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Here I am, my wedding day, in my wedding dress, with my wedding party at my wedding church. I am in tears, not just " yay I'm so happy" tears I mean hysterical sobbing tears. Do I know why? Well other then that my best friend refuses to show up at MY WEDDING because of some stupid vampire/werewolf bull, I am also marrying the worlds best looking vampire. I Isabella Marie Swan do not deserve such a god like creature to love me. So…I decided to cry.

"Bella, if you don't calm down you are going to be late for your own wedding." Alice scolded me softly. My heart was racing, my breathing labored, I was probably going to pass out, then I heard his voice, rough and emotional.

"That is my best friend back there, now let me through!" he said loudly. Alice ran out of the room then back in pushing my best friend, my confidant and the man everyone had wanted me to marry, in front of her.

"JACOB!" I said not trying to control my enthusiasm. He laughed as Alice filled him in on my hysterics that had paused upon seeing him and then abruptly came rushing back. Why would the Adonis, Edward, want to be with ME? I am a plain, boring, old fashioned, hysterical mess. Jacob came to my side and pulled me up, to a mirror.

"Bella, my dear Bella. Look at yourself, this is your wedding, you are so beautiful, that ….man…out there is lucky to have you, in a few minutes he will be yours for….eternity. As much as I hate to say it you love him, now get out there and marry him." Jacob spoke softly but with meaning. I looked at him, tears in my eyes finally drying up as Alice ran over with her emergency make up kit, and smiled.

"Well what are you waiting for, I'm supposed to be getting married" I said laughing, Jacob was ushered into a seat and the girls all stood ready to walk down the aisle. Charlie turned to me and I took his arm as we followed the other beautiful girls down the aisle to my destiny