by Jasmin Kaiba


It's been two years when I laid eyes on her again. Two years since Atem's journey to the dead and the end of our problems. Those two years ago I've vowed never to think about that again. I've cut all ties, taken Mokuba and decided to travel all around the world. Everyting that had happened duering that time in Egypit had confused me even more, it had woken something in me that I didn't want to feel, so I escaped. Away from Yugi, away from the memories, away from the azure shine of Anzu's eyes. Anything to get away from those eyes.

It lasted two years. Then I found myself in Germany, something drew me to that land in middle Europe, I just couldn't resisit. Berlin truly is a magninifican city, I felt so at ease there, so free. True, I couldn't speak one word German, but I hadn't planned on staying long. I had wandered through the streets of the capitol, head in the clouds, letting my mind wander when I felt something soft collide into me.

I looked down and saw a pettite young brunette sitting on the ground before me, her head bowed, hair obscuring her features. Then I heard her voice. She spoke in German, but I would have recognized that voice no matter what the language.

"Kannst du nicht aufpassen?"

It was more then clear who it was.

"Mazaki?" Suddenly my voice sounded strange even to my own ears. She lifted her head a bit, but still didn't look up at me.

"Wieso wei--" Our eyes met and she stopped talking, I didn't understand a word anyway.

"Kaiba!" It wasn't a question, it was a statement, but she sure looked like she'd seen a ghost. Well welcome in the club...

"Mazaki. Why doesn't it surprise me?"

And as I smirked at her shocked face, I realized that I indeed hadn't been shocked to see her in Berlin.

AN: Prequel to 'Expect the Unexpected'. It wasn't planned, but I got inspired and I love Berlin, it's together with New York and San Francisco the city of my dreams. If you have visited Berlin you know what I mean.

This story is going to be up to five chapters long. Expect lots more German language then in this chapter in the future, so you might want to get a dictionary.

Anyway please tell me what you think.