The Mediator Story

I appeared in the girl's room where she lay sleeping, restlessly while the man's ghost kept watch over her. He finally noticed me when I was just inches away from the girl's bed.

He was very handsome. He had dark eyes and dark, short crispy hair. And a scar above his right eyebrow. He gave me a confused look --maybe wondering why I was here-- while he inched towards me, probably thinking I was like all the other bad ghosts I seen. "What is your name, mija?"

I ignored him, for I was watching the teenage girl sleep. This must be the famous Susannah Simon. The kick-ass mediator as those teenagers had called her.

The man's ghost spoke again. "Can you speak?"

I nodded still looking at the girl, Susannah.

"What is your name then?" He asked again.

I turned to him and smiled. "Beatriz Alejandra Alvarez Higuera. But you can call me Alex."

He smiled back at me. "I'm Jesse. Do you speak Spanish, Alejandra?"

I nodded again, looking back at the girl.

"May I ask what you are doing here?" Jesse asked cautiously.

"I came to see if she would help me…," I said pointing at Susannah.

"Help you with what?" he asked, trying to lead me away from the girl.

I pulled my arm away from him and whispered, "I don't know."

And in that moment Susannah Simon, kick-ass mediator, woke up. I panicked and quickly disappeared to where ghosts spend little time. I cannot describe this place to humans. To many ghosts, it feels like prison but this is where many of us tend to hide. I heard Susannah's voice and Jesse's, too. She wanted to know who I was and Jesse was explaining me to her. She wanted to see me. Now. Jesse came to where I was hiding.

"It's ok, mija. She just wants to talk to you," he soothed.

I appeared into the room with him where I met the eyes of Susannah.

"Hi," she said to me. "I'm Suze, what's your name?"

"Beatriz Alejandra Alvarez Higuera," I said once again. She looked blank. "But you can call me Alex."

"So what is it that you need from me Alex?"

"I think I'm looking for someone…"

"Do you know who?"

"I think it's my uncle."

"Do you know any information you might tell me?"

I nodded, excited. She can probably help me. "He died 150 years ago. My mom told me about him right before I died. His name is…," What was his name again? Ah, yes now remember. "His name is Hector de Silva. But they called him Jesse. Like you," I said to Jesse.

But he wasn't looking at me. He was looking at Suze with a surprised and confused expression.