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Elizabeth Masen POV

"Almost there Liz, keep pushing!" Edward chanted to me.

"Gahhh!!" I screamed. Then I felt the release and heard the new screams of my baby boy.

"Awww, he's precious, Elizabeth! Though, a little red and kinda gross lookin... But in a good way!" Edward smiled. I groaned.

"Hand me the child, Edward." I said, annoyed by his immaturity.

He handed me the baby. The baby in my arms was as sweet as possible. He had really fair, light hair and his glowing green eyes looked up at me.

My face flushed in heat as I watched the tyke squirm then yawn. I started crying, God forbid. "I'm a mommy!" I cried out. I kept cooing at the baby; repeating how much I loved him like mantra.

I looked up at my husband, to see tears in his eyes, also. "We are such whimps." He said, laughing and wiping a tear from his cheek.

"So, what should we name him Liz? Your choice."

I pressed my lips together and looked at my son then back at my husband. They looked so much alike. The name was mostly common sence. "He will be named Edward. Edward Anthony Masen. Just like his daddy."

I reached up and wiped the newly formed tears from Edwards' cheek and I whispered, "Our lives are going to get so much better now..."

7 months later

"Come on Esme! Just keep breathing. Yes, that's it! In and out! Oh my goodness! You are almost done!" I was screaming these words of encouragement over my sister, Esmes', screams.

I watched her beautiful face go from pale white, to deep red, to almost purple, and when the babys' cord was cut, her face slowly turned back to normal.

"Oh my goodness, Esme, she is beautiful!!" I handed the baby off to her and she smiled.

"Soo... what are you going to name her!?" I asked, feeling so excited for my baby sister.

"Isabella. Isabella Marie..." She stated, returning my smile.

"Oh Esme, that's an adorable name." Esme hugged Isabella closer to her.

Isabella made odd noises, and then started squirming, just like Edward used to do. Ahh.. I could remember his birth just like it was yesterday. Because I still had that pain in my back from the delivery. I laughed to myself.

I walked over to the door and saw Eddie, my husband, and Edward, my 7 month old, sitting on the ground in the hallway waiting.

"Come on boys. Lets go see the baby!" I picked up Edward and carried him into the room, where Esme laid.

I sat Edward on the bed and he looked at Isabella in amazement. His eyes were growing wider as he looked at her. His hand brushed her arm and Isabella whimpered.

"Momma, can we keep her, please?" He asked me.

I looked down at him. Then looked at Carlisle, Esmes' husband.

"No son. But maybe someday you guys will become best friends." I said, adding a smiled.

He looked at Isabella and sighed.

1 year later

"Edward... Stop taking my raddle!!" Isabella screamed.

"It's mine, sucker!"

"You're so mean!"

"Ow, Isabella! Stop hitting me!!"

I watched the babies play on the floor, as I drank my coffee with Esme in the living area of her house.

"Edward, baby," Esme said, "Please stop bullying Isabella."

"Oh Auntie Essie... I was just playin..." Edward whined.

"I hate you Edward Anthony!" Isabella yelled at him.

Edward slapped her knee, and made Isabella yelp.

"That little brat." I muttered to myself, as I spanked Edwards' bottom.

He cried for a little while in the corner, but then eventually came back over and sat beside Isabella.

Edward POV

"I'm sorry, Isa...bella..." I said in between sobs.

"It's ohtay, Ed..ward..." Isabella said to me, stuttering also, because of her own tears.

I sat her in my lap and hugged her, and didn't let go. I kissed the top of her shiny chocolate brown hair and rocked her a little bit.

Isabella and I yawned, and then we slowly drifted to sleep in the floor. I think I dreamed about Isabella, my best friend.


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