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Ranma 1/2: New Challenges
Winds Calling

Chapter 11

"That's enough for today young man," Cologne stated while
walking foreword, still hand-in-hand with the now-young man known as

"Why don't you leave these kids alone?" Happosai suggested.
"After all, you don't have much left."

Krynn seemed to contemplate this for a minute, all the while
breathing heavily. In that instant, the crystal around his neck
reasserted it's control.

The Elemchrys was orginially designed as a magic-absorbant
crystal. Basically, it worked like a sponge. Garon discovered how to
make one in an ancient text, and thought it would be the perfect way to
increase his power. What he didn't know was, while it absorbed magic, it
also absorbed emotions, since magic is linked to the state of mind
similiar to one's ki. In this case, it had absorbed the anger, anuguish,
and fear of three of the wizard sect lords.

As Kyrnn tapped it for the power, the emotions came along for
the ride. And he had been using it liberally for the past hour, so that
now it was incredibly difficult for him to seperate his own emotions
from the ones the Elemchrys was sending him.

Having seemingly come to a decision, he laughed. "Nice try,
Ranma. Stalling me while your two friends come to help." He stood up.
"You think I'm helpless now, do you?" He ripped off his robe revealing a
black tank top and trousers underneath. The blue crystal was suspended
on a chain around his neck. "I still have one last card to play, though
I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. Make no mistake, I will not die
here today."

Ranma, who was beginning to think he was getting through to the
wizard, sensed that Krynn's attitude had now changed, and something very
bad was about to happen. "No, Kyrnn, don't!"

In one fluid motion, Kyrnn broke the crystal off it's chain and
plunged it into his chest. He was immediately surrounded by a multi-
colored sphere and he screamed in pain as energy formed crackled around
him, streaming from the dark blue shard in his upper torso.

Then he began to change.

His body grew in size by several feet and his skin color turned
green. Spikes erupted out of his spine, and a lizard like tail burst out
of his pants. His jaw enlarged to accomodate several rows of razor sharp
teeth. The extra bulk to his chest ripped his tank top off and his hands
grew in size, clawed tips adorning his fingers. When his eyes opened,
they burned with crimson hellfire.

There was a final flash, and when it was over, those who were
watching the transformation stared in horror at the new monstrosity now
standing before them. The blue crystal was firmly embedded in his chest,
above his sternum.

When he spoke, his voice was now much deeper. "Look upon me and
fear, mortals. I cannot be defeated now. I am now a force of nature,

Cologne shook her head. "You can and will be defeated. You may
have attained the power you sought, but you lost your humanity in the
process. And that is the greatest power of all."

"Couldn't have said it better, my love," Happosai added. "Shall

Cologne nodded and they kissed deeply, shocking Ranma, Akane,
and anyone else who could see it. Eventually, their lips parted. Facing
their opponent, they gathered their energies, battle auras flinging into

Then the final battle began.

Krynn shot a long stream of fire from his mouth at the glowing
couple and they separated, running in opposite directions. When they had
gone far enough, they redirected their paths and struck the creature and
the same time, backing it up, and ticking it off.

As the new battle progressed, Ranma realized that he and his
friends were spread over the battlefield and could get killed by an
errant attack. They needed to get out of here. He heard a noise to his
left and saw Ukyo crawl over to him.

"We need to get out of here Ucchan," Ranma told her. "Can you

"I think so," she replied. "I blocked most of his attack with my
spatula, so I was just winded from hitting the ground."

Ranma nodded. "Good, then we need to get people out of here.
Start with Ryoga."

"But what about you Ranchan?"

"I'm gettin' Akane," he told her and started to walk in that
direction. "I ain't lettin' anything happen to her ever again."

"Ranchan..." A determined look appeared on her face and she set
about her task.

As Ukyo got up and walked over to Ryoga, Ranma headed for his
fiancee. He managed to reach her, the pain lessening somewhat. Or maybe
he was just becoming accustomed to the pain and his mind had dulled it.
He dropped to his knees beside Akane and looked at her.

She gazed back up to him; fear, love, and worry all etched on
her face. "Ranma."

"Akane," he answered back quietly. He wanted to say more, but
realized this wasn't the time. "Can you stand?"

"I don't know," she replied. "I'll try." Her face contorted as
she sat up. A wave of dizziness and weakness set in as she sat fully up,
and threatened to send her back down to the ground. Ranma somehow sensed
this and supported her with his right arm. "I... don't think I get
manage much more than this." Something exploded nearby causing the
couple to brace while they were pelted with debris. "Just leave me,
Ranma. Save yourself."

Anger flashed across his face. "I ain't gonna do that, Akane. I
ain't givin' you up, not now, not ever. You got that?"

She turned her face up to look at him, their lips inches apart.
Both were tempted to close the distance, but another nearby eruption
shattered the moment.

"We gotta go, Akane. Hold on." Draping his arm around her, he
muscled all his strength and managed to drag her to her feet. Akane
clutched onto him for dear life, and to steady the fresh round of
vertigo that assaulted her.

Together, they slowly began to move out of the compound.

Glancing around, Ranma noticed Ukyo, Ryoga, and Mousse helping
each other, and they were already up to the hillside group. One girl,
who he didn't know, was helping Kenji. Hikaru was helping another
unknown girl. All of them were well away from the battlefield.

That only left him and Akane.

They stumbled as another concussion rocked the compound, and
Ranma dropped to one knee. [I just don't have the strength to so this.]
He glanced over at Akane, who's eyes were closed. [But I have to, or

Then, a shadow was over them and Ranma braced. He felt himself
being lifted up and he looked at the face. It was Cologne. The younger,
bustier, drop-dead gorgeous Cologne. "Can't let you die here, son-in-
law." She wrapped them both in each arm, then leapt into the air, coming
down outside the wall.

"Would you please not call me that?" Ranma pleaded. "No offense
to your
great-granddaughter, but I ain't marrying her."

He expected a lecture or a bop on the head. Instead, she
laughed. "Of course, Ranma. I've known for awhile that you would never
marry Shampoo." She laid him down on the grass, next to the passed-out
Akane. "My great-grandaughter has a lot to learn before she becomes a
council matriarch and I used this time in Japan to teach her many
things. I know your nature and know that you would never make a good
Amazon husband. You are strong, but do not have the meek or submissive
nature required." She winked at him. "Plus, if I had really desired that
you marry Shampoo, it would have been done and you would be in China

"No, I know you are only have eyes for another, I believe you
know who." She chuckled. "I can tell you that you've provided me with
the best entertainment I've had in years!" She glanced back at the
battle. "Well, enough talk. I have to get back. Happi can only fend him
off for so long." She kissed his forehead. "I'm pleased to have met you,
Ranma. You have a powerful destiny ahead of you, live well and don't
take life too seriously!" And then she was gone.

Ranma took a few minutes to digest all that she had said. [So,
she knows I wouldn't be a good husband to Shampoo in Amazon society.
Still, the law continues to bind Shampoo and direct her actions. She
still will have to marry me unless I do something about it.] He touched
his throbbing head. [Well, can't think too much now. I'll worry about it

"Ranma?" a voice said next to him. He looked over to see Akane's
face turned toward him.

"How are you feelin'?" he asked, looking at her.

"I'm doing okay, just feeling a bit weak." He understood. She
had used almost all of her ki and would have to rest until she got it
back. "What did Cologne say to you?"

Ranma sighed. He was tired. "Tell ya later. Let's just save our
strength in case
Happosai and Cologne can't finish this guy."

She nodded, and found the strength to lay her head in the crook
of his shoulder. Ranma started a bit at the move, but soon relaxed and
found that he like the way she was leaning against him. They were soon
joined by others. Nobody said anything as everyone was captivated by the
super battle raging in the distance.

Cologne and Happosai were blurs as they rushed in and out,
striking various points along Krynn's body before speeding out again.
Occaisonally, one or both of them would let loose a ki-blast that
staggered the monstrosity. The creature known as Krynn wasn't moving as
much, but he was tearing up the place with all sorts of fireballs and
energy blasts.

And he was quick for such a big guy, too. Every now and then,
he'd hit one of them with and fireball or a clawed hand and one of the
two would go flying away. He wasn't able to follow up on it, however, as
the other would leap in and distract him.

Ranma wondered how long it could go on before something gave.
[Wait a minute. What are they doing now?]

"They're all out of the way now, Happi," Cologne called, while
retreating from a backhanded claw strike.

Happosai rushed in and delivered an uppercut that staggered the
beast, before jumping away again. "Well then, shall we end this? Even my
fists are getting sore from hitting his steel hide over and over again."

Cologne launched a ki blast against the creature's backside.
"I'm ready anytime you are." Her visage saddened. "I'm only sorry we
have to do this, but I suppose I should go first."

"I know what you mean, love," Happi replied. "But we'll be
together again soon."

Cologne nodded, then began circling the creature with Happosai.
Their paths formed a perfect circle around it, leaving Krynn in the
center and very confused about what was going on.

"Behold, a technique formed through 3000 years of Amazon
history," Cologne intoned.

"A technique co-developed and perfected by the founder of the
Musabetsu Kakuto-ryu," Happosai added.

"What are you doing!?" Krynn demanded. He bathed half the area
in flames from his mouth, but the attack seemed ineffectual against the
two circling martial artists.

Cologne continued. "A technique so powerful, it was banned by
the Amazon counsel and forbidden except in the most dire and extreme

"A technique sealed away, not to be used unless absolutely
necessary," said Happosai. "Even I never attempted to use it."

"We now invoke this technique for use against you, since you
have broken the laws of nature itself, by drawing too much magic for
your own personal use. We now use the..." She paused and then spoke the
next few words at the same time as Happosai.

"RAVAGING DRAGON'S HEART!" they said in unison.

Up on the hill, Ranma heard the words and saw white spheres
engulf the two martial artists as they continued to circle the creature.
Then, white lightning began to flow back and forth between the spheres
and the creature. Krynn writhed in pain, but couldn't do much besides
spasm. The two continued to circle and were now moving so fast, they
only appeared to be a white blur that encircled Krynn.

The lightning intensified, and was now mixed with some black
energy. The creature began to howl loudly as it clutched it's chest in

"What in the world are they doing?" Ryoga asked.

Mousse shook his head. "I don't know. I've neither seen nor
heard of this technique, and I doubt Shampoo has either."

"The master never spoke of it to me," Genma added.

"Whatever it is, I can sense the power in it from way up here,"
Ranma said.

"Ara!" Kasumi exclaimed, and it was echoed by numerous others.

The creature continued to cry out as a black sphere slowly
engulfed it from within. It continued to spread until the beast could no
longer be seen. Then, without warning, it shrunk down to a speck,
disappeared, and Krynn was gone.

That's when the battle zone exploded.

A white sphere of exploding energy expanded outward from the
center and engulfed the compound. It would have gone farther, but it was
apparently stopped by a field the two now-unseen martial artists were
generating. Everyone had to shield their eyes from the bright light.
When it faded, most of the compound and the cliff was gone. Just gone.
Only a couple of half-demolished buildings remained.

And there was no sign of either Happosai or Cologne.

"Are they... gone?" Ukyo asked out loud after a few moments.

Ranma laughed once, trying to break the tension. "Somehow, I
don't see something like that is enough to kill those two. I think we'll
be seeing them again."

"I suppose you're right," Akane said softly. [Still, I do have a
very strange feeling about all of this.]

Further thoughts were put on hold by the sound of approaching
sirens. Several police cars and ambulances raced down the road and
pulled up to the front gate of the compound. Dozens of officers piled
out and began to round up the remaining mages. Two others left a car and
ran toward to Nerima team.

Ranma's face brightened. "MOM!" he called out.

"Shampoo!" Mousse yelled and ran to embrace her. To his
surprise, she embraced him back as well. And she was crying. "What's

"Great-grandmother," she said through tears. "She gone."

"How do you know that?" he asked her. But Shampoo didn't say

Nodoka embraced her husband and son, before paramedics arrived
and began to treat the injured. Celebrations and reunions were put on
hold as several of the Nerima combat team were placed on stretchers and
loaded into ambulances. As they were rushed to the nearest hospital,
Ranma couldn't help but feel relieved that it was over.

[Yet at what cost?] He thought back to what Shampoo had said.
[Was the old ghoul really gone?] He could scarcely believe that. [And if
she was, what about the old freak? I always thought those two would be
around long after I was dead.]

Ranma's thoughts drifted off as he relaxed into a deep and
refreshing sleep.

Happosai layed Cologne down on the ground and felt her pulse.
She was still alive, but she had used all the rest of her power with
that technique, and now had none to save herself. Her body would not be
able to sustain her lifeforce for very long. He brushed the hair from
her face and looked into her eyes. They were both still in their younger

"Happi?" she said softly. "Are you still there?"

"Shhh, my love," he replied. "I won't leave you. Just rest."

She grabbed a hold of his hand with hers and held it to her
cheek. "Oh Happi, after all this time. Why now? Why couldn't we have
done this a long time ago?"

Happosai hesitated. "We tried, but I messed it up. I developed
that ki recharge technique and let it consume me. I was still raging
with hormones back then and wasn't strong enough to control it. It
became my perversion. I-I'm sorry, Cologne."

"It's okay, Happi. I forgave you awhile ago. It really was my
fault. I loved you deeply, but let my fear of the Amazon council rule
me. When they decreed you must be chased out of the village and killed,
I became a coward and listened to them. I should've run away with you
and helped you control it."

"It had to be done," Happosai said quietly. "They won't be
looking for you now. I plan to stick around for a few weeks, before I
too disappear. It would be too suspicious if we both went."

"You're going to teach Ranma and Akane, then?"

Happosai nodded. "Yes, I kept calling myself Ranma's master,
but I never did much to teach or help him. Hopefully, he'll be ready
before I go and I can safely pass on my techniques." He chuckled. "Genma
and Soun never did understand. It's up to Ranma and Akane now."

Cologne kissed his hand pulled him down to her. "I've still got
the rest of the day left and I want to spend it with you. So that you
can make it the next three weeks in peace." She began to take off her
robe and Happosai's eyes widened. "You can have me if you want, Happi. I
want to do this for you."

"Cologne, I-I don't know what to say," he said softly. "That you
would do this willingly for an old man. I love you Cologne."

Cologne smiled wryly. "You're not exactly an old man at the
moment. Nor am I an old woman." Her face softened. "I love you too,

They embraced and began to kiss passionately.

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A couple days later, the group was gathered in one of the
larger recovery wards of the hospital. In fact, this special ward was
dedicated to the martial artists of Nerima, because, while they may
cause quite a bit a property damage, they were always quick to repay it
and the streets had became a whole lot safer. Random muggings, hold ups,
robberies, and the like had dwindled to practically nothing as word was
spread in the underground to avoid the little ward of Tokyo. So,
whenever one of them came in with an injury, the hospital staff was
quick to treat them and treat them well, because of all the good they
had done.

Now, the beds were occupied by Ranma, Akane, Ryoga, Kenji, and
Mousse, who were all recovering with various injuries. Akane was just
heavily fatigued, Mousse had some bad burns (again) and sore muscles,
almost the same as Ryoga. Kenji and Ranma got the worst of it. Kenji had
a concussion and some internal damage that required surgery, since he
wasn't as tough as the others. Ranma had a broken left arm from where he
impacted the pavement. He also have some fractured ribs, some light
internal damage, and a mild concussion as well.

They talked and laughed and made introductions to those they
didn't know. Even the four members of the magic circle showed up. That's
what Mio, Hikaru, Ariko, and Toshi were calling themselves now. In a
strange way, they had their kidnappers to thank for bringing them
together. They all had a common interest, magics and mystics, but none
knew martial arts, and that uniquely bound them together. They decided
to form their own special little club to practice their mystical stuff.

Their first priority was to retrieve their magic books and
items. It wasn't going to be easy since the police had confiscated
everything, but eventually they were able toget their stuff back.

Even Kuno and Kodachi came by to visit Akane and Ranma
respectively. After paying their respects and spouting some poetry, they
left. But not before leaving a bouquet of red roses for Akane and a
bouquet of black roses for Ranma. Ranma incinerated his with a ki blast
after they left, not wanting to take any chances with any hidden poisons
or powders to which everyone laughed. Akane quickly let Ranma do the
same to hers since you never knew what to expect with Kodachi.

Several days later, Akane, Mousse, and Ryoga were well enough
to leave the hospital, leaving Ranma and Kenji in one room by

"So, Kenji," the pig-tailed martial artist called, trying to
make some conversation to pass the time.


"How was your trip?"

"Heh, you met my sister, right?" He had grown comfortable with
his sister by now, having learned to deal with the new emotions. And,
truth be told, he kinda liked them.

"Yeah, she's pretty cute."


"I hope you're not thinking of moving in her, Saotome," Kenji
replied, darkly. "If you do, I'll have to break your legs."

"Chill, Kenji, I've got a fiancee," Ranma said.

"From what I understand, you've got three fiancees. Don't make
it four."

Ranma chuckled. "You got me there." Actually, he really
considered himself as having only one, the only one that mattered.
Akane. Not only was the Tendo engagement the oldest, being made before
they were born, but he couldn't see himself with anyone else. "So, you
managed to get along with Ryoga?"

Kenji shrugged. "He's still planning on killing me. If I don't
kill him first."

"Yeah, Ryoga can have that effect on people," Ranma said with a
smile. "But he's not so bad, really. He'll fight ya and beat ya to a
pulp, but he wouldn't kill ya."

"That remains to be seen."

"You still planning on kill me?" Ranma asked.

There was a moment of silence, then Kenji chuckled. "I'm at
least gonna beat you to pulp."

Ranma chuckled with him. "Deal."

The door opened just then, and a nurse stepped in. "Saotome-
san, it's time for your walk."

Kenji sighed. "Lucky stiff."

"Now, Soyokaze-san, you know your internal injuries prevent too
much movement for the next several days, at least," the nurse informed
him as she got Ranma up and began to walk him out of the room, an IV
machine rolling along beside him.

"See ya in a few, Kenji!" Ranma waved as he left.

The door closed and Kenji was alone in the darkened room. He
wasn't alone long, though. Another nurse informed him he had a visitor,
and admitted a girl with long chestnut hair into the room.

"Soyokaze," she said after the nurse left. "That's your family
name, isn't it?"

"Um, yeah."

"That's great." Ukyo walked over to the side of his bed and
looked at him, her face unreadable.

Then she slapped him. Hard enough to leave a little sting, but
light enough as to not cause any additional injuries.

"What was that for!?" he demanded.

She crossed her arms over her chest. "What do you think? I risk
my life to save you and you just take off!?"

"I went to find my family!" he countered.

She rolled her eyes. "Riiiight. You knew your family wasn't
going anywhere, so why couldn't you wait a few days for me to wake up?
No, it's `Thanks for the assist, Ukyo, but I have to hightail it while
you're unconscious.' Well, thanks a lot for caring."

Kenji blinked. "But I found my sister..."

"Who's really nice and sweet and nothing like you," she finished
for him. "I spent some time getting to know her over the past several
days, and I find it hard to believe you two are related."

A few moments of silence passed, during which Kenji found
himself feeling really terrible. For some reason, these words of anger
and disapproval coming from Ukyo hurt worse than the injuries he had
sustained during the last fight.

"I'm sorry?" he offered, weakly.

She exploded. "Damn you, Soyokaze! I actually cared about you a
little and I fought for you! Then I wake up and find you gone!" Tears
appeared in her eyes. "I come back to my restaurant, my home, only
nobody's there! Maybe you like to feel alone, but not all of us do!"

"But Ranma and Akane..."

"One is my fiancee, and the other a rival for him!" She turned
away from him, determined not to let him see her cry. She dried her
tears and continued in a quieter tone. "I didn't really have anyone to
talk to with Konatsu gone and Ranchan spending most of his time with
Akane. I don't know why, but I was actually looking forward to talking
to you more."

Kenji looked up. "Really?"

She laughed bitterly. "Yes. But what's the point. I don't know
why I'm telling you this, since you're just a loner who'll take off
again." She began to move for the door.

"Actually, I'm planning to stick around for quite awhile," Kenji
said softly. She stopped, and he knew he had to make his next words
count. "While I was away, I was thinking about you. Because of your
help, I'm alive today, and I can't thank you enough for that. I know my
sister is extremely happy about it." He paused and sighed. "She's helped
to see some things more clearly, and one of those is that, maybe, I care
about you, too. Just a little."

She turned around. "Really? You're not just saying that?"

Kenji shook his head. "In addition to Ranma and Akane, you made
me feel welcome when I didn't know where I was or what I was doing. I
was... scared. I didn't know who anyone was, so I didn't want to let
anyone in."

Ukyo walked back over and sat down on the end of his bed, arms
crossed over her chest again as she studied him. "I offered to let your
sister stay at my place, you know. And she accepted." Inside, Ukyo was
happy about the idea. The two girls really seemed to hit it off, since
Yuri was so friendly and lively, and Ukyo desperately wanted a friendly
face in her home.

Kenji felt a pang of fear. If he was going to continue to stay
at the Tendo's, that meant he wouldn't be living with his sister, and
all he knew was that he needed to be close to the only family he had
left. What else could he do with his life?

He twiddled his thumbs. "Do you think, um, that maybe, you
might, have room for me, too?" he asked weakly. "I'll work and pay rent
and whatever else you want."

"Not planning on taking off again?" she asked evenly.

Kenji shook his head. "I've got nowhere else to go, now. And
honestly, this place feels more like home then the burned structure I
found up north." [I've never admitted that, even to myself. Is that what
I feared?]

This time, Ukyo actually smiled slightly. "Good. Then, yes you
can stay in the storeroom. It's where Konatsu slept, and there's no room
elsewhere. You'll work for your room and board at my restaurant. Deal?"

Kenji relaxed a bit. "Deal."

The smile grew wider, then she unexpectedly leaned over and
hugged him. "Then welcome home, Kenji-san,"she whispered into his ear.
"And if you do leave again, I'll hunt you down and kill you."

Another burst of intense emotions rushed through the amnesiac's
body at the contact. It was similar to what he felt with his sister, yet
more fulfilling, and definitely more enjoyable.

He slowly wrapped his arms around her and said the only words
that came to his mind. "I promise I'll stay."

Several days later, Kenji and Yuri officially moved into

The Nekohanten was closed for over a week, while Mousse and
Shampoo searched for Cologne. Nobody saw them and nobody knew where they
went. In reality, they went up to the mountains where Shampoo performed
an Amazon ritual in an attempt to contact her great-grandmother. Mousse
went with her just because she needed him to carry the camping

After a couple of days of travel, they arrived at a spot
Shampoo deemed suitable. It was a small clearing in the forest. While
Mousse set up camp, Shampoo drew a circle in the ground with a stick.
Opening a container, she sprinkled the purple powder around the circle
in the ground she drew. She then went to a bag she was carrying and
replaced the container, and withdrew a crystal robe that had belonged to
her great-grandmother. Since both her mother and grandmother were dead,
the robe now belonged to her. She slipped it on and retrieved a scroll,
then set the bag down outside the circle.

Mousse watched all of this without saying a word. He knew what
she was doing and he knew he had no right to interfere. In fact, he was
only present because there were no female Amazons available and she
needed someone as a second in case something went wrong. Unfortunately,
neither one of them would know what constituted as something going
wrong. He would just have to guess.

On the inside, the mypoic Amazon didn't know what to think or
what to do. Ever since the end of the battle at the mage compound where
Shampoo had hugged him, she had been withdrawn. And while part of him
was happy for the show of affection, he knew it really came from her
emotional attachment to her great-grandmother.

And Mousse really didn't know what to make of that. One day,
poof, Cologne was gone. He was almost having trouble believing it. He
never really held much love for the Amazon matriarch, but now that she
was gone, he found himself missing her. He almost expected her to bop
him on the head with her staff any minute and say something like,
"That's for thinking I was dead, duck-boy."

But as for his feelings for Shampoo, they hadn't changed. He was
just growing more and more frustrated. He loved her, but he knew he
couldn't take advantage of the emotional vulnerability she was obviously
feeling right now, even if she wouldn't admit that weakness.

[But what can I do?] he wondered.

Instead, he just watched as Shampoo knelt in the center of the
circle facing west, towards the Joketsuzoku tribe and began to recite
the scroll in mandarin.

"[Oh great ancestors,]" she began. "[My name is Xian Pu of the
Amazon Joketsuzoku tribe. I seek to speak with my honored elder, Kho
Lon. I invoke this rite as the daughter of Wuan Li, daughter of Ten Wu,
daughter of Kho Lon. I place myself in your realm. May you find me

For a few moments, nothing happened. Then the purple powder
caught fire and purple flames engulfed the circle. Mousse had to shield
his eyes, then the brightness subsided a bit and he was able to watch.

In the circle, Shampoo felt a strange force enter her body. She
lost control of her arms and legs and could only kneel there helpless.
She soon lost all contact with her surroundings. The next thing she
could remember, is waking on a floor. She was surrounded by pure
blackness and felt a chill; she realized she was naked. Standing up, she
called out if anyone was there.

"[Hello child,]" a voice came from behind her, speaking in
mandarin. Turning around she saw her great-grandmother not as an old
woman, but as a young woman, in her 20s, the way she had been at that
last battle.

"[Great-grandmother!]" Shampoo answered. "[You are here!]"

"[Yes child, I am. But I will not always be able to guide you.
You will need to learn to depend on yourself and those around you that
you trust and call friend.]

Shampoo looked saddened. "[You cannot leave me, great-
grandmother! I still have too much to learn!]"

Cologne sighed. "[And I had hoped to have the time to teach, but
it is not to be.]"

"[Why, great-grandmother?]"

"[There are many reasons, but I cannot tell you. You will just
have to trust me. There is one thing you can do for me.]"

"[You have only to ask, great-grandmother.]"

"[There was a bargain I had vowed, but am now unable to do so.
It would please me greatly if you could this. All my notes are contained
within my diary, which you must now read. Then, you must return to the
tribe and tell Elder Lin Pu of what has transpired here.]"

"[But what about Ranma? He still shows no signs of wanting to
return with me.]"

The old woman sighed. "[Child, I know you love him, and I know
he would have made a fine addition to the tribe. But you have to realize
now that his heart belongs to another.]"

Shampoo's own heart wrenched in pain. "[NO! I know he loves me!
He will love me! He cannot love that kitchen destroyer! I'm much better
looking than her, I cook better, and am also a better warrior!]

"[Enough great-grandaughter!]" Cologne admonished sternly.
"[Where is your Amazon pride and dignity? You tried for over a year to
win him, but have you made any progress? I did not mention Akane by
name, yet you automatically assumed it was her. Why? Because deep down
you know who he loves. You will have to accept that and look elsewhere
for a husband. For now, the tribe is more important.]"

Shampoo looked down."[But the council will punish me again for
breaking the law.]"

"[The law is meant as a guide, and is not absolute. You know
there is a way to retain your honor and return unpunished, and I suggest
you take it. It is time this husband matter ended.]" She chuckled.
"[After all, he is only a mere male. We Amazon women are above
submitting to any one man.]"

"[Yes, great-granmother.]" Her head came up. "[What about the
bargain you mentioned?]

"[Yes. There is the matter of the bargain I made with the young
amnesiac boy. He will owe us a favor for the service you will perform.]"

Shampoo understood what it was. "[Restoring the memory of the
one called Kenji?]"

Cologne nodded. "[All is ready now. When you go back to the
restaurant, you will find the instructions in my closet. You'll be able
to enter it now, since all within is now yours. My magic is now yours,
as is my knowledge.]"

Shampoo cocked her head. "[But great-grandmother, I do not
understand. I haven't had much experience with magic. I know of no ki
attacks, nor do I understand even a fraction of what you do.]"

Cologne laughed. "[My child, my knowledge was limited when I
was your age, too. It will all come in time. Study my legacy contained
within the books and scrolls I have left behind. When you finish with
those and understand them, you will be ready to take my place as a
council matriarch, if that is what you wish.]"

"[What I wish?]" Shampoo was confused. "[But isn't that my duty?
To wed Ranma and assume the position dictated by my birth?]"

Cologne sighed. "[I blame myself. I foolishly believed I had
plenty of time to teach you that which you need to know. Yes, by law you
must marry Ranma. But is that what you want? Don't answer right now.
Search your heart and trust your feelings. Your path will open to you
and not even I know what that is. Only you do. Back in the village, you
survived on your strength and martial art skills. When I brought you
back to Japan, I at first thought you would marry Ranma. Still, I used
the opportunity to teach you that there is more than one way to do
something; that you can't survive by strength alone.]"

Shampoo took a few moments to absorb all of this. "[Then, I
know what I must do first. Restore Kenji's memory and report to Lin Pu.
I will study your knowledge, and then find my path.]"

Cologne smiled. "[That sounds like a wonderful start. Our time
grows short, for you cannot afford to remain here much longer. Think on
what I have said, child, and know that I will always care for you. I
love you, great-granddaughter.]"

Shampoo felt a tear come to her eye. "[I love you too, great-

Shampoo felt her insides twist and she blacked out again. When
she came to, she was clothed and back in the forest. Mousse was holding
her and asking her if she was alright. She nodded weakly.

Leaning on Mousse for support, she announced it was time to go

"That was very clever of her," the old man commented, staring
into the viewing pool.

"Cologne is a resourceful woman," the lady in blue beside him
replied. "She made it completely impossible for the Rogues to track

"But her great-grandaughter..."

"Will be just fine. She has a lot of growing up to do, they all
do. But they will survive."

The old man looked up at her. "But what about your fate, my

The woman shrugged. "What about it? I've known my fate for a
long time. And as my caretaker, you've known it for most of your life,
too." She sighed. "But we will speak no more of this now. I'm more
concerned that the Rogues have made a move. I did not expect them to do
anything until their master returned."

"Perhaps they wish to take care of the possible resistance
before it becomes a threat?" the old caretaker speculated.

She nodded. "Perhaps. In any case, the battle is just


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