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"Is it okay?" My angel looked up at me with pleading eyes as she chewed nervously on her bottom lip; silly, insecure Bella.

"Bella, you look beautiful." I couldn't help but grin as I took her in—she had on a casual midnight blue dress that emphasized her exquisite form, and now that she had better balance, heels; her hair was pinned up slightly to have the mahogany locks fall freely down her shoulders. It was at times like this when calling her an angel would be an understatement.

"What'd I tell you?" Alice smiled sheepishly, finally done with her make up, sauntering out of her room towards the door where the others were waiting.

"Yes Alice, you're a pro." Bella murmured sarcastically, as I lead her out the front door along with the others, only to have Alice grin wider.

"Don't you know it."


Bella wouldn't stop fidgeting as I watched her in the passenger seat of my car; the others were all taking Emmett's jeep—I knew that she didn't get along with Amber, but I could not see why she was so worried. She seemed oblivious to the fact that we had arrived.


Her eyes finally left where it had been fixed for the entire carried—out the window—as she turned to face me.

"Are you okay?" I questioned warily; If only I could read her mind. I would give up reading everyone else's mind to have that.

"Yeah," she smiled lightly at me—it didn't reach her eyes though. "I'm just…she doesn't like me Edward, and honestly I'm okay with that. Besides, she invited you, not me."

"Bella, the only reason I'm here is because you are. If it weren't for Alice and her annoying obsession with playing dress up, I wouldn't be at this party."

I reached over to brush my fingers over her cheek as my eyes held hers obstinately when she didn't reply. "I won't leave your side, I promise. And if you feel things are uncomfortable we'll leave."

I quickly went to help Bella out of the car after she'd finally calmed down a little; even though she didn't need my help anymore, it reminded me of her human days and how dependent she was on me. I loved that she could now be my eternity, but I missed saving her from her clumsiness, I missed watching her sleep, and of course, seeing her blush taint her cheeks.

Grabbing her hand, I tugged her towards Amber's house—I never thought any human would get a house that could live up to Carlisle and Esme's mansion, but Amber's family had proved me wrong. The party seemed to have had started a while ago; I was counting on that, that Amber might not notice us walk in. Bella didn't need any more to be anxious about.

"Edward!" Damn it.


"Hi! Did you just get here? Come on inside, we're playing seven minutes in heaven!" Seven minutes in heaven. What were they, eight? I was unable to put together a polite turn down before she grabbed my free hand—it was odd she didn't flinch from the cold of my skin; it could have been the air conditioning, though— and pulled me, consequently, Bella, towards the ring of people who seemed incomprehensively engrossed enough in the game. I saw Bella glance frantically at me for a moment before she composed herself, scooting closer to me as Amber spun the bottle enthusiastically.

Since Bella, I'd always told myself I was the luckiest man in the world; even though my biological mother had died from the Spanish Influenza, though I had to go through the intolerable pain of transformation, though I had to live for centuries waiting for her, I had the single most extraordinary thing in the world, an angel, even. Luck decided to turn its back on me tonight, however, as my musing over Bella was interrupted Amber tugging at my arm. I looked down at Bella, only to see her bite on her lip to hide a smile. I thought I'd seen everything possible in the world; I was a vampire for God's sake; but this was ridiculous. My eyes bore apologetically into my angel's golden ones as I stood up after Amber's constant pull on my arm—it could have been dislocated if I were human.

It was only moments before I was locked in a dimmed closet with no one else but Amber. I aimlessly waited for awkward silence to take its place, but Amber seemed to have an entirely different, and inappropriate, plan. I had to let her know that I was not and never would be interested in a relationship with her, or with anyone else but Bella. I knew she wouldn't be able to fully comprehend; after all, she wasn't there to see me meet my angel for the first time, to watch me fight back my emotions and bloodlust to be with her, to mock me like I still did at times when I'd foolishly let Bella go so I could wallow in self pity.

I retreated to the far end of the closet as I felt her step closer, her fingers drawing patterns on my arms. I couldn't take this for another minute; I cringed away from her before moving briskly towards the door. It took all my self control to not simply break down the door and make a run for it. "I'm sorry. I'm with Bella, and I love her, more than you or any one else in this house could ever know. Excuse me."

"Yo, Cullen! That was not seven minutes man!" I heard someone holler from a corner of the room, but I was too busy skimming the room for Bella to be concerned about that. She wasn't in here anymore. Did she leave? Was it too much for her? I mentally kicked myself for even asking—of course it was. I promised her that we'd leave the moment she felt uncomfortable, I also promised I would not leave her side tonight, but I had broken both promises, and in less than seven minutes. I didn't deserve her. I never would. I knew that Bella would not overreact; she should know better that I wouldn't have even come close to touching Amber in that closet, yet I couldn't help but let panic wash over me as I briefly recalled my time away from Bella in Volterra. It was torture.

I could only breathe again, physically and mentally, when I finally found her in the living room that was now a crowded dance floor. Unlike the others, however, my Bella was sitting in a corner of the room, her expression weary. I was beginning to wonder why when I spotted the guy beside her. If I didn't know better I would have thought he was having a monologue. I felt the annoyance grow in me as I walked—a little too fast for human speed—over to Bella, glaring at him as I dragged her away.

"Edward? Is everything okay?" Her voice was clouded with anxiety as the back of her hand stroked my jaw; she was so selfless, as always.

I all but hugged her close to me, nodding wordlessly—she didn't need to know, and I didn't like to lie to her. I usually didn't have to. The next song started to sound through the large speakers and I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her closer to me as I subconsciously swayed to the soft music.

When the stars are in her eyes, and the sun is in her smile

I planted a soft kiss on her forehead before resting mine against it, losing myself in the depth of her golden orbs.

The only moment in a life, it happens the same time when a woman loves a man

I felt Bella's fingers comb through my hair before she encircled my neck with her arms, tightening her hold every once in a while.

She'll be a mother and a child, sacrifice her days and nights

She had given up so much for me, given up so much to be with me. Bella had sacrificed everything—her friends, her family, her life. I never did see what there was in it for her, in turning my sweet angel into a monster like me. Yet she was still the same, amazing girl I'd met in Forks High—Bella could never be a monster, no matter what she becomes.

And no other will exist, she'll put her life in every kiss when a woman loves a man

I slowly leaned in to peck her gently on the lips, not letting it go any further as the fact that we were still at Amber's party nagged at the back of my head. The last thing I wanted to do is to make a scene and bring discomfort to Bella.

And you'll be amazed how when you're stumbling, she'll fight for you and won't let you give in

I have existed for more than a hundred years, and as I saw my siblings, and even my parents, fall deeper in love than I thought possible, I'd accepted the fact that I would be walking alone for the rest of eternity. It didn't matter then, because life was empty, dark, nothing. At times I wondered what would have been if I'd just moved on with my mother, if I would have been happier dead than I was alive, as a monster. I shut the world out, and I had given up on everything—love, hope, faith. And then I met Bella, my angel, and everything changed. I started to open the doors to things I'd never let myself near to before, I trusted myself not to hurt her, I let myself love her, and that was the best decision I'd ever made in my entire existence.

She'll do all that she can, when a woman loves a man

A soothing breeze always blows, somebody understands another soul

With Bella, I was always at peace. I used to constantly remind myself of the monster in me, that no matter how much I tried to hide it, I was a monster. But with my angel, she made me forget what I was physically, and instead, remember who I was as a person. I loved her even more for that.

It's like the planets have aligned, every sentence has a rhyme, when a woman loves a man

Everything was right when Bella was around, my life had meaning to it, and I never thought that to be possible. The pieces naturally fell into place.

Oh, you'll be amazed how when
You're needing it
She'll fight for you
From the beginning to the end
And she'll do all that she can
When a woman loves a man

It's the greatest gift of all, knowing that unconditionally she'll catch you when you fall, when a woman loves a man

It was because of Bella that life was worth living, that I no longer wanted eternity to end. With Bella, I wanted eternity to go on forever; I saw how big a role my hundred years of existing played, I saw the importance to life, I saw the need to live, for Bella.

When the stars are in her eyes
And the sun is in her smile
She'll be a mother and a child
But all at the same time
When a woman loves a man

She'll be your air

She is my air

She'll bring you life

She had brought light into my life; she had awakened my dead heart.

She'll make the sacrifice

She sacrificed her soul for me

When a woman loves a man

And if vampires had souls like she believed, mine belonged to her, while hers was simply beautiful.

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