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About chapter: late night coffee, peaceful and quiet kitchen... but soon enough Donatello will have to face a problem. Even two...

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Part 1. Facing the problem

Strong aroma filled the entire kitchen as Donatello took his cup from the cupboard and turned to coffee machine. He was still exited about that thing, though he had found it and repaired almost three weeks ago. Well, he did like coffee and he did like all kinds of mechanisms, so his joy wasn't surprising.

Besides, genius was alone in the kitchen and could do everything the way he wanted. Splinter had left to Japan a week ago to visit some old friend of his, Michelangelo went topside to get pizza and maybe visit Casey and April and elder brothers sat in their rooms. So it was quiet and peaceful in the kitchen, and Don really enjoyed every moment of it. It was late, almost a midnight, but he didn't really want to sleep.

Pouring himself black hot drink, Donnie smiled slightly. Looked like he was the only one it this family who consumed coffee. Master Splinter preferred green tea and he was ready to spend hours over a teapot, interrupting only to prepare some more. Mikey's favorite drink were juices, and brothers knew that no matter how many packs of them were in the fridge, it would be complicated to try even one of them if the youngest of the clan was around. It was a miracle that he hadn't burst yet. In his turn Leo…

Donatello sighed quietly and looked at his cup. Leo and Raph didn't like coffee either, but that wasn't very important at the moment. Genius was far more worried about their recent strange behavior. They had been acting somehow odd during last three days. Don couldn't define the problem completely, but he realized that they had been little aggressive and agitated. They both had locked themselves in their rooms getting out only to take some food and drink. All Don's attempts to talk or check their state had failed, but at least they didn't seem sick or something. Just a bit… wild?

Genius remembered that he hadn't seen them since yesterday. Having sighed he put one piece of sugar into his coffee, took his cup and walked to the aperture. Perhaps, he should make sure that everything is ok. Maybe they just got some kind of infection or something, though usually in this case they would come to Don. Yes, they were stubborn and everything, but not stupid and didn't joke with diseases.

Violet-clad terrapin took a drop of coffee, making his way to the living room. He intended to get some stuff from his lab and then go and check on his brothers. It wasn't going to take much time. Having stepped into the living space, Donatello threw quick glance on the lab door in front and on the left side of the room and then suddenly realized that he wasn't alone.

Both elder brothers sat on the sofa near TV, but they didn't look like they were going to watch some late night show. Raphael leaned back against the back of the couch, his eyelids half hooded, legs moved apart wide enough to consider it to be indecent. Donnie couldn't get rid of the feeling that dark green mutant… demonstrated himself to the others. And Leo was just s few inches away, he stared at his sibling with very strange expression on his face as his breath was a bit heavy and intermittent. But even all this could be considered normal if leader's hand wasn't lying on Raph's thigh.

Looking at two of them in confusion, Donatello mechanically put his cup on the small table near the aperture and did one step forward. Genius felt anxiety, not only because they behaved strange, but also because they even looked strange. Somehow… different, unlike themselves. Those changes in them were almost imperceptible, but they definitely were.

Donnie didn't like his inability to analyze the situation coherently. But even more he didn't like the gazes both brothers threw at him simultaneously before returning to whatever they were doing there.

After a short pause Leo suddenly growled loudly, leaned forward and nibbled Raphael's neck. To Don's great surprise, hothead only grunted in reply, not pushing his sibling away. Genius gulped involuntary when leader started to nip Raph's neck and shoulders insistently, while one of his hands was wrapped around him and another one caressed dark green body.

Not being sure how to react to such a show, Donatello unexpectedly found himself doing another step forward. Leonardo was churring, Raph was making those low grunting noises and they both sounded so odd… and pleased. Donnie shook his head, gathering thoughts, and then saw Leo's hand sliding between Raph's legs. Feeling his cheeks flushing a bit, genius averted his glance and came to the conclusion that it would be better to leave right now.

But before he even moved, lager turtle grunted louder, and this time it was a irritated sound. Leader stopped for a moment, not taking his hand away, but then again proceeded with what he was doing. And in the next moment he was thrown aside with strong and sharp shove.

With widened eyes Donnie watched Leo getting up to his feet and Raph doing the same. A few seconds later his brothers were standing face to face, gazing at each other with threat in their eyes and letting out low growls. Muscles tensed, chins lowered, fists clenched. Definitely that wasn't good.

But at least Don suddenly understood everything. After all, he didn't read all those countless books for nothing… They were in their mating season, though it was strange that Raph had it the same time with the eldest brother. And it was obvious now that Leo wanted to mate Raphael. And it was not less clear that hothead didn't want to be taken. Sure he wasn't the one to let someone dominate him, especially when he was coming through the same state. And another thing Don realized was that Raph in his turn didn't want to mate Leo. And that meant only one thing - he chose someone else. It was a… disturbing thought.

They had been looking at each other for long moments, but then Leo slowly stepped back. No, he didn't look frightened or something, he just wasn't interested in the fight. As if he had more important urges to satisfy and didn't want to waste time. And then slowly, very slowly Leonardo turned his head to Don's side. A second later Raphael's golden orbs fixed upon him too.

Now Donnie understood what it meant 'be pierced with glances'. Having gulped, genius inhaled deeply, trying to ignore rising fear and the feeling that two pairs of eyes were almost engulfing him. His mind suddenly lost its' ability to think logically and declared only that he was in a big trouble.

Donatello couldn't even shift when Leo moved in his direction with a not very comforting flickering in his eyes and crooked grin on his face. Common sense screamed to him to run, but he couldn't even do a single step back. The realization that his elder brother wanted to mate him almost paralyzed violet-clad terrapin. All he could do was helplessly watch their leader approaching him and try to suppress deep shiver.

When Leo was a few steps away, genius's nose caught senior brother's scent. It was also different, not usual, odd, indescribable, but still… somehow attractive. And then blue masked ninja grabbed his wrist, making Donnie gasp loudly and shudder. Having grinned even wider, Leonardo licked his lips as his free hand pulled to Donatello's waist. Younger terrapin was so consumed by brother's dangerous vicinity, that he didn't quite hear another sound coming from behind leader's back.

But Leo sure did. He stopped, grin flew down from his face sharply. Having unclenched his fingers, Leonardo released Don's wrist and turned around slowly. His body tensed. Donnie made a deep breathe and looked at the source of the sound that had caught Leo's attention.

Raph stood now much closer than before. His eyes narrowed, fists clenched, breathing heavy and deep. And he was… roaring. Actually roaring. The sound more dangerous and lower than the one he had made before. As if it was more than threat. As if it was… challenge.