Boldly to Go, 1/?

By Mistress V

This is a "Star Trek" (Original Series)/"Hogan's Heroes " crossover. I got the idea from some queries on the subject in the HH forums and obeyed my muse's command. I write for several Trek fandoms (though I have my own original universe and characters), and love a challenge! For this story, I will stick to Trek canon with a few minor exceptions. However, I am going to presume that Kirk and crew are aware of the past history told in "Enterprise". And I pay tribute to the fact that T'Pring and Tiger were played the same wonderful actress, Arlene Martel.

The idea of "Baddie X goes back into time in an attempt to change the future for their benefit!" is a popular theme in scripts. "Tomorrow is Yesterday" and "City on the Edge of Forever" gave Trek fans an early look at how fragile the space-time continuum can be and future eps expanded on that. (The premise has been around as long as "It's a Wonderful Life"--and likely before!) These ideas mushroomed into new takes on the theory as each Trek series began its run. Time travel eventually became something to be carefully monitored lest irreparable damage be done to history. Over time, many popular shows and films touched on this in one way or another. And almost all the Trek series dealt with Nazis or pseudo Nazis.

This tale takes place after "The Enterprise Incident" but before "And the Children Shall Lead" and alludes to the episode "Assignment Earth." We don't know much about Gary Seven or the aliens who trained him, but he will play a focal point here (and I LOVED Robert Lansing in "the Equalizer" as well!). Oh, for those unfamiliar with that episode, Isis is not a Mary Sue, she's a shapeshifting cat. Honest. For you HH fans, it's fall 1944, just a few months before America's Trinity and the German's B-8 experiments.

Legalese: HH and ST belong to their owners. I am only borrowing for the purposes of writing fan fiction. But what I write is my own creation. Copyright Mistress V 2008.

"I am become Death, the destroyer of all worlds." From the Bhagavad Gita, attributed to J. Robert Oppenheimer after witnessing the Alamogordo test explosion.

Captain's log, stardate 5028.8. The Enterprise has been called away from a routine patrol en route to visit the Starnes Expedition on Marcos XII. Starfleet was contacted recently by the mysterious Gary Seven, a human-born representative of a race of aliens and trained by them to help keep mankind from self-destruction. We have been advised his clearance is of the highest level although even now, not much is known about his people. I am told that since we have worked with Mr. Seven in the past, our participation in a covert operation, as yet undisclosed, is vital to the preservation of the quadrant's history as we know it. My senior staff and I await contact with Mr. Seven in the briefing room but apart from that, we know nothing.

"I don't like this, Jim," Leonard McCoy grumbled as he fiddled with his coffee cup. "We're completely in the dark about this clown, nearly got you killed a few years back, and now the brass says he has free reign with our ship and crew? Who is he, anyway?"

"Not the entire crew, Doctor," came the smooth voice of Spock. "Only the four of us have been summoned to the meeting."

"You and your semantics." McCoy glared at the Vulcan, who merely raised one eyebrow a micro-millimeter.

"I have security standin' by in the transporter room," Scotty said, changing the subject. "But I've no idea when or how this joker is planning t' dock with us. I mean, what kind o'ship does he have?"

A disembodied voice bounced around the briefing room. "This is Gary Seven, Captain Kirk. Request permission for myself and my aide to come aboard."

"Permission granted." Kirk shrugged and addressed the air above his head. "What are your coord--"

Just a split second later, Mr. Seven appeared next to Kirk's chair. He was accompanied by a young woman with short dark hair and rather odd-looking eyes. "This is my assistant, Ms. Isis," Seven explained as the two sat down at the table. "Time is of the essence. May we begin?"

"By all means," Kirk replied, by now completely non- plussed. But before he could continue, the intercom whistled. "Kirk here?" he responded.

"Security, sir. Martin here. Intruder alert. Two unauthorized life forms have entered the ship. What's your status?"

"Thank you, Lieutenant, we're fine for the moment. Kirk out." He turned to his guests. "As you were saying, Mr. Seven?"

"I'll get to the point. That little escapade you pulled with the Romulans recently? Seems they're more than a bit angry about the incident. A rogue faction has decided to retaliate against the UFP and has targeted Earth."

"They plan to cross the Neutral Zone?" Kirk asked, his tone uneasy. "That means war. Unless they're working covertly, without the approval of the Empire?"

"That's the problem." Seven steepled his fingers in a perfect imitation of Spock. "The Zone as we know it doesn't exist. These Romulans are back in the 20th century. In 1944, to be precise."

"Time travel? Is this the work of the Cabal? It was promised by the operative Daniels that the timeline disrupted during the Xindi-Suliban incidents was righted for good." Spock scrolled through his tricorder, double-checking facts. "There have been no other incidents. Daniels kept his word. And his group cannot interfere."

"No, this is a Romulan attempt. Obviously, they've heard of your own methods, Captain. They used a similar premise to propel their operatives backwards."

"How did you find out? What are they up to?" Kirk's questions came rapid-fire now.

"Their transport malfunctioned just as they set up a far orbit around your moon. Our people were able to pick up the warp drive signature and tracked them to Earth. One we apprehended as he tried to get some materials for repairs, somewhere near New York City. Before he committed suicide, I got his data tracker away from him. But by the time the code was cracked, the two pairs of operatives got off the ship and are now en route to their destinations." Seven displayed a map. "Their scanner arrays are damaged so they can't make pinpoint transports. That's lucky for us. Our life-form vitals detector has indicated they are making their way to these two places. Are you familiar with them--and their significance in your planet's Second World War?"

"Aye." Scotty's voice was firm. "Tha's Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Oranienburg, Germany. Can only mean one thing. They're lookin' to change the way things turned out in the nuclear department, right?"

"Correct." Seven nodded. "From what we can see, the German operative pair will somehow try to cloak the complex where the B-8 Project is being worked on so it will be invisible to the attempted 1945 Allied bombardment. There is also evidence they plan to show the German scientists how to improve on their reactor design and thus make the possibility of the Nazis developing the bomb first a reality."

"Then we are to presume the second pair is going to sabotage the Manhattan Project?" Spock asked. "That could conceivably set the Americans back enough to allow Hitler to use the bomb and win the war. And from then…" His voice trailed off for a second, recalling a similar incident in the not-too-distant past.

"I'm certain you are no strangers to the fact that one small act can somehow alter history as your people know it. " It was clear Seven knew about what happened in 1930's New York. "But we can't use the portal, there isn't time, and we can't risk your entire ship for such a mission."

Scotty did some calculations. "He's right, sir. We cannae' get to the Guardian's planet in less than a few weeks. Earth's further away in the opposite direction."

"What do you propose instead?" Kirk asked, annoyed that this alien was running his show on his turf. "Click our heels three times and make a wish?" A fleeting vision of Edith Keeler stubbornly appeared before his eyes.

"There's no need to be facetious. I contacted Starfleet and Isis and I fully intend to get you to the necessary locations. We'll prepare you, but once we reach Earth, we must separate. Captain, you and I will go to New Mexico. I need to handle this segment of the mission because it's possible the calculations being used have already been tampered with. Only I can right them without being noticed."

"May I point out that I have attained an A7 computer classification? My knowledge of mathematics and physics is of the highest caliber. Should I not accompany you instead?" Spock now asked.

"I appreciate that offer and am aware of your background," Seven said in reply. "But your part of the mission is more difficult. The Romulans plan to give the German team information on making improvements to their project--and complex equations are involved. The only problem is, no one knows what they might be. Everyone is familiar with what happened at Los Alamos. Germany is much more a wild card. We need someone with your expertise to undo that, if necessary. I'm hoping it won't get to that point, though." Seven nodded at McCoy. "You, Doctor, will accompany Mr. Spock."

"Me? I'm a doctor, not a spy!" McCoy growled.

"Your medical experience is needed, Doctor. The operatives are posing as a married couple, a physician and his nurse wife. One of them is injured, that much we know. They are currently working in disguise at a hospital in the town of Hammelburg, likely so this injury can heal. From there, their next move is to the Aueregsellschaft. They must be stopped. You will be making contact with the local underground. Your cover is that you are working for an underground cell located near Tallinn. These people have information they stole from you--information vital to the Allies and to the Manhattan Project, but the Soviets do not know you have it. I'll brief you and Isis will provide the necessary documentation and disguises."

Isis showed two images on the viewscreen. "Your primary contact, codename Tiger, is this woman. She works with this man, codename Papa Bear, who runs an Allied sabotage unit out of a nearby prisoner of war camp. They can get you to where you need to be and provide you with safe cover." She then punched up two more images. "This was taken two days ago, when the Romulan pair arrived outside of Vienna. They go by Dr. and Frau Holst."

Kirk's eyes widened and he glanced sideways at his normally unflappable first officer. He was about to say something when Seven cut in. "I believe you two have had contact with the female, and quite recently," the man said coolly.

"We have, though I cannot explain this," Spock replied. "As soon as we learned of the commander's re-capture from the temporary holding station, it was thought she would be taken back to Romulus by her captors. But it was my understanding that those seen as traitors were summarily executed." The Vulcan had allowed himself a momentary eyebrow raise, nothing more.

"Ordinarily, they are. But this commander was highly regarded and apparently came up with the plan herself, then volunteered to lead the mission. She's the one with the necessary technology. Her partner is her cover." Seven glanced at his chronometer. "Time is wasting, gentlemen. We have a great deal of work to do in a short period, so let's get started."

End of Chapter 1.