Link and the sages were now in the large meeting tent that had been erected outside of Saria's house

Link and the sages were now in the large meeting tent that had been erected outside of Saria's house. They sat around a large circular table that the sages had conjured up. In the forest they now had what resembled a small army, a battalion of hyilian soldiers, a battalion of zora warriors, and a group of goron warriors. On the table sat a large map of castle town, with x's lines and battle plans scrawled on it.

"We're finally ready to finalize the plans!" Zelda said entheusiastically, sitting in her chair wearing full plate armor, with the symbol of time on the center of the breast plate. "Darunia will lead the goron's on a direct assault of the walls, using specially modified rocks that actually contain soldiers."

"I will lead the zora's along the mote using the sewage system as a secret entrance." Ruto said her arms crossed, her usual smug look on her face. "I will be launched in with the soldiers" Nabooru said obviously not glad about it. "You the princess and I will take the back path that leads behind the castle" Impa spoke.

"I cannot fight but when the time comes the other sages may summon my help" Rauru sage of light stated.

"Then it's settled, we will all fight our separate ways into the castle and take on Ciolin" Zelda said standing up. Walking out of the tent. The sages had spoken so quickly Link had no time to respond to any of this.

"Brother" Darunia said turning to Link " I have something for you, I've ben working on it." From behind him he pulled an incredible suit of armor, it was gold the symbol of the triforce on the chest plate. Around the triforce were the symbols of the sages, fire, water, spirit, shadow, light, forest and time. Link took it expecting it to weigh a ton but it was incredibly light. He donned it, looking light a bite-size knight in shining armor.

"Thanks Darunia!" Link exclaimed

"No problem brother, the saviour of hyrule needs the best equipment!" Link followed the sages out of the tent where the entire assault force was gathered.

"Warriors of Hyrule!" Zelda shouted to them "Today we take back what is ours! We take back our homes our land and our people!" The crowd yelled in agreement. The sages began chanting and in a flash of light they teleported the whole of the force, excluding Zelda, Link and Impa towards the coming battle. The trio mounted their horses and rode quickly towards the castle, through the forest path. In no time they were in the back courtyard of the castle.

They could hear the sounds of battle yelling, screaming civilians, the sounds of firing spells and explosions.

"Come on Zelda" yelled at him drawing her sword. She lead them into the back door of the castle. Surpisingly enough the plan was working! No warlocks occupied the castle presumably occupied with the battle. The trio ran quickly towards the throne room their weapons drawn. They burst through the ornate doors to find the red robed, master warlock sitting in the throne an evil smile spread across his face.

"At long last the last party guests have arrived" he waved his hand casually and four crystals appeared in front of him each contaiing one of the sages, floating inside unconscious.

"You bastard!" Zelda screamed charging him. Ciolin waved him hand and a pink crystal formed around a screaming Zelda while a purple formed around Impa. Link was now alone standing off against the sorcerer. He raised his sword ready to fight.

"Aw hero of time, your recklessness is the same no matter what time period were in" he chuckled in an eerily familiar voice.

"Who are you!? You'll pay for this!" Link screamed at the top off his voice.

"Well now that you're here I can dispose of this pawn". Suddenly Ciolin doubled over gasping for air, he twitched violently on the ground then went motionless. A dark mist came from the body and began swirling. In a flash of black light appeared the form of the very last person Link wanted to see, Ganondorf!

"You! How did you get out?! The seal!" Link stuttered in shock.

"Hahahahahah! The seal? It was so easy, send my spirit out of the realm to posess some fool and use his power to break it! Now hero you die!!" he waved his hands and the crystals containing the sages shrunk, in whispy spirit like shimmers they collided with Ganondorf's body and he absorbed them. There was a fire in his eyes that gave off a rage so feral that it looked as if he could kill an army with one glance. He grew to a gargantuan size the elements swirling around him. He became the form of Ganon a demonic boar. Link readied himself, if he could not defeat him then all of Hyrule would fall. He rolled under the legs of the approaching Ganon avoiding the swirling fire. He struck the tale only to have himself eletricuted with extraordinary pain.

Then he remembered, only the master sword could hurt him he had to get the sword. Ganon raised his twin swords preparing to bring them down on him. He flew his hands outward casting Nayru's love. The swords bounced off harmlessly. Link took this opportunity, he reached into his belt and withdrew the ocarina of time. His fingers flew across the holes as he played time's prelude to light. In a swirl of golden light link was swept away appearing on the warp platform in the temple of time. He sprinted to the door of time, where the spiritual stones still laid in the alter. He played the song of time, watching as the great stone door grinded open.

He sprinted towards the blade of evils bane, but as he reached it there was an incredible cracking noise. He looked up in horror as the hundred foot tall Ganon towered over the temple the severed roof in his mighty hands. He casually tossed the roof away.

"You fool! You honestly think that some magic sword can defeat me! I AM POWER ITSELF!!" he boomed. Link grasped the familiar sword in his hands and pulled upward. As he lifted the massive sword he was bathed in blinding light. When his sight came back he was back in his adult body the master sword and mirror shield in his hands. This oughta even the odds. He thought raising the master sword.

Ganon stepped into the temple his massive feet cracking the marble floor as he did so. Link ran towards his colossal legs, swirving left and right dodging the dark lord's spells. He rolled through the legs, and struck the end of the tail. Ganon gave out a yell but it had nowhere near as much effect as the first time he had fought him. The tail then lashed out at him sending Link flying into the ruined walls of the temple.

As he groaned as he fell to the floor, and when he looked up he saw something he hadn't seen before. On Ganon's monstereous chest was a strange looking circle. It was made up a several different colored crystals. Wait crystals! Link thought That's it! I have to brak the circle and free the sages!

Link rolled out of the way as the giant sword swung at him. He drew his bow knocking an arrow, letting the magic flow from his fingertips into the weapon. The arrow began to glow with an extremely bright light. Link released the light arrow hitting the behemoth in the chest. He shrieked in pain as the dark skin melted off his chest the crystals falling to the ground shattering. Out of them flowed ghost like figures resembling the sages. Ganon was hunched over using all of his power to will them back into his body. They slowly started floating towards him. The sages/ghosts stopped and looked at each other and nodded. In flurry of light they charged at link entering his very soul.

The scene inside his mind was actually very comical. The sages were gathered inside the single room which was his mind. There were boxes lining the walls some labeled friends, a tin box labeled fears, another read swords, another magic. In the corner of his mind was an empty box labeled family, and next to it labeled love. Although Link was not in the room he could see what was going on. Ruto was rummaging through the love box

"what the hell man!!' she screamed to Link. "what are these doing in here!" she said holding up pictures of Zelda from the box. Saria giggled, Impa sighed , Nabooru rolled her eyes, Rauru didn't even react. Zelda blushed and said.

"Ruto, you honestly didn't know that?!' she chuckled

"Wait " Link said into his head "You knew that!?"

"Link" Zelda sighed "You may be the hero of time but you're terrible at hiding your emotions. In fact I doubt there's anyone other than Ruto here who dint know that!" Saria was now on the floor rolling with laughter.

"Link, I so wish I could see your face right now!"

"Um couldn't Ganon kill me while I'm talking to you guys?" Link asked a bit worried.

"Don't worry I've frozen time outside of your mind, we have all the time in the world" she said this as she went o the memories box.

"Hey what are you doing in there!?" link asked feeling like his privacy had been invaded enough.

"well" Zelda pouted 'you never told me where you were for the past two months so I'll check myself". As she went through it looks of horror appeared on her face. "l-link I cant believe what I'm seeing all the pain ou've seen, I-Im sorry".

"Don't worry about it"

"Look we need to get going" Rauru said "We need to get to work"

"Huh" link said not knowing what they were talking about.

"Were gonna juice you up brother!" darunia said entheusiasticaly. Before link could say another word the sages all became different colored orbs. He felt a tingling sensation as the sages pumped all there power into his body.

Then there he stood back in the physical world, standing before ganon who was now in a bloodlust of rage. He could feel the sages magic coursing through his veins. Ganon raised his weapons once again. Link raised his shield and an orb of light formed around him. He heard a hissing noise as the swords made contact. Ganon recoiled. Preparing to charge again. Link raised his hands and a column of fire shot towards ganon. He stepped forward raising his other hand and a ray of light knocked him the ground. Link stomped his foot and great massive vines forced their way through the ground binding the demon to the ground.

Link juped onto the great beasts chest looking him right in his cold soulless eyes. Then something took over link. His eyes began to glow white and as he spoke he could hear seven other voices mirroring his, he sages voices.

"Ganondorf Dragmire! Your thievery and crimes against the goddess have shattered the balance of this realm. For this you must die!". The master sword began to glow gold. He raised it above his head and with all his strength he plunged the sword deep into the demons heart. He gave of a hideous shriek and writhed on the ground. Then the body became enthralled in a dark mist and disappeared. Link sheathed the sword and began to walk towards the exit his battle done when suddenly he felt light headed and all went dark.

Link woke up on a plane of pure white, stretching out as far as the eye could see. He looked himself over, he was a child again, still wearing the armor Darunia had given him which was now dented in several place. He then saw a gold glowing and felt a powerful presence. He stood up and turned around to see standing there, three beautiful women. One had scarlet hair and the body of dancer wearing what looked like gerudo garb, wearing around her neck a gold triforce necklace.

He other wore a long flowing blue dress, with matching blue hair that ran down her back, she wore an identical necklace and held a golden harp. The third wore a short green dress and had her hair tied in bulbs on the top of her head. He immediately realized who they were and fell to his knees his head bowed.

"rise my child" Farore giggled. He did as he was told and rose looking the golden goddess in the eyes.

"You've accomplished quite a lot young one" nayru spoke "In a little more reckless manner than I would have hoped, but effective all the same" Wow she sounds just like Zelda but godly Link thought "Thank you" Nayru replied reading his mind

"Yea you did good, not many people can handle that much power without disintegrating" Din chuckled "I like that in a hero".

"Now hero" Farore began "You have done more for this realm than you can possibly imagine, shown more courage than anyone has ever shown. We wish to reward you, and don't refuse like the noble hero you are.

"We wont take no for an answer" Nayru and Din put in together.

"We will grant you one wish Hero of time" they all said in unison. Link thought hard and then thought of the one thing he wanted to wish for.

"I-I wish for things to return to normal for Hyrule to be rebuilt and to be at peace once again". Din rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on! Do you have to be so noble?! Couldn't you wish for something cool like the power to instantly engulf someone in flames?!"

"Sis!" the other two goddess retorted "That is probably the most noble and heartfelt wish possible!" Farore yelled at her sister.

"It will be done hero" Nayru began "I find it cute your infatuation for the princess of destiny" she giggled along with Farore. Link's face turned as red as Din's hair. Great now I'm being divinely embaressed! He hought

"I'm sorry" Nayru said reading his thoughts again "We didn't mean to embaress you, no rest young hero you've earned it." Link head began to feel dizzy again, spinning and spinning then he blacked out.

Link woke up to see Zelda still in full armor sitting beside him looking straight into his face. He jumped startled, and Zelda started laughing.

"Morning sleepyhead" she cooed. Link sat up and looked around the temple was completely rebuilt, the walls standing up again the roof in place again, and the master sword lay next to him. "That was a really great wish" she whispered and did what Link least expected her to do. She grabbed his chin turning it towards her and kissed him, full on the lips. Link thought his face was going to be set on fire.

She stood up grabbing his hand "come on there's someone I want you to meet." He sheathed the master sword and followed after her. In the market square hyilians danced alongside Gerudo's and Gorons. Zoras lunged in the fountain and Saria was playing her ocarina. Darunia's dancing made something like a small earthquake. Link followed Zelda to a secluded corner of the square.

There sat a cloaked man slumped against a wall.

"Daddy?" Zelda asked the man. He looked up and Link instantly recognized him as the king. He kneeled but was immediately lifted off his feet, by the king.

"No my boy you kneel to no one, you saved my kingdom and your selfless wish was what brought me back to life" the king hugged Link tightly.

"Daddy?" Zelda asked annoyed "can I have link back now?" The king put him down and went back to resting. "Wanna dance?" Zelda asked him gesturing towards the square.

"Sure" Link replied following her into the square. It was awkward for both of them dancing in battle armor, but they didn't care. They and all of Hyrule danced into the night, celebrating the well earned peace.