested in this :D

This is basically after Breaking Dawn but without Renesmee;

Bella is changed, they're already married, and Edward convinces her to try college for a year.

Chapter 1


Stupid, beautiful, dazzling vampire husband. I cannot believe I had agreed to go to college; I was already a vampire, I had forever to go to school, why now? Yet I couldn't say no, not when he was planting kisses down my neck, when his eyes smoldered with gold—Edward was such a cheater.

"Are we ready to go, Mrs. Cullen?" He teased, breaking my train of thoughts. His car was already pulled into the parking lot, in front of the hell I was going to burn in for my next entire year—The University of Alaska. I had agreed to go to college, but on Edward's part, he wasn't allowed to choose a fancy one like Dartmouth. Still, we were nearly a year behind because of my vampire-transformation catastrophe; we were the new kids in school. I shivered at the thought.

What calmed me down a little, though, was the fact that most of the Cullens were enrolling too. Emmett thought it would be fun to relive his college days, and then Alice, Jasper and Rosalie decided to tag along. I was praying, hoping, that maybe the attention would be diverted towards them instead. Besides, even after my transformation, I wasn't, couldn't ever be as amazingly beautiful as them.

"Bella love, calm down, half the kids here don't know what they're doing. You'll be fine." Edward pulled me onto his lap in the driver's seat, his fingers soothing on my cheeks as I sighed, I was never going to get used to this. I closed my eyes, letting my head fall into his chest—then I felt his hand cradle my face as he started trails of snow cold kisses along my jaw.

"Okay, Edward. You win. Don't have to do that every time you try to persuade me." I whispered; I didn't need to breathe now that I was one of them, but with Edward, I seemed to hyperventilate as much as I did before.

"Who says I'm only doing this to persuade you?" I could feel his lips twitch into a smile against my skin. This was going to be a long day, but with Edward by my side, I guess it wouldn't be half as bad. Besides, my angel was going to be here as long as I want, how much more could I ask for?

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