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The Warriors

Rating : PG-13

March 20, 2009

06. He rose, proud and strong, defying all who would stand against him.

When he showed her his vulnerabilities, that's when she knew she was making a difference in his life. Any guy could put up a tough front, pretend they were just plain amazing, and get a girl to fall in love with them–those were the selfless idiots she grew to hate at a young age. When they first met, that's who she thought she saw. Despite her original assumptions, he turned around and asked for her forgiveness, hoping that she would train him. This had shocked her–the first time it happened.

Sokka would mess up often, say the wrong thing, do something the wrong way; and, when she didn't jump down his throat about it, he subtly took that into consideration and tried to better himself as a result. That's what she wanted to see in him. She wanted him to grow with her, not rely on her for that change in himself. He became more independent, thinking less about what others thought about him, and stood proud and tall in his own skin, just as she did, defying all who would stand against him–them. The only change was that his arm would be locked around her shoulders, holding her close to him.

When she found herself at the point of no return, looking back at her old life with the Kyoshi Warriors, she smiled–she loved him, truly loved him, and that was all she had really wanted. For better or for worse, when he was a pain in her ass or she was a thorn in his side. For when he would laugh at his own pathetic jokes, she found herself laughing with him. For when he would tear up at a certain play when an old love was mentioned, she would feel jealous, but not hold it against him.

She would love him, more than he would ever know, and know that he loved her in return without even needing to say a word.

07. philomath: a lover of learning; a scholar

Whenever he got into these moods, with an overwhelming need to show how much he had learned from books that he had picked up during his travels, she would just tune him in and out while she made lists in her head.

He rambled on about scientific discoveries, how their world would be advancing as time progressed, and how there may be even crazier discoveries through generations.

She made lists in her head of what needed to be done around their house. His rambling gave her enough time to plan and plot household projects she would propose to him later, and just... mellow out after a stressful day of training with her girls. Granted, she would need to slow down with the upcoming months ahead of her, but... whatever, she needed to use the time she had to be–

"Did you listen to what I just said, Suki?" Sokka asked, pouting at her, his eyebrows knitted together. "I don't talk just to hear my voice, you know."

"That's not it..." she trailed off, feeling guilty that she was caught. She felt as if she dozed off during a lecture and got called on to repeat the information back to the teacher.

"You were talking about the equations of aerodynamics and how you'll be able to unmask even more scientific advances with additional research. Right?"

She had to have some skill in her arsenal. He may be a smooth talker and full of information that could put her to sleep, but she could bullshit her way out of the worst situation. Pulling something scientific out of thin air, she managed to hit it straight on.

Way to go, Suki.

His features immediately perked up and he grinned before kissing her forehead. "I'm glad you were listening." Directly following, he launched right back into his information spree.

He loved to learn, sure, but now he was just dragging down loved ones.

08. pleonasm: the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea

She thought they were done with this.

After making love, he would generally mumble an almost incoherent declaration of love before falling sound asleep with his arms wrapped around her. She would follow soon after, comfortable and satisfied.

Now, however... he couldn't shut up about the maintenance he wanted to do to the house. While that didn't make her feel great how his mind turned to fixing the house after sex, she couldn't take it anymore. She did not care, and she just wanted to shut her eyes and pass the hell out.

"Sleep, Sokka. Please. I'm worn out," she yawned, snuggling against him in a vain attempt to sleep.

"Let's go again, I got it in me–"

"Wait, talking about the house turns you on again? The hell?"

"No, no, I mean... you're awake, I'm awake..."

"Not for long," she sighed. "If you don't shut up now, you're sleeping on the couch," she singsonged, patting his chest lightly for emphasis. "And you know how important sleep is right now if I'm willing to give up my body pillow to get it. Understand?"

He chuckled softly, tightening his hold around her shoulders. "Goodnight," he kissed her forehead before settling back.

Ah, silence.

09. vainglory: excessive pride or vain display

When she reflects on it now, she realizes that she was being a huge bitch to her future husband when they first met.

She reflects that she shouldn't have humiliated him in front of her warriors, nor should she have taunted him so openly and meanly. It wasn't in her character to be so cruel to newcomers, but... it was a time of war and she always had to be careful. Despite her standpoint now on the entire situation, then it was a great idea to set that arrogant Water Tribe boy straight and prove to her girls who the leader truly was between the two of them.

True, in their relationship, she primarily "wore the pants," as Zuko lovingly put to Sokka one night after a rowdy night at a local tavern–to which he stormed back to the tea shop where they had been staying, swept her up into his arms, and proved his worth at least three times to her that night.

Needless to say, she was not up and functioning the next day. Zuko said nothing at the triumphant smirk on Sokka's face, feeling like his own personal war had been won.

That Water Tribe boy turned right into a Water Tribe man that stole away to her bed nightly, as well as into her heart. She would allow him the right to brag, as long as he wasn't being a sexist pig.

10. Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit

After a year of being married, she believed that he should've walked around with a huge sign on his forehead saying, 'I try. Please don't hate me,' to keep reminding her that she was with him for a reason. That reason was because his love was pure and true, no matter how many times he upset her with pointless, nonsensical things.

When he painted their home without consulting her, she forgave him. It took her a week to stop fuming, but she forgave him.

When he thought that what turned out to be morning sickness was anxiety and that should get over it, she forgave him the second all of the color drained from his face when the Healer informed them of the news.

When he brought home a small bird from the wild, she screeched (ironically, almost bird-like), backing away from the fluttering creature with complete disdain... and then forgave him when he explained (and demonstrated) that the bird had a broken wing and was in pain. All he wanted to do was nurse it back to health, and she couldn't condemn him for that.

When he used the fabric of one of her favorite training shirts to clean his weaponry, effectively ruining the fabric, she forgave him when he panicked as he realized just what he was using. He then promised to buy her at least fifty new shirts to replace that single one. She let it go, figuring she wouldn't have fit into that shirt again for a while anyway.

The little things that he had done to upset her over the years meant nothing in comparison to the moments that made a world of difference, the touching moments that were permanently stored in her heart–those moments were the ones she knew she had to mark, cherish, and hold dear.