Sailor Moon: The Dark Knight

Sailor Moon: The Dark Knight

Synapese: When a battle with a Heartsnatcher goes wrong, resulting in the death of the victim, the Sailor Scouts refuse to continue the fight. When the Heartsnatchers strike a bargain with a mysterious figure known only as the Monk, the world is left with one hope, the mysterious figure known only as Batman.


The Dark Knight

Location: Wayne Enterprise's Private Jet, over the Pacific Ocean

10:47 PM, it was a time the man had long tried to forget, but couldn't. It was a time when the innocence of his childhood was snatched away by a common thief's rash act. No matter how hard he wanted to forget he would always hear those two shots echoing through his dreams, and always he would be too late to stop them.

Ever since that horrible night so long ago, he had done all he could to make good on the promise he swore on his parents graves.

"Mr. Wayne," a stewardess said, snapping Bruce Wayne out of his dream, "We'll be arriving in Tokyo in an hour."

"Thank you," Bruce replied, as he turned to look out the window again. Bruce Wayne, at times he needed to hear that name just to keep the role up. Deep down he knew that the man known to the world as Bruce Wayne was nothing more then a front to draw attention away from his true self. The darkness is what allowed that thief to take the lives of his parents, and had allowed his beloved Gotham City to descend into the depths of madness and sorrow. Yet it was the darkness that allowed the man's true self to bring a small ray of hope to the innocent people that the darkness preyed on.

He had faced the worst the darkness could produce, and had suffered at their hands, and yet he would always come back for more, because he knew that at times one man was all it took to make a difference in a city gone mad. He was a man who had many names: The Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, the Guardian of Gotham. But to Bruce Wayne there was only one name he went by: Batman.

Stay Tuned for Chapter I: One Bad Day