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Turning in my chair I received the copy of the latest report of my project from one of my trusted fellow German associates. I flipped through the pages noting some very interesting figures from the ever-exceptional Bruja Six. That Bruja is slated to have the greatest powers of destruction ever to be recorded in the history of weapons. Her figures and test results are astounding and outstanding as usual. I had more pressing matters to attend to before doing my own personal analysis of the data. I should take a better look into those figures later.

This just about marked the third year into this project and overall the project has exceeded even far beyond my own expectations. All of the Bruja have been showing good progress as we move along through the testing. They will definitely become useful weapons. I glanced over to my computer monitor, on the right hand corner of the blackened screen was an image taped to it. It was a picture of five of my six beloved Bruja. One of the Bruja had already died of a weak genetic structure when that picture was taken a year ago. It was not a big deal Bruja Three was a male and we had another male, Bruja Five, and besides only females, in addition to their enhanced physicality, also have the ability to control the elements at their whims. This ability stemmed from the Maxwell's Demon theory.

I glanced back over to the older picture again my eyes tracing the outlines of the remaining Bruja. Each Bruja was about two years of age at the time as revealed by the high lipid content in their face. In the picture one could never tell that they were actually members of a super human race. They looked as innocent as any toddler. However they were far more wonderful than any sort of toddlers, because they were our pride. They were our way of proving that we Germans are truly superior to all the people around them. I checked my wristwatch. It was a quarter to twelve.

I casually threw the report back on my new mahogany desk and stood up from my chair to go see my wonderful experiments in captivity. Before walking away I examined the flashy cover of the report, no doubt this report was the work of my anal retentive, yet undeniably beautiful secretary Ms. Hayward. I could practically see the reflection of my violet eyes and blond hair on the cover of the report, to the point where it was relatively hard to make out the title of the project on the sky blue report:


A Reason To Be: Prologue

I strode over to the chamber where all five of the remaining Bruja were kept. Bruja One, Two, Four, and Five looked healthy, but listless as usual. While Bruja Six happily toddled around her blue eyes bright and curious eager to learn of her surroundings. She seemed to be strong, intelligent, and ambitious it was no surprise she was my favorite of the group.

I turned away from the glass that allowed me to watch the Bruja, to see one of my best scientists, Dr. Heinrich Schneider. He was in charge of observing all of the Bruja, specifically Bruja Six. He and Bruja Six have somehow managed to cultivate a father-daughter relationship to some extent. It was very fascinating and I hoped to take advantage of it in the future. I gave him a thin smile, "Ah, Heinz. How is everything going this afternoon?"

"Everything is great. They are perfectly healthy and active." Unlike myself he shot me back a true smile, "What more could we ask for?" he finished and walked a bit closer to the glass to examine the Bruja. Bruja Six recognizing Heinz at a glance ran towards the glass, her soft short blonde hair swaying, without even tripping. She pressed her face against the glass in an amusing manner. Heinz kneeled down to be more on her eye level and regarded her affectionately as he stared back at her.

An excruciatingly loud screech was emitted from Bruja One and before I knew it I could feel myself get knocked back by a series of tremendous electrical force. I slammed into the wall on the other side of the room. I looked up from the ground and realized that it had stemmed from the captivity area. I could already feel a warm dribble trace my cheekbone. I ignored it and stumbled back up to my feet to better observe the current situation. So many sirens went off at once screaming "ALERT" or "ERROR" not even one of my intellectual talents could keep up with the new data being displayed on the monitors' screens.

"Pro-Professor!" screamed the three-year-old child as she dodged falling debris and made her way through the white-hot flames towards Dr. Schneider. She ran right into his comforting, protective warmth completely unhurt and started sobbing uncontrollably. Schneider reasoned to himself that Bruja Six was protected from the electrical currents due to her own latent Bruja abilities. Schneider could feel the sting of a slight burn on his left arm, but he knew he was very lucky. He glanced around and saw the body of one of his associates impaled on some of the equipment. Shaking the morbid thoughts out of his head Schneider looked up from the top of the Bruja's head to observe what was happened to the rest of the Bruja. What happened to the other female Bruja to be exact?

Schneider studied the area where the Bruja were moments ago kept in captivity. He focused his framed eyes harder and caught sight of three young bodies that littered the floor.

Bruja One, Two, and Four lied on the ground lifeless. Bruja Six was still in the kind scientist's arms shivering at the sensation of death that had seemed to manifest in the air itself. Schneider managed to calmly assess the situation, an ability that had originally made him so useful to Rosenberg to begin with.

He figured that with all of the commotion that the late Bruja had caused that it would not be before long that the government police would break in and start questioning the technically inhumane actions of him and his fellow scientists. He hugged the Bruja closer to him and picked her up. Her hands still frightfully clinging to his sullied lab coat, he knew he would have to somehow escape and continue to raise this poor child.

He felt a cool breeze tickle his neck and make his uncharacteristic dark hair sway. He turned to the now large gash in the wall that revealed the area behind the laboratory. Most of the parking lot was wrecked but off to the right there was one bright red jeep seemingly unharmed regardless of the area around it.

He approached the windowless vehicle and slid the Bruja into the passenger seat and strapped her in carefully making sure not to have the straps too tight or slack on her small body. Schneider entered through the space where the window would be and instantly bent down under the wheel to hotwire the car. Being born into a small slum just outside of Berlin he had not originally led the most honest lifestyle. This was before, however, he was offered his life changing job here at Rosenberg Laboratory, illegal or not.

Slowly backing out of the parking spot he swerved the red jeep towards a clear path and slammed on the gas. Not aware of the little child next to him saying a high-pitched "Yahoo!" as they peeled off onto the quiet road. Not realizing that if they had waited even a few extra minutes that they would have been caught.

The remaining scientists scrambled to keep their last Bruja, Bruja Five, safe. Even after securing the lone male things had yet to look any better. Every tile that was not shattered was at the very least badly singed if not melted. Glass and screens were cracked, test capsules and all of the equipment was beyond repair. The entire laboratory smelled like smelted metal with the occasional hint of human blood, a truly gruesome sight to behold.

This sight however did not slow the government. There was a huge clattering of military grade boots, as the government police entered the wrecked laboratory and immediately began to arrest the scientists inside, including the one that currently had Bruja Five. The young Bruja boy was put into a different vehicle than all of the scientists and was already being driven back to Berlin. Where the matters of this young boy's fate would come into play and discussion.

Rosenberg grunted at the undignified position he was forced into as he was roughly handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police truck, along with some of his associates. The soldier who had just thrown him surveyed the back of the truck, seemingly looking for something. He turned away and left closing the truck's back doors behind him.

The leader of Project LEVIATHAN gritted his teeth in anger. His life's work was completely ruined. There was a very small chance of ever procuring it again. All of the female Bruja, the most precious of his experiments, were dead. He had also lost a very valuable member of his team, Dr. Schneider, obviously as well to death.

Rosenberg hid his maniacal frustration and regret with a placid face. A common technique he used. He silently cursed his fate all the while looking at the inescapable titanium of the police truck as it bumped practically soundlessly along the road.