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The Warriors

Rating : PG-13

August 14, 2008

01. The hatred you're carrying is a live coal in your heart - far more damaging to yourself than to them.

She used to watch him glance up at the moon with a frown, deep worry on his face, even with a touch of guilt. She knew that he believed that life had take its proper course, but she also couldn't help but be jealous of the moon spirit, Yue, in all of her magnificent beauty. She was jealous because she felt insignificant, impure even, to the great legend of the Northern Water Tribe princess. Even after all this time, she still felt unavoidable hostility towards the deceased, and found that it was she, herself, that glanced up at the moon with a frown, deep worry on her face–though she never felt any guilt. She was overly smug, her pride swelling at the fact that it was his child she was carrying, not her. Never her. She would never know the feeling of being completely immersed in all that was Sokka, his body moving with hers as he cried out her name. No, she definitely wouldn't. She smirked at the moon triumphantly, cocking an eyebrow in challenge.

She suddenly felt stupid, running a hand over her face, pinching the bridge of her nose before rubbing her eyes.

How can a person hate something so pretty?

Sighing, she glanced away from the natural beauty, feeling childish over her jealousy. It always seemed to come out on the full moon.

Turning away from the moon, she walked away from the shore, bidding a silent farewell.

02. leitmotif: a dominant and recurring theme

She found herself on the ground, looking up at Sokka who was grinning down at her triumphantly. With one swift movement, she knocked him off of his feet, so that he was down on her level.

"You're an ass."

"I love you, too," he responded sarcastically, only to be jabbed sharply in the ribs by her index finger. Even with the warning glare she gave him as he moved above her, she didn't refuse his kiss–she never would.

"You bring this on yourself entirely, I hope you know."

"I've been told that my life is full of 'struggle and anguish, most of it self-inflicted', so I understand where you're coming from and agree, if only slightly. You can't deny that you brought me upon yourself, though," he grinned, still above her. He nodded to her arms around his waist, and she rolled her eyes.

"You came upon me, I... I just held you here. I'm a bit of a masochist, I've been learning lately. This seems to be happening a lot more lately, not that I'm complaining."

With a hard tug on the front of his shirt, his lips were on hers again.

03. While you wonder how's this gonna end, I only want it to begin -- Ben Lee : Begin

"We need to talk about something," she said softly, refusing to look at his face while they walked along the shore.

"Need to? What's wrong?" he asked, noticing the way she was holding herself, a definite change than how she normally did–her eyes were averted, she continued to wring her hands, and every so often he'd see her lift a hand to bite at her nail. Something was making her nervous, something that she didn't want to talk about. He frowned. "Really, what is it, Suki? You know you can tell me anything."

"I know," she replied.


"But, this is difficult to approach, so give me a second, all right?" she snapped, though soft enough for him to hear the pain in her voice.

"All right," he responded, looking up at the sky, up at the moon. His frown deepened, but when he looked at the moon, his mind flashed to an event earlier that day that had upset Suki, and–if it was possible–his frown grew.

"I know it's unfair of me to think of it in this light," she began, looking out at the water. "I know it's horrible of me to even bring this up, with everything that has happened, but I can't help but feel like I'm second best–"

"I love you, Suki."

"–I don't see how–" her sentence broke off, her wild eyes turning to him now, wide with shock. "What did you just say?"

"You heard me," he responded, turning so they were facing each other, stopped. "It hurts, sure, and my heart was broken, but I found someone that helped me fall in love again, even more than I thought was even possible. I may say stupid things sometimes, but really, don't doubt me on this one, okay? Think of our future, not my past–it's in the past for a reason."

"Don't freak out," she started slowly, a blush growing on her cheeks as she geared up to respond to his earlier statement, "and don't run and hide, but... I think I love you, too. I think I'm so deeply in love with you that I–"

She was silenced by his lips, and they stayed that way for a long time, even with the moonlight shining down on them.

04. frisson: a brief moment of intense excitement

That look in his eyes always brought an unnatural amount of heat to her cheeks, the way he looked at her as if she was the only person in the entire world that could save him from burning alive. She felt as if she appeared the same way to him, her gaze melting with his as their lips crashed together.

Some days they were soft and tentative, and some other days they were rough and passionate–this was one of those latter days, as they sought refuge underneath a dock, their bodies coming together, always in unison, before whispering words and promises of love and adoration to one another.

They were young and in love. With the war finally over and an actual future in the horizon for the both of them, they felt the need to live like reckless teenagers for once in their lives. They deserved it.

05. I forgive you for what you've done, if you say that I'm the one -- Gavin DeGraw : Just Friends

He felt the need to protect her, make sure she would be so far out of harm's way that he wouldn't need to worry about her safety... the problem with that way of thinking, though, was that she loved being in harm's way, she loved the thrill of battle, the force behind fighting and defending those she loved.

She was a warrior, as was he.

Women warriors were becoming more and more common in their travels, but none so outspoken and beautiful as her. He knew he was biased, especially with how she had taken to him–despite him thinking otherwise in the first place, but he couldn't help but admire and fear her strength at the same time. He knew it was going to catch up with her one of these days and he wouldn't know what to do with himself.

When he had heard Azula had captured and imprisoned Suki and the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors, his heart nearly dropped out of his chest, knowing that she had finally lost, maybe once and for all. He bit back his fear, knowing his mission at hand, but unable to fully let it go. He felt like she had betrayed his immediate trust, the trust that he had foolishly put in her in hopes she would stay safe–he should've known she would break that promise. She fought for the same things he fought for, and he knew he wouldn't have been able to keep that promise, either.

When he and Zuko had found her by accident at The Boiling Rock, that feeling returned to his heart, the one he had thought he had lost forever. Nearly heartbroken twice within the past year, he figured that he wouldn't be able to continue, crippled with grief.

She was strong, and she had managed to even further her training while in captivity, using her time in solitude as training hours, planning to keep herself fit in case of an escape.

When he held her for the first time in months, he finally realized... he wasn't the one who had to protect her, she was the one who sought him out and strove to protect him at any cost. Instantly, he forgave his wrongful betrayal.

For that, he gave her his heart wrapped in glass, which she traded with her own.