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Chapter 1

Dangerous Blond

Axel was a striking redhead. Why redhead? Because he had the most blazing red hair that no one would believe natural. However, it was too natural to be dyed too. He was currently studying in The Organization University in his last year. Just a couple of months and he would graduate. In order to pay for his increasing university fee, he had been working in the midnight club as a bartender, serving drinks. He was drooled over by the girls who frequently went there—to be precise, he was drooled over by all girls, frequent or not, old or young. However, one day, he was wooed by one of the higher up's girlfriends and was severely beaten and fired. It was not his fault though. No. The girl had been very persistent and Axel just wasn't one to resist. Well, he tried to resist but—being pinned to a wall by one of the most beautiful girls in town… everyone would call him a fag, coward, chicken—everything—if he turned down the offer. Luckily, nothing sexual happened. It just involved touching—in sensitive and important parts and Axel was the one being touched.

Don't get it wrong. Axel was good at fighting—really good. However, if you were all alone, surrounded by eight muscular guys holding guns… you'd be dead, no matter how godly your martial arts were—it would be different if you're really God though. Thus, the fight Axel put on was just in vain. He was soon overpowered and ended up having to go away with a few broken ribs and bones—which, fortunately for him, were fully recovered in two weeks without having to go to the hospital. The redhead's recovery rate was insane. It had been mentioned several times by his friends.

The next couple of months after had been horrible for the redhead. He had no job and his financial problems were increasing. His mother gave birth to his little brother—not exactly little brother—half brother, since his mother remarried two years ago, he was given the name Sora. Sora was a cute little baby that would cause anybody who had seen him to squeal in excitement. He had short little chubby arms and legs. Even Axel loved that half brother of his. The thing he loved most about Sora was the blue in the baby's eyes. It was so cute that Axel thought he'd just rip those eyes open and take those eyeballs out—that was... downright creepy.

Right at that time, Axel's mother decided to cut off all financial help for him. Axel couldn't help but curse. "You're old enough to take care of yourself, Axel," his mother reasoned calmly, holding baby Sora who was sleeping peacefully in her embrace.

"I just lost my job!"

"Well, find another one. Don't just sit around."

"There's no job high paying enough!" Axel tried to reason again.

"Look, Axel. You're twenty-two. Any twenty-two year olds can take care of themselves."

Axel tapped his foot on the ground, irritated. "You want to disown me, aren't you? Okay. Fine," the redhead stormed out of the house.

So, for the next whole month, the redhead was desperately having a look out for any employment but no job employment was satisfying enough for him. Being a bartender and the local favorite, Axel was paid high. Now, no jobs could match up to his previous payment. Having no choice, he applied for a job at the mini market, being the cashier, and he would start working that afternoon until pass midnight. There was nothing more to tell about Axel. He was just a daily guy living in his daily boring life although one really couldn't say that he had a daily look.

It was very easy to recognize the guy, just look for a very bright shining redhead and that was him. He also had these backward shaped triangular tattoos beneath his eyes which he applied over a year ago because of a dare Seifer pulled on him. Not one to back out from a dare or challenge, Axel went to have the tattoos attached beneath his eyes. They hurt like hell. He thought he'd go freaking blind that time. It paid off though; he was rewarded with a lot of money by the filthy rich blond, Seifer.

With a growl and a strong mental curse, wearing his casual black t-shirt paired with chained necklace and jeans, he stepped in the mini market where he'd work for the rest of the night with such low salary that his dead father would keel over in his grave just because he applied for said job. In fact, Axel had no idea why he had chosen that job of all the employment offered. Something drew him into it—something evil—or maybe Axel was just thinking too much.

He just knew he'd hate working there but there was no other job he could find. So this would do for now. He sat at the cashier, waiting for anyone at all to pay for their stuff. The night was silent and he just sat, just him—all alone in the mini-market with another employee arranging the stuff inside. He felt so damn bored. He started tapping his hands on the table, wondering why a mini market would open almost 24/7. He cursed himself for applying for the job. He missed the popularity back at the bar. However, he was also happy that he was getting paid for just sitting around.

Finally, after hours of sitting without doing anything, a customer came to pay for the things he bought. The customer was a blond. Well, blond was not really something to be amazed about these days especially since this blond was a guy. Axel was checking out the blond, the short little guy with enticing blue eyes. Those blue eyes felt so capturing to Axel, he had never seen something so blue before and the redhead couldn't help but be reminded of his little baby brother back at home, Sora. However, he loved the blond's blue more than Sora's. The blond stared at the redhead. His blue eyes soon narrowed into mere slits as time passed by.

"Excuse me?" he frowned, face unhappy.

Axel blinked a few times before answering. He swallowed a little, feeling the blond's voice even more captivating. "Yeah?"

"You work here, right?" the lithe boy leaned in to look at Axel's name tag, "Axel?"

Axel gulped even more, feeling the blond calling his name was very—sexy. He inwardly killed himself for being so horny for the night. He slapped a hand over his face and rubbed said face, taking in a deep breath. He nodded. "Yeah, what do you want?"

The blond rolled his eyes. "Duh, I want to buy these," he growled, pointing to the basket he had placed over at the counter. Axel set his green eyes to the things the boy had pointed—a basket full of chocolate bars of any brand.

Axel frowned a bit and met his gaze with those cerulean. "You sure?"

The blond bit his lower lips, aggravated. "Do I need to ask your permission?" he folded his arms to his chest and started tapping his feet on the floor, staring intensely into Axel's emerald eyes. "Or do you need an ID for buying chocolates? Cause, I'm still a minor."

Axel smirked, a little bit surprised that the blond had such sharp tongue. "Not really, just wondering." The redhead began inputting using the scanner to input the prices into the computer, "So, what's your name?" he grinned, while still scanning the never ending bar of chocolate in the basket.

"None of your business, Ax-el," the blond teased.

"Right," Axel rolled his eyes and laughed. He raised his eyebrows and blinked when he had done counting the number of chocolate bars cramped up inside the basket. He couldn't believe his math. "Forty bars of chocolate?"

"I wonder why this mini market would employ someone as talkative as you," the younger male sighed.

"It's called social interaction."

"For your information," the blond leaned in closer than expected causing Axel to back away a bit out of embarrassment, "Mouth isn't just used for talking. It has an important part called lips," he hissed and leaned in really close to brush his lips with Axel to further point his statement and pulled away quickly. "And inside, there's this—tongue," the blond teased, sticking his tongue out and licking Axel's lips. "And I think you're old enough to know what I mean," he drew back.

Axel's breath hitched, his face went redder than usual that it could match his hair. He cleared his throat a bit and went back to his so called job, "That would be 93.92."

"Aww, can't you give me a little discount?" the blond pouted, staring Axel with his big puppy eyes and cutely biting his lower lip.

"Erh—" Axel gulped, feeling very nervous, inwardly cursing his beating heart and churning stomach. He wanted to do the blond a favor and gave him the discount. In fact, he wouldn't mind doing himself a favor and just take the blond right then and there. The redhead bit his tongue hard to get back to his common sense and tried a grin. He replied, "This is the mini market. I don't think I can give you any discount."

"Well, I went to this other mini market and the guy there paid what I buy for me," the blond pouted again almost melting Axel's heart.

Axel cleared his throat violently. If people didn't know, they'd think he was coughing blood. "I'm—not paying for these shits, blondie," he answered. Axel cringed a little when he realized how rude it must have sounded. Great first impression. Wait—what? First impression? Why do I care?

"I obviously ain't eating shits, asshole," the blond snapped and took out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet, handing it over to the redhead unhappily.

Axel sheepishly took the money from the furious blond and handed over the change, mentally kicking himself in the ass. "Thank you," He acted innocent and threw all of the chocolate bars in double plastic bags.

"Double," the shorter of the two mumbled. "Hey, you're pretty nice." The blond smiled, surprised that Axel was giving him double plastic bags for the chocolates he bought. Usually, he had to ask because he was really sick of the plastic bag tearing apart on his way home.

"What can I say, I'm a nice guy." Axel grinned.

"But you're still an asshole, asshole." The little teen gave the redhead a sarcastic smile.

"Well, you're just one smartie short-ass, aren't you?" Axel countered. The blond just rolled his eyes, making no effort of retaliating to the comment. After, the blond took the bag of chocolates. He gave Axel a soft smile before going off. Axel was about to sit down on his chair again. However, he cursed loudly when he felt something hard made contact with his head. He thought he was about to get a concussion. He turned, only to see a medium sized Toblerone lying on the floor.

"That's for you." The blond giggled before finally disappeared outside of the mini mart. Axel watched as the teen went away with a man, riding a bike. He couldn't see the man clearly as he was wearing a helmet.

Axel smirked and grinned and leaned down to take the toblerone, ripping it apart and took a bite. It had been too long since he had eaten a chocolate. The sweetness of the black solid bar melted when it met his mouth. He cringed a bit at the sweetness, not one to like sweet stuff. However, as he began munching it, it tasted better and better. Until at last, the toblerone was gone, lying spread inside the redhead's stomach. Axel couldn't help but wonder how the little blond would be able to still keep his body that small if he really was the one to eat all those chocolates. After all, wasn't milk supposed to make a growing boy taller? That was out of his mind for now.


Another boring night in the mini market… luckily though, Axel was smart enough to bring something to read. He had consider bringing porn magazines—not his, but his roommate's. Axel wasn't one to waste his precious money on pornos. It was very different for his roommate, Xemnas. Xemnas was a dark skinned guy with long silver hair and golden eyes. He was also in his last year in The Organization University. The man might be quite but he was perverted as hell. Girls said that his deep voice was sexy. Boys said that his tall built made him a perfect seme. Axel cringed, not quite understanding the meaning of "seme". However, he didn't think that he wanted to know since it must be related to some porno stuff. He was sure of it.

Anyway, Xemnas was a really rich guy and God knew where he got his money from. Axel wasn't in good terms with the man. In fact, even though they shared a room, they didn't really talk much to each other. They were freely using each other's stuff. So, that was why Axel could just take Xemnas' porn magazines without having to spend a cent buying one. It was a good way of spending time for Axel. However, the redhead soon realized that fantasizing too much was bad for his health. Not only he got needy after reading those pornos, he also felt lonely too. And—it reminded him of how long it had been since he got laid. He decided once and for all to get all those perverted minds off of his brain since his baby half-brother was born. He wanted to become a good example and—throwing away all his biological urges and sexual needs were a good start. He had to start becoming a good boy by studying hard and getting a good job—then again, that was such a boring excuse of a life.

Axel yawned widely, putting the magazine he was holding down from his face. He was taken aback and his emerald eyes grew wide when he came face to face with that oh-so familiar blond. Even though three days had passed, Axel could never forget the blond. In fact, he didn't know why—the blond had been appearing in a number of his porno dreams in the last three days—to the point that it was really vulgar. Axel blushed deeply but he had a way of not letting it show and miraculously, his face stayed calm with no change of expression. He grinned widely to hide his nervousness. "Can I help you?" he asked.

The blond was apparently irritated by the question. He rolled his eyes and shook his head and smiled sweetly, "Hi to you too, asshole. Now count how much I have to pay you before I do anything harsh."

"Whoa, who bit you in the ass today?"

"My ass is purr-fectly fine, thank you," the blond answered, obviously irritated, "except for a number of jacktards who are stupid enough to stare at it while I'm on the bus."


"I took care of them. That should teach them well," the blond smirked darkly and dangerously.

Axel gulped, a little bit intimidated. "Took care of them? Why?"

"They glared at my ass, redhead. I should have ripped their eyeballs off and took it home, brew them into soup, and feed it to my dog. Too bad I don't have a dog."

Axel's eyes narrowed, a little bit disgusted while at the same time unhappy that he was addressed as 'redhead'. "Oh-kay..." he managed to mutter out and began to tear his attention away from the dangerous blond.

"You don't need to be afraid of me. I only do those to those jerks. As for an asshole like you, I guess you can count yourself special," the blond grinned seductively and jumped up, sitting on the counter.

Axel again, found himself staring face to face with the blond. He swallowed, "And—why am I special?"

"You're sexy," the blond purred. Axel was surprised at how blunt the blond was being. "And you look so—gay," he laughed.

"I check out girls, stranger," Axel countered.

"Really? The last time I check, Axie. You are checking me out."

"I am not."

"Alright, get back to your job," the blond jumped off and demanded.

Axel was irritated but he proceeded to checking out the basket of chocolates. It's forty-two bars all together this time. "98.43," Axel said.

"Not paying for me again?" the blond tried.

"They almost cost my three days of working in here. So, no," the redhead answered.

"Well, thank you," the blond replied sarcastically and paid using his credit card.

Axel handed the blond the double bags containing all the chocolates. "What'd you need all these chocolates for?"

"It's a—secret," the blond purred.

"What's your name?" Axel tried.

The blond seemed to think a bit, putting his index finger on his cheek, staring up the ceiling cutely. He smiled softly. "I'll tell you the next time we meet. We'll play a little game of guessing, okay?" he winked and walked away. Axel could feel his breath hitched yet again at the blond gesture.

Just as Axel was about to sit down again, something hard came striking his head again. He cursed loudly and found another chocolate on the floor that had fallen down with a thud. The blond gave Axel a last smile before going off, again, with an unknown man on a big motorbike and Axel found himself staring at the blond's perfect ass. Axel shook his head after he remembered about the horrible consequences that would befall him. He stared at the floor. This time the blond gave Axel a big bar of Cadbury. Axel rolled his eyes. "Yummy, dinner," the redhead smiled nonetheless and had the chocolate for dinner, anxiously waiting for the next time he'd meet the blond and play the little game the teen had mentioned.


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