The Right Choice

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Valentine's Day, 2002.

The Right Choice by Fidomom

Brady carefully cuts out a red construction
paper heart. He feels so giddy and a little
juvenile. Carefully he prints the name Chloe
in silver gel ink. He pins the heart onto his
shirt sleeve feeling very smug. Out loud to
himself he says, "If she doesn't know what I
mean by this then there isn't a hope in hell
for us!" . He puts on his suit jacket, checks
in the mirror to make sure the heart is not
showing out the jacket sleeve. He leaves the
penthouse whistling happily and tossing his
jeep keys repeatedly.


Philip checks his pocket, yet again for the black
velvet ring box. He just knows Chloe will be
floored at his proposal of marriage. He feels
very confident of her answer being yes. He can
already picture her eyes full of love and happy,
unshed tears.


Chloe is in her bedroom. She checks her mirror
image, giddy with excitement.The deep violet dress
hugs all the curves. Out loud she says,
"I can't believe I look that good! I can't wait to
see the surprised look on his face! He's definitely
going to be wowed today!" .

The phone rings and she picks it up, "Hello?!".

"Hey, Chloe. I'm downstairs waiting for you- hurry
up ok? I'm anxious to see you!".

"Ok." She hangs up. Winks conspiratorially at her
mirror image and says out loud,

"Philip's here! Showtime!" . She smiles and bops
on down the stairs.

Philip greets her with dimples in full force.
"Wow! Chloe you look so beautiful! As always!
*kisses her cheek* Here. These flowers are for you.".
She graciously accepts the flowers, taking a moment to
inhale the fragrance. She smiles at Philip in
appreciation. She places a sweet kiss on one dimpled
cheek. Philip smiles back at her, offers his arm
gallantly. She takes it and they leave.


Brady checks his watch for the umpteenth time. She isn't
even late, Black, he says to himself. He looks around at
their special place. The gazebo. Sweet memories fill his
mind, interrupted only by her breathless arrival. He
stands abruptly, nervously. He embraces her and kisses her
cheek. She gazes up at him, taking in the tux, the flowers,
the heartshaped box of chocolates, the beautiful Valentine
card and most beautiful of all the almost shy, romantic smile
in his eyes. She accepts his tokens of affection, with a smile
and a kiss on the cheek.
Brady drinks in every gorgeous inch of her, with thirsty eyes.
He takes her hand and kisses it,
"Chloe, my diva, I've never seen you look as beautiful as you
look this very moment." .
She gazes up into his face tenderly. He leans forward to kiss
her luscious mouth. *chirrup, chirrup* The moment is interrupted
by a cell phone ringing. She smiles consolingly and excuses
herself to answer it. Brady watches curiously, suspiciously,
jealously as he sees a smile break out on her face, sees her
talking animatedly, and watches her lips purse into a quick phone
kiss. He hears her whisper, "See you soon, then!" .
Brady fights the urge to ask, How's Philip?.

She returns to Brady's side as though she hasn't been making kissy
face on the phone with Philip, and Brady swallows his suspicions.

"Brady, I'd like to go meet up with Philip at Salem Place Mall, but
I don't want our date to end so could you take me there and
then after I deal with Philip maybe we can go to the point up Green
Mountain? Brady places an uncomfortable smile on his face, astounded
at her audacity to freely admit she's meeting up with Philip.
This is supposed to be HIS date with Chloe not Philip's, dammit!
"Sure, Chloe, let's go!" His discomfort is not lost on her and she
hides a small, secret smile.


At Salem Place, Brady decides he better lay all his cards out
or he could lose Chloe to Philip. He takes off his jacket and
waits for her to notice the heart he made. Her eyes are busy
scouring the crowds of milling couples in love and the heart
goes unnoticed. Feeling deflated Brady says, " Listen, Chloe, I..."

Suddenly, Chloe embraces Brady in a fierce hug, turning him 180.
His breath catches as he becomes aware of every one of her
voluptuous curves.
She is lost in thought as she embraces Brady.


She watches fascinated as Philip drops to one knee and presents her
with the open ring box,
"Chloe? Will you marry me?"


Brady breaks the embrace.
"Diva? What is going on here?" .
She smiles up at Brady but catches a flash of red from the corner of her
eye. She does a double take and examines the heart carefully.
She looks at him questioningly.

"Chloe it is exactly what it appears to be... I'm wearing my heart on
my sleeve and you are in it... will you be mine?"


Her breath catches in her throat and she says,

"Are you sure you shouldn't be asking her?" as she points over his shoulder.

He turns in the direction she's pointing and gasps, his jaw dropping.

He looks between the two women in disbelief.

"What the f**k is going on here?"

The two women wink at eachother and high five eachother.

They ask simultaneously, "Which one of us should you really be asking?".

Smugly, Philip chooses the woman he has just spent the afternoon with.

Brady, suspiciously looks deep into the eyes of both women and chuckles.

"Diva, you almost pulled that one off but you forget how very well
I know you!" He kisses her cheek.

Philip laughs aloud, "Brady you sucker, Chloe is mine!"

The woman on Philip's arm turns to Philip smiling sweetly,

"Philip, I'm Cheryl, Chloe's twin sister. Thanks for such an amazing day!"

Philip jumps back with a shreek,
"WHAT?! NO! You are Chloe! Brady has the wrong Chloe!" .

Cheryl and Chloe answer together,
"Afraid not, Philip."

Philip looks at the woman on Brady's arm pleadingly.
Chloe smiles sympathetically at him, blows him
a kiss and waves good-bye. Chloe and Brady walk away holding
"Chloe, you will tell me all about this, right?"

Chloe laughs,
"Of course I will Brady but not tonight. This night is for us.
Can we take a drive in your hip, happening jeep, up to Green Mountain, now?"

Brady smiles, "You want to go to the point, right?"

Chloe gets a gleam in her eye, "Yes, I want us to go to the point first
but then I want to go to the Lodge with you, they're expecting us in about
an hour."

Brady quirks his eyebrow, "The Lodge?"

Chloe kisses her fingertips and places them against Brady's mouth shushing him.
"Just shut up and drive, Black."


Brady stops the jeep and turns sideways to look at Chloe in the gathering
He smiles, "So diva, we're here... now what?"
Chloe smiles at him tenderly, as she opens her door and steps out of
the passenger side backwards, eyes locked on his, "Come on Brady."
They meet at the front of the jeep. Chloe looks into Brady's eyes,
"Could you please lift me onto the hood and sit with me?"
Brady gladly obliges, enjoying every opportunity to touch her however
Once seated and leaning against the windshield, she nestles into his
side, arms around his hot bod. His arms are around her shoulders.
His face pressed against her fragrant hair.
"Brady, I'm sorry for the deception back there, but I had to be sure to
make the right choice, I had to choose the man who knows me best on the
inside... and it's you, just as I had counted on."

Brady smiles softly into her hair, "So you expected that I would guess, um,
pardon me, that I would know, which of you was really Chloe, huh?".

Chloe gives a small laugh, "Ya. I totally was counting on it!"
Chloe leans away from Brady slightly, noticing the starlight in his
sexy blond hair, "Brady you asked me a question back there, and I'm ready
to answer you. I can't give you my heart."

Brady sucks in a hurt breath. Chloe's arms hold him tighter,
"Let me finish, Brady. I can't give you my heart because
you've already got it and I've been yours for a very long
time. I love you, Brady Black."

Brady's eyes fill with tears of relief, "I love you, Chloe Lane."
Their lips meet in a hesitant, sweet, first kiss.
Chloe feels the world fall away, feels as though she is
spinning out of control, at the feel of his lips on hers finally.
Brady thinks he might die or pass out, as the surge of electricity
that has been building between them for so long
courses through them both in a continuous circuit feeding on itself,
exploding ito an unexpected fiery passion. Never has there been a kiss with
this intensity throughout all time and eternity.
Brady pulls her on top of him, deepening the kiss, showing her with his
tongue how he will one day make love to her... coaxing, teasing, thrusting.
Chloe, tentatively at first then boldly strokes his tongue with her own
eliciting a deep groan from Brady. Encouraged, Chloe sucks and nibbles on his
now swollen lower lip. She feels Brady's hand in her hair, feels his hand
stroking her buttocks.She feels a tingling warmth and tightening deep
within her groin. She feels Brady's answering response pressing into her.
Brady continues the kiss like a desert nomad at an
oasis; his thirst for Chloe unquenchable. They find their very own
forever in a kiss.