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One last episode. Theory

Donatello stared at the ceiling in the darkness of his room, mindlessly twirling the edges of his blanket and listening to sounds of Raphael's deep and calm breathing coming from the floor next to his bed. The whole lair was asleep, so it was actually the only noise breaking the silence that surrounded genius. He didn't mind. In fact he kind of got used to it and even felt himself insecure when he woke up in the night and didn't hear anything, because Raph got out of the room to get a glass of water or something like that.

Although it was still rather strange to have him near every night since that that long and sloppy talk in the kitchen a little less than a week ago. Things were getting better with every day, especially when Donatello was finally able to get desired rest as Raphael guarded his dreams like a loyal dog, having made himself quite comfortable on the mat he had placed in brother's room. Actually, genius's bed was big enough for both of them and under normal circumstances they could have just slept there together like they used to from time to time in the childhood, but situation wasn't normal. So when Raph had dragged this mat and dropped it on the floor, Don hadn't said a word.

Having turned his head, olive green terrapin glanced at the floor, catching the form of his sleeping brother. He was still amazed about how Raphael's mere vicinity made all his nightmares just go away like it had made his panic and hysteria disappear when they had been going through mating season. Hothead didn't need to say anything, to do anything, to even sit with him waiting for him to drift into the kingdom of dreams – he just was in Don's room and Donatello slept like a child. It was some curious mystery, but genius was far away from trying to solve it. He didn't need the answer this time, he needed that feeling of security and relaxation that hothead's presence provided.

On the other hand there was another thing – the question – that bothered violet masked ninja. Well, maybe not quite bothered, but made rather interested in finding the answer.

Having hesitated for few minutes, Donatello sat up and threw another glance at sniffing brother. Actually it wasn't some urgent matter, but… Don really didn't know what was with that 'but', he just felt like he needed to do it. Now.

"Raph…" He called quietly.

Usually it took a bit more to wake Raphael up, but this time it was enough. Not quite seeing something in the darkness, Donatello more like felt the way hothead tensed, his mind clicking into reality swiftly and senses sharpening in the search for the possible danger. After few seconds he eased up remembering where he was and pulled up into seating position, turning to his brother.

"Ya ok?" He muttered, his eyes definitely fixed upon Donatello.

"Yes…" Genius nodded slightly.

He kind of felt himself nervous now when Raph had woken up. Maybe there hadn't been real necessity in such rush…

"Bad dream?" Raphael asked, his voice still hoarse after the sleep.

"No…" Don shook his head, rubbing his palms together as if he was cold. "I just woke up and… I usually don't really need long sleep, you know. Well as long as I don't have nightmares and all that… But I don't have them lately, so… uummm…"

What on Earth he had wanted to say in the first place? And why he kept on muttering this pointless rubbish now? Donatello almost groaned, cursing himself mentally and continuing to mumble something at the same time. It kind of felt as if he was afraid to stop.

Raphael listened to him without even single hint of intention to interrupt – Shell, when had he become such attentive interlocutor? – until Don's stream of words ran low by itself, then kept silence for some more time before shifting and leaning forward slightly.

"Donnie…" He said softly, tilting his head to the side. "What's wrong?"

Donatello swallowed, trying to calm down. Well, if he was that nervous he could just say that everything was fine and go back to sleep knowing that Raph won't argue him and simply continue to guard his dreams again. Usually hothead would have grunted and got irritated or simply left or made his brother say what he had intended, but in these days forcing Don in any way was not on the list of Raphael's deeds. After all memories about mating season hadn't gone anywhere.

Not that Donatello believed that they ever will. At least completely.

But that wasn't so important right now. He had a theory and wanted to prove or deny it. Because this was the part of what scientists do. And since he was one it was quite understandable that he was going to make test to come to some conclusion.

Yes, that's it, Don thought, think about it as some test

"Can you do…eerm… something?" He forced out slowly.

That sounded as if he had just learned to talk… Donatello suppressed with to sigh deeply as he waited for Raphael's reply.

"Sure." Hothead answered quietly. "Anything."

He really meant it, didn't he? Don grasped his blanket tightly, staring at it intently as if it was actually the most fascinating sight in his life. Well come on, he urged himself on mentally, he's waiting, you started it after all, what kind of scientist are you if you can't even

Donatello suddenly flinched, interrupting himself. Who was he trying to fool? It had nothing to do with science or tests or anything. He just… needed to know.

Now or never. It's not like he was going to die because of that.

"Kiss me."

Well, he said it. To actually do it appeared to be easier than prepare himself for doing it. Thinking wasn't always much help. Not in the cases like this anyway.

Raphael was totally silent for what felt like ages. Donatello was sure that oceans had withered during that time and all that was left from two of them was dust scattering around with the wind. Personally he felt like he had fallen into tiny pieces and collected back at least five times while this pause lasted. Don was going to fall apart again when he heard Raph moving, getting up to his feet, walking to him and sitting down on the edge of his bed. Their thighs adjoined and hothead's skin burned genius's, although of course there was no way it was possible or that he could feel it through the blanket.

Having raised his hand, elder brother gently touched Donatello's cheek before moving palm farther as he carefully gripped the back of Don's neck, slowly pulling him towards himself and leaning forward at the same time. Their lips met in halfway and if olive green terrapin hadn't closed his eyes before he would have done this now for sure. He didn't notice when his lips had parted to let Raphael's tongue inside, when he had glided his hands along other's forearms to rest on powerful shoulders or when he had let out small churring sound not even realizing it; he was too busy listening to the sensations and just… just enjoying it as his heart were thumping faster with every second and shivers – oh yes, shivers – were running down his spine again. Like it had happened before.

As they broke apart many long moments later panting and shivering Donatello just kept on sitting with his eyes closed for some more time, holding onto other's shoulders and biting his lower lip slightly. His mind seemed to be utterly blank and somehow it absolutely didn't feel wrong. Was even nice. More than nice to tell the truth.

It was still the same when Don finally took a deep breath and looked at his brother, meeting affectionate glance of golden orbs. In the darkness of the room they seemed to be otherworldly. But it also was nice.

"Proved then…" Genius whispered with soft sigh.

Raphael blinked in confusion, but didn't have time to ask anything as Donatello kissed him, this time wrapping his hands around other's neck and pressing their upper plastrons tightly against each other. He churred again feeling Raphs' second hand curling around his waist to pull him even closer.

Yes, his theory had been proved - shivers were not caused by mating season.

Well, at least not anymore.

What else to add?.. THE END OF THE STORY.