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When the Wind changes someone's life, a response to the change is
practically demanded. Sometimes, the Wind arranges things so only a few
responses are available.Those that believe in Fate and Destiny, refer to
this as a Calling. Something they should do with their life, based on
what they believe their destiny is.

Even those that don't believe in fate, must ask themselves these
questions: Why am I here? What should I do with my life?

Life has just begun to change for several individuals within the town of
Nerima, Japan, yet even bigger changes are on the way.

The time is coming when certain martial artists must determine their
fate for themselves.


Ranma 1/2: New Challenges
Wind's Calling

Chapter 1

Ariko bolted awake. Though her room was pitch black, she could
sense movement around her.

"Who's there?" she whispered. "Show yourself."

The movement ceased, but she could still sense someone in her
room. She forced herself to calm down. She closed her eyes and
concentrated. The words came to her and she spoke them softly. Her eyes
opened again and she stretched out her hand. Two silhouettes were
outlined in a faint red hue.

She gathered her concentration again and tried to recall the
words to another of the few spells she knew. When the words were chanted
in her head, she pointed her hand at one of the intruders.

"Take this!"

A bolt of electricity leapt from her hand and struck her target
dead center. The man crumpled and a feeling of elation washed through
Ariko. She tried to start the spell
again, but didn't have time.

While the next target didn't move, a cloud of something
engulfed her and she inhaled. Immediately, she started feeling
incredibly dizzy. The spell on her lips vanished
and she collapsed back onto her bed.

As she lay there, she watched helplessly as the three figures
advanced on her. was her
last thought before passing out.

Ukyo thought to herself. I haven't a clue
where I am, or what I'm doing. Actually, she was currently scaling a
steep hill.

A few tears formed in her eyes as memory forced itself on her.
In her mind's eye, she could see a flash of red knock the boulder out of
the way. Then, both it and Konatsu disappeared into the abyss.

She reached to top of the hill and got a good view of the
surrounding terrain. Not that there was much to see; it was the same as
the terrain she been seeing for the past few hours. Or was it days? No,
it had to be hours because she hadn't had anything to eat since she woke
up and she wasn't hungry. Of course, she really didn't get tired either.

In either case, all she could see was a thick forest canopy. It
was split into two parts by the dirt path she continued to travel on. As
far as she could see, the road continued for quite a long distance and
disappeared into the horizon.

"What is the meaning of this!?" she yelled in frustration. She
promptly collapsed onto a large boulder to gather her thoughts.

"Meaning of what?" a familiar voice asked.

Ukyo turned around, searching for the speaker, and gasped when
she saw him standing there. "Ranchan!" she exclaimed and promptly ran
over to him to give him a hug. However, he jumped over her before she
could wrap her arms around him. "Ranchan?"

"Why are you callin' me, `Ranchan'?" he asked.

Ukyo was confused. "That's your name..."

"It is?" he shrugged. "Oh, well, I guess that's a good a name as
always. I'll take it! By the way, who are you?"

"What's going here?" she asked hesitantly. "If this is one of
your games, I'm not laughing."

`Ranchan' smiled. "OOOOOOH! Games! I like games! Wanna play?
How about Monopoly(tm)?" A monopoly(tm) game board suddenly fell out of
the sky and landed on ground.


"You're right, Nabiki's got the market on that one. How about
checkers? Space invaders? Mortal Wombat?" As he named each one, they
fell out of the sky and set themselves up.

Ukyo shook her head. This couldn't be happening. "SHUT UP!" she
yelled, and Ranchan quickly silenced. "Just who are you?"

"I thought I was Ranchan?" he asked meekly.

Ukyo sighed. "Well, you sure aren't acting like him. So who or
what are you?"

He grinned again. "I'm a figment of your imagination!"

She blinked. "Nani?"

"You got it! I'm the Ranchan you always wanted but could never
have. Well, you can have me now! Let's go!" With that, he grabbed her
and leaped into the sky. Ukyo could only hold on as he landed, ran a few
short feet, then leapt again. When she opened her eyes and looked down,
she suddenly realized he was leaping from rooftop to rooftop over

"Hey, we're back in Nerima!" she exclaimed. "Hey! Ranchan, you
can put me down now!"

He stopped, looked at her strangely, and set her down. "But
we're almost to your restaurant and I'm hungry!" He pointed and she
turned to see her restaurant across the street.

"Well, I suppose I can fix you something to eat, come on!" She
felt so happy! Her Ranchan had rescued her and brought her back home.
She just had to fix him some of her famous okonomiyaki and he would be

Somehow, her mind conveniently forgot about where she had been
and just decided to accept the current situation.

She opened the door to `Ucchans' and flicked on the lights. It
was empty inside, of course, but she quickly jumped into the task of
cooking while her Ranchan sat down at the counter. As she prepared the
batter, she couldn't help but feel that something was missing.

"What's on your mind?" Ranchan asked. Ukyo looked up to see her
fiance looking at her with concern on his face. "Is something wrong? Are
you not happy?"

Ukyo forced herself to smile. "Of course, everything's fine!"

He smiled at her and she melted. "Good! Then you won't mind if
I do this!" He bent forward, bringing their heads close together. Ukyo's
heart jumped as she realized what he was about to do. With a quick
motion, he brushed his lips against hers, and locked them together in a
passionate kiss. It lasted a for a few seconds before he broke away.

Ukyo stood there speechless for moment before finding her voice
again. "Ranchan, what was that for?"

He looked confused. "Isn't that what fiances do?"

Ukyo's heart soared. He was finally acknowledging her as his
fiancee! And her loved her! "Yes, of course! Oh Ranchan, I knew you'd
pick me!" She bent over and returned the kiss. This one was a whole lot
deeper and lasted a whole lot longer. She was so into it, she didn't
even notice someone else come in until the newcomer spoke.


They broke off the kiss and turned to see who it was. It was

There she was, and he thought she never looked more beautiful
in his enitre life. She smiled at him, her face framed by the two pretty
blue flowers on either side of her head. He could swear his heart would
pound right out of his chest.

"You love me, don't you?" she asked, her voice hopeful.

he wanted to say. "I didn't say it!"

Tears began to flow down her face, and she dropped the bouquet
of flowers she was holding. "You really don't like me, do you?"

But no words would come out of his mouth.

"If that's the way you feel, then fine!" She ran out of her
room, and he ran after her. He followed her as she ran into the dojo.

"Look out!" he yelled, but it was too late.

Steaming meat buns and okonomiyaki were headed straight for
her, and they exploded as they made contact.

Nevertheless, he ran up to
her still form and dropped to his knees, picking her up as he did so.

"No! Please be alright! You can't die!"

She opened her eyes slightly. "Why? You don't love me. Why
should you care whether I live or die?"

Her clothes and the scenery shifted, and now he was holding her
on a ledge of stone above a pool of cold water. She was only wearing one
of his red shirts and her eyes were closed.

"Bu-but I do! Akane! I love you!"

But unlike last time, she didn't wake up. She was dead, and
tears were rapidly falling down his face, his mind hysterical.

She seemed to whisper something, so he leaned closer.

"G... Ra.. ma..."


"Ge... um, Ra.. ma..."

"I can't understand you!"

"I said, Get up boy!" He froze. That was NOT Akane's voice.

"Or do I have to use this bucket of water?" Genma taunted.

Ranma rolled over his sleep, now sensing he was in his futon
and his father was above him. "Go away, Oyaji. I'll be out in a second."

"A true martial artist should be ready for anything," he
reprimanded his son. "If I were a serious attacker, you'd be dead by
now." As if to underscore his point, he dumped the water onto his son,
who managed to roll away and stand up just in time to avoid getting wet.

"What are ya tryin' to do, Pop!?"

His father grinned. "Good, you're awake!" And promptly launched
himself at his son.

Ranma grabbed the front of his father's gi and fell backwards,
tossing him out the window (which just happen to open since Genma had
planned to throw his son out it). He dressed quickly, adrenaline pumping
through his system from the dream. For once, he was really looking
forward to the morning's workout so he could release his pent-up energy.

Once his clothes were on, he leapt out the window after his
father. As he landed on the ground, he searched for any sign of his dad,
but Genma was nowhere in sight.

"All right Pops, where are ya?" he yelled. "Or are ya too
chicken to finish what
you started?"

"Right here!"

Ranma barely had time to jump back as his father jumped from
the roof to punch the ground where his son was standing a moment ago.

"You're gettin' slow old man!"

"I'm more of a martial artist than you'll ever be!"

"Oh yeah, then prove it!" Ranma assumed a fighting stance.

His father did likewise, then charged and the battle was
joined. A flurry of punches and kicks were exchanged and at first Ranma
seemed to have the upper hand. Then Genma managed to grab his son's
wrist and twist it around his back.

"Come on, boy, is that the best you've got?" he taunted.

Ranma grunted, then tossed his head back, headbutting his
father's chin and forcing him to let go. He then swung his left leg
around, landing his foot into his opponent's stomach. Following up, he
landed a few well placed punches and one more kick that knocked his
father into the one location Cosmic Law demands one of them end up in:
The small pond in the big yard. As expected, Genma-panda emerged looking
down-trodden and growled at his son.

"Like I said, you're gettin' slow old man!" Ranma laughed and
then turned away. Genma seized the opportunity to jump out of the pond
and warp his big furry arms around his son. "Hey! Lemme go!" he yelled.

But it was too late.


Genma-panda looked down at his son who was now his daughter.
"What'd you that for!?" the red head complained. She leapt up to
continue the assault when Kasumi called them to breakfast.

Grumbling, the two entered the house and retrieved the hot
water kettle. After changing back, they sat down at the table with
everyone else. Well, almost everyone else.

Kenji had left yesterday morning to go find his family's house
and make amends with his old life. Ranma's mother had left to go comfort
and look after a friend who was feeling quite ill.

The pig-tailed youth sat down and immediately began scarfing
down his bowl of rice. He slowed down and stopped when he noticed Akane
smile at him. She turned her attention back to her food when he looked
up at her.

In that instant, the dream came back to him. He
started to eat again, albeit slower this time. He didn't know where that
dream had come from. All he remembered was the horrible feeling in his
gut when he thought she was dead, both in Jusendo and in his dream.

he promised. He absently fended off all
his father's attempts to steal his food. I love you, but how can I tell

Breakfast soon ended, and Genma and Soun retreated to their
shogi board. Kasumi went into the kitchen to clean up and Nabiki flipped
the TV on as she, Akane, and Ranma watched. A local news show was
currently being broadcast.

"...and in other news, another home was broken into, burglarized
and a young female was abducted. The young girl was listed as Henki
Ariko." A photo of a high school age girl replaced the newscaster on the
screen. "That would make it the third such incident in the past week.
Police still have no clue as to what ties these events together, but
urged everyone to remain calm and to report any suspicious persons. When
interviewed, the parents had no idea as to who would want to kidnap
their little girl. Most of what was stolen, was in their daughter's
bedroom. "

Ranma glanced over at Akane to see a look of worry on her face.
"Hey Akane, what's wrong?" he asked. "The police'll catch these guys."
Ranma grinned. "Unless they try breaking in here, in which case they'll
have ta deal with me!"

She looked up and scowled at him, then her face relaxed when
she saw he was only concerned about her. "I suppose you're right." She
sighed. "I guess I'm also just a little worried about Kenji."

Ranma shrugged. "Is that all? He can take care of himself, and
no one's after him this time."

"I know what you mean, Akane," Nabiki spoke up. "I kinda miss
the amnesiac kid, too." Akane stared at her older sister, who shrugged.
"I wasn't able to make much money off of him before he left."

"Some things never change," Ranma muttered under his breath.
Then said out loud, "But don't worry, it's not like Kenji's got the same
bad direction sense as Ryoga."

The lost boy in question was, in fact, living up to his
nickname. After the whole mage battle scene, he had once again gotten
lost before he could beat the snot out of, er, challenge Kenji to a
little match. Now he was just trying to get back to Nerima.

he grumbled to himself. He
stopped. Images flashed through his head of
his impending defeat of Ranma. There he was, about to deliver the
finishing blow, when the little punk blasted him with something.

He continued walking down the dusty road, laughing a little.

His thoughts drifted a bit to the other person he was searching
for. A lovely young woman with long brown hair who had said she loved
him. His thoughts
darkened as he realized he may never find her with his direction
problems and his Jusenkyo curse. Which of course, returned his thoughts

"This is all Ranma's fault!" he grumbled louder, then reduced a
nearby boulder to powder. He sighed, then continued on.

His hopes soared again when he noticed a lone figure up ahead.
The figure was sitting on a stump by
the side of the road with his back towards Ryoga. He was also draped in
a cloak, similar to his own, that was protecting him against the sandy
winds that were currently bathing the area. Though the lost boy was also
wearing goggles that obscured his face.

"Hey you!" he called. "Do you know how to get to Nerima from

The figure turned to look at him. A brown cloth mask covered
his mouth and, with the same color hood over his head, all Ryoga could
see were the grey eyes. The man studied the lost boy for a moment, then
pointed back in the direction Ryoga had come.

Ryoga sighed. "Thanks, I..." The wind took that moment to lift
a bit of the man's hood and expose the black hair, with an inch-thick
white streak down the middle. Ryoga recognized the man's hair, if
nothing else.


Watching from his special chamber on the kami plane, a certain
minor kami grinned. His name is Bob. Now I know what you're thinking,
`why is a Japanese kami named Bob?'

Simple, he was last in line.

Back at the beginning of time, Kami-sama, the one who rules
over all, had to name all of his kami. When Bob finally showed up after
a thousand years, Kami-sama had all but run out of names. Tired and
wanting a vaction from all the naming, Kami-sama took one look at the
last minor kami and said, "You're Bob. Now get lost."

And so named, Bob went off to rent his own office on the kami
plane from where he could do his thing. And what is his thing?

His official title says it all: Kami of mishaps, unusual
meetings, and bad timing. He originally wanted the title of `Kami of
bloopers and practical jokes,' but was informed a pair of gaijin kami
already held that title. One supposedly never aged and danced well, and
the other was known to give away great fortunes year after year.

But I digress.

Bob was currently happy because of how well he had timed this
current encounter, proving the second and third descriptors in his
title. As for the first descriptor, well, he spied a father and daughter
in the same area and decided to have some more fun with the two martial

Rubbing his hands together, he gleefully leapt into his task.

Back on the mortal plane, the wind took that moment to die
down, leaving the area deathly silent after Ryoga's outburst. The figure
the lost boy was looking at, widened his eyes in surprise and cocked his
head. Ryoga realized the man might not have recognized him with his own
cloak and goggles, so he ripped them off and threw them to the ground,
unholstering his umbrella in the process.

"You're the snot-nosed punk who attacked in the middle of my
fight with Ranma!" he growled. "Prepare to die!"

Ryoga brought the umbrella down with crushing force, but the
figure had already vacated the spot with a high backflip. In mid-leap,
he pulled his hood and mask down, revealing the head of black hair with
a white stripe down the middle.

"You're Hibiki, aren't you?" asked Kenji, growing upset. "You
just interupted my training session, and I was doing so well, too." He
landed on the ground and assumed an attack stance. His tone lowered and
he continued, menacingly, "I don't know what your problem is, but if you
want a fight, you've got one."

Ryoga charged. "That's Hibiki Ryoga to you! Now shut up and
fight, punk!"

"The name's Soyokaze Kenji," he yelled back. "Try to remember it
after I bash your head in!"

Kenji dodged the first three swings of the umbrella then
flipped over Ryoga's head, kicking him in the back in the process. The
lost boy moved forward a half-step, then turned and continued the
assault, unfazed.

"What was that?" Ryoga taunted. "A baby kick?"

Kenji gritted his teeth. "Just getting warmed up!"

The amnesiac ducked in low, under a power slash by the lost
boy. Planting his hands on the ground, Kenji shot his feet upwards,
impacting the wrist holding the umbrella. Ryoga's hand flew upwards and
the umbrella went sailing away. Kenji rolled away and came up standing.

He smirked. "Not so tough without your toy now, eh?"

"I don't need it to deal with you!" Ryoga yelled back.

He charged in again, arms shooting out in powerful punches.
Once again, Kenji's agility easily allowed him to dodge the attacks,
though one fist was able to clip him in the side. Pain flared in his
lower torso, but Kenji managed to return several strikes to his
opponent's body and head, then flip away.

Ryoga wasn't through, however, pausing only to remove several
bandannas from his head. To the other boy's surprise, the lost boy then
flipped them in his direction. The amnesiac's danger sense pinged and he
jumped out of the way as the projectiles shredded the landscape where he
was just standing.

"What the hell was that!?" Kenji exclaimed in disbelief.

Ryoga grinned. "Just one of my little gifts."

Another flight of bandanna's angled their way in as Kenji stood
up. But instead of running, he decided to try something else.
he thought to himself. Then he thrust out his right palm.

"Hitohuki!" he called. A minor blast of wind sped from his open
palm, engulfing the bandanna's and sending them off course. "You'll have
to do better than-- oof!"

Ryoga had taken advantage of the bandanna distraction to launch
an attack, and one of his fists was now implanted in Kenji's stomach.
The amnesiac went flying backwards and rolled when he hit the ground.

He shakily regained his feet, one arm across his stomach. "Like
I said, you'll... have to do better... than that."

Ryoga nodded. "How about this? Ha!"

He flew towards the now-slower amnesiac in a flurry of punches.
Only this time, the punches were a feint. The real attack was when he
poked the ground with his finger. "Bakusai Tenketsu!"

Kenji still had enough speed to dodge the punches, but the
exploding ground caught him totally off-guard. He went airborne once
more, landing beyond several bushes, and out of Ryoga's sight.

Ryoga laughed in triumph and leapt after him... straight into
the stream that Kenji's clothes, and a wet dog, were now occupying.


The wet dog looked at the wet piglet and their thoughts were

Then the fight instinct kicked back in.

"Bwee bwee!"

"Woof Woof!"


Nevertheless, Ryoga snarled as only a Jusenkyo-cursed pig
could, and sprung at the larger animal. Surprised by the speed of the
assault, Kenji took the body slam under his jaw. His head flew upwards
as the impact forced him back a few steps.

Ryoga gave the wolf no time to recover, rebounding off the
ground to slam into his opponent's side. Kenji fell and rolled out of
the stream, but jerked back to a standing position when Ryoga began to
bite and chew on one of his hind legs. Kenji yelped and thrust his leg
back, tossing his porcine adversary away.

Ryoga sprung again, but this time Kenji was ready. Anger at how
easily Ryoga was beating him as a pig, was consuming his thoughts. He
reached a paw up and batted the piglet out of the air, sending his
porcine advesary into a tree. Ryoga's little piglet body couldn't take
the abuse of his human one, so he was left stunned and dazed as he slid
to the ground.

Kenji advanced on his downed foe, teeth bared and growling
menacingly. On some basic, animalistic level, his mind saw the dazed
piglet as a meal and was sending signals to Kenji's salvitory glands.
The amnesiac was too lost to his anger to intellectually realize what
was happening to him.

He scooped the piglet up in his mouth and prepared to bite

Ryoga recovered enough of his senses to realize that one of his
worst nightmares was about to happen. He was about to be eaten. "BWEEE!"

"Now Papa!"

That was all Kenji heard, as an impact upon his skull sent him
off to lala land.

Ryoga, stressed by the situation and the increased pressure on
him by a fearsome mouth full of sharp teeth, fainted.

Author's Notes:

In case you didn't get the joke, the two gaijin kami Bob is referring to
are Dick Clark and Ed McMann. They hosted the originial show "Bloopers
and Practical Jokes" a while ago. Dick Clark is known as the world's
oldest teenager, because he still appears young, even though he's in his
50s or something by now. Ed McMann is also part of an annual sweepstakes
(Publishers Clearing House?) that gives away 10 million dollars.

So now you get it? Right?