Zelda lay in her four poster bed, listening to sounds of music, laughter and talking echo up from the banquet hall of the castle. Her father was meeting with diplomats from Yurani, a neighboring nation who's people were known for there uncanny abilities in the magical arts. Her father had not allowed her to attendant this banquet, he thought that it was no place for a ten year old girl.

"Right, ten year old" she mused to herself as she lay there. On the outside she looked like any stereotypical princess, but she was oh so much more. While her body was ten her mind was seventeen, and blessed with the very essence of the goddess of wisdom. It was her who had aided Link, the hero of time defeat the king of darkness. In the end she had sent them back to there original time, which was no longer plagued by Ganon's evil. Now only she and him remembered what had occurred in that dark, alternate future But to her dismay Link had left shortly after returning, and went of in search of Navi, his guardian fairy, leaving Zelda feeling very lonely.

Link was the first friend she had ever had outside of the castle, the first person her age she had ever met. She missed hi terribly, fearing for his life, which was probably threatened by his own reckless actions than any monster he could ever fight. Now the closest thing to a friend she had was Impa, her bodyguard and attendant the closest thing to a mother she had ever had. This made her understand why Link left, he was raised Kokori and a kokori's guardian fairy was like a parent to them.

Suddenly he heard loud yells and screams from the banquet hall below her. She heard a crash, an explosion. What was going on? Just then Impa burst through her bedroom door, wearing her usual purple and silver Sheikah armor, but she also wore twin scabbards crossing her back, long curved swords filled them.

"Princess we have to go" she said in a hurried tone, that nearly sounded panicked.

"Impa what's going on?"

"No time to explain" Impa said dashing forward and lifting the young princess off the bed, she then turned to the small desk in the corned of the room, pulling on the false candle that stood on it revealing a secret passage in the opposite wall. The bodyguard hurried her young charge along the winding dark passageway. The passage would lead them to Impa's house in Kakiriko village. As they neared a corner they heard a loud crack behind them, they turned to see an aged man clothed in deep red robes, sporting a tangled white beard.

"Aw princess do you really think you could leave without first tending to business? Your father was a foolish man, he refused to handover this land which is our by right"

"This land will never belong to you filthy Yuranian!" Impa hissed. Zelda realized that the diplomatic meeting had gone foul.

"What have you done to my father!?" Zelda screamed at the cloaked man

"Do not worry princess" he chuckled "He was disposed of properly" He laugh, a cold heartless laugh.

"N-n-no" she stuttered, tears started rolling down her cheeks.

"Well princess you see to be in no condition for negotiations, I will fetch you later" The cloaked figure then clapped his hands together, and a transparent blue crystal formed itself around Zelda and her attendant, it spun, and spun, faster, and faster. And everything for Zelda went black as consciousness faded from her.

Zelda woke up in a cold damp, room. She recognized this as one of the castle's dungeon cells. She lay on a small cot in the corner, Impa sat nearby in a chair, her eyes closed, either meditating or sleeping. The only light came from the moonlight, which creeped through a small barred window, fifteen feet up the wall.

"Father" Zelda whispered remembering the fate of her only remaining parent.

"Calm yourself princess" Said Impa opening her eyes to look at her troubled charge. "If we give up hope now then all hope for this kingdom is lost"

"But what do they want from us?" Zelda asked her motherly attendant

"The Yuranian's are very powerful warlocks, Hyrule is a land filled with immense magical power, they want to use the magic of our land to become all powerful".

"But what do they want from me?" the young princess asked.

"The royal family has guarded the secrets of how to tap fully into the magic of the kingdom, their leader Ciolin, the man who captured us wishes to rip that information from you, but you must resist."

"I know but what hope do I have" she said in despair "it seems as if all hope has disappeared in an instant"

"There is always hope princess" Impa said wrapping her in a comforting embrace. "You must rest now princess, go to sleep" Zelda nodded and lay back down on the cot removing her head dress, that covered her hair.

A few hours later……….

Zelda and Impa were awakened by the sounds, of a loud explosion. They looked up to see that the window had been blown away, a massive hole in it's place. Then a vaguely familiar voice called down.

"Everyone okay?"

"Who are you?" Impa called back to the figure, who's face was obscured by shadow. The figure leapt down from the hole, stepping into the oon-light, revealing his face.

"Link!' Zelda yelled with joy, grabbing him in a goron hug (choke-to death hug)

"It's good to see you to Zelda" he choked. She released him opening her mouth to speak when Impa asked

" You know this boy?"

'H-he's a friend of mine" Zelda replied. This surprised Impa, Zelda hardly ever left her site and she had never seen this boy before.

"Why are you here?" Zelda asked curiously to her green garbed friend.

" What a guy cant come help a friend out of trouble…. Again" he coughed

"I thank you for helping us" Impa said unentheusiatically, she didn't know if she could trust this boy. "but how do you expect us to get up there" she asked pointing to the hole above them.

"I got it covered" Link replied reaching into his belt, producing his hookshot ."You can use this to get you and Zelda up"

"Fine" Impa said taking the device, wrapping her arm around the princess waist. "What about you?"

"I'm fine" the boy replied raching into his bag, donning a pair of bunny ears. This made Zelda giggle

"What's that gonna do?" she laughed.

"Just watch" with that link easily leaped up out of the dungeon. This left Impa, and Zelda flabbergasted, but they quickly followed him up, and ran from the castle walls, hiding among the trees.

"Come Princess" Impa said gesturing to her we must get to Kakiriko village"

"You don't want to go there" Link cut in "Those wizards have taken control of it, Goron city, and the Zora's domain to" he hung his head, this obviously bothered him a lot. "but there is one place we can go"

"Where?" Zelda asked crouching beside him

"The Kokori village, follow me" he gestured to the two of them leading them to a shortcut to his childhood home.