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Pokemon: The Chosen One Awakens

(Story Begin)

Ash Ketchum. A Pokemon Trainer who has made his mark on the world in many ways, even saving it about a dozen or so times. It is unknown why Ho-Oh chose this human to be the Chosen one who shall unite Pokemon and Humans in peace. Maybe it was the fact that he is descended from Aaron, the Aura Guardian. Maybe it was the fact that he met Professor Samuel Oak as a child and inspired him to become a Pokemon Researcher. Maybe it was the fact that his name matched Lugia's prophecy. Maybe because he saved Mewtwo from his own darkness, and later his life. It may be that he battled an Imaginary Entei who was as strong as the 5-year-old Molly Hale wanted him to be, then battled alongside Entei to defeat the Hidden Power of the Unown who created a crystal world. It may even be that he bonded with a Latias and battled alongside that same Latias and her brother Latios to save the City of Altomare. Who knows, probably it has to do with the fact that he met a Jirachi and battled a fake Groudon, or even helped a REAL Groudon and Kyogre settle their battle peacefully. Or even that he helped a Deoxys find its friend and convinced Rayquaza to NOT destroy them. Or maybe it could be that he became the King of the Sea by helping to return Manaphy to the Temple of the Sea and saved the Sea Crown. But wait, could it be related to the fact that he stopped another battle between titans: Dialga and Palkia from destroying Time and Space in Alamos town, and discovering the goodness in Darkrai, who in turn helped him stop the battle peacefully. It may be related to all of those adventures, or maybe none of them at all, but the truth is: Ash Ketchum is Ho-Oh's chosen one and it's time to reveal that destiny.

Ash Ketchum has traveled through many countries, battled in hundreds of Pokemon Battles, and participated in many tournaments. He made the Top 16 in Kanto's Indigo League, won the Orange League Cup, made Top 16 in the Johto League Silver Conference, made Top 8 in the Hoenn League Championships, defeated the Battle Frontier's top 7 Frontier Brains, even made it into the final rounds of the Sinnoh League (haven't revealed actual placement in this league though). He has met with Bruno, Lorelei, Agatha, and Lance of the Kanto Elite Four, Drake and Steven of the Hoenn Elite Four/Champion, and even Lucian and Cynthia from the Sinnoh Elite Four/Champion. He is the only one who has seen multiple Legendary Pokemon, and is the only one to have seen Ho-Oh more than once. Needless to say: he is a legend and in this adventure, this will be his greatest achievement.

Ash was relaxing at home after a long journey and a tough tournament, he made 2nd place, but knew he still had a long way to go before he could ever become a Pokemon Master. He has many Pokemon from all over the world, even a few in special training. He spends his days training his Pokemon he already has and hasn't left Pallet for about 2 months now, except for visiting his lifelong friends, Misty and Brock. He calls his other friends – May, Max, and Dawn – a few times a month, just to keep up with current news. He contacted Scott, the Battle Frontier Scout, and asked for an update on other Battle Facilities, but the same response came back:

"Not one has the ability to challenge a trainer like you, Ash. I'll call you when I get an update, nice talking to you."

His Pikachu has, by far, the strongest bond with him, like a brother. However, his strongest Pokemon is Charizard, who is still training with the other Charizards in the Charisific Valley. He knows there's a Trainer out there that he is destined to battle someday, but the time hasn't come apparently.

"Ash, wake up!" called his mother, Delia, from down in the kitchen. Ash woke up, to find that Pikachu was already heading downstairs for it's daily morning breakfast serving of ketchup.

(AN: Yes, ketchup folks. I'm having it down and there's going to be no arguing the point.)

Ash yawned and went downstairs for breakfast before heading back up to take a shower and getting dressed. "I think I shall train Swellow, Corphish, Bayleef, Snorlax, and Buizel today." Ash trains a random 5 Pokemon that he chooses each day, along with Pikachu of course.

Professor Oak, Gary – who's visiting, and Tracey were doing the morning chores around the Lab when Ash came walking in with Pikachu on his shoulder.

"I'm here to pick up my Pokemon for the day," said Ash.

"I'll take you to them," said Gary, and the two former rivals head out to get Ash's Pokemon that he decided to train that day.

"I think Bayleef will be happy to train with you again, Ash," said Pikachu, in his Pokemon language of course; however, he and Ash have been together long enough for Ash to understand most of what he says.

"It'll be great to train with her again. I just hope I can make it though the day without being 'Body Slammed' on," responded Ash.

"I assume you're talking about Bayleef, Ash. She's the only one who's Body Slam you would be afraid of," said Gary in a joking manner.

Gary hasn't reached the level that Ash has, but he's starting to understand more and more each day he spends with his Pokemon, he already understands his Blastoise more than half the time.

"ASH!" shouts a VERY familiar Poke-voice. Ash sweatdropped as he resigned to his fate, since there was no use in trying to outrun his Bayleef. She Body Slammed him into the ground, nuzzling him as much as she could. "You have no idea how much I've missed you!" she exclaimed.

Ash just laughed, "I've missed you too. (Even though I just saw you last week when I last trained you,)" he said/thought. "I'm here to pick you up, along with Swellow, Corphish, Snorlax, and Buizel."

"Okay, let's go get them and start training today!" shouted Bayleef and she gets off Ash and starts traveling to where his other Pokemon are. Ash just smiles as he gets ready a training plan in his head.

(AN: THIS is where the action starts.)

He didn't know how long ago he started sparing with his opponent, but it felt like an hour. Every time his opponent attacked, he tried to counter. His opponent releases a Flamethrower, he dodged to get in close. He tries an Uppercut, but his opponent blocks. He tries sweeping the legs, but his opponent jumps.

"You can do better than that! I've seen you!" his opponent shouted in his Pokemon tongue. He understood all Pokemon language, since he grew up with Pokemon as friends, even family. His opponent is his brother/partner who he has known since birth.

"Don't you think I know that? I'm going easy today, because I have something else planned that I don't want to be tired for!" he responded. They stopped their spar around noon, for some lunch together.

"I know what you're going to do, and I still say I want to be apart of it!"

"I know you do, but I want you to wait until he comes here looking for a challenge. But first, I need to give him a reason to challenge me," said the trainer. He looks over to his other Pokemon, who are either still sparring or relaxing at the moment. He has many different types of Pokemon at various levels. Some he uses to test some newbie's, others some amateurs who get slightly overconfident sometimes. He even has Pokemon for a starter test against some of the best in the Leagues. He is the Champion of the World, but still has a bit of a ways to go before he could be called "Master", for that would require capturing every single Pokemon out there.

"I hope you've decided on which Pokemon to surprise him with," his partner/brother said.

"Don't worry, Blaze. I've got it covered," responded the Trainer.

(AN: Blaze is a very common name, and my OC's partner's Pokemon happens to be called Blaze.)

"You better get going soon, otherwise you will have to wait another day," Blaze said with the fact that it was nearing 1, and it would take him 2 hours to get to the Trainer he wants to battle.

"I know," the Trainer said, turning to his other Pokemon. "Alright guys, line up!"

The Pokemon quickly got in line. The Trainer decided to see if he could stand up to his second strongest team.

"Here's the lineup I'm using for today's battle: Dragonlord, IronThunder, STLFighter, Kazaam, and SleepBringer as backup."

A Salamence, Raichu, Lucario, Alakazam, and a Jigglypuff (a VERY familiar Jigglypuff with a microphone) lined up and were returned to their Pokeballs. A worker at his facility ran up.

"Sir! The preparations are finishing up on schedule," the worker said.

"Good, I shall return by morning at the latest," replied the trainer as he prepared Dragonlord for the long flight to come.

(Time Change)

The Trainer was riding his Dragonlord (Salamence, if you haven't figured it out yet) and they were nearing their destination: Pallet Town. They would soon meet the Trainer they would battle soon. His Jigglypuff was ready to see the trainer they would be facing with enthusiasm. Jigglypuff's trainer was special, as he didn't fall asleep throughout the entirety of Jigglypuff's song, so Jigglypuff decided to travel with him to always have such an audience. Dragonlord spotted Pallet Town up ahead and informed his Trainer. The Trainer was prepared to surprise his target.

Ash was in the middle of his training for the day when he heard a voice.

"Hyper Beam," is what the voice said.

Ash and his Pokemon had to dodge that powerful attack, which left a crater where Ash and his Pokemon were standing only moments ago.

"What's your problem!?" Ash shouted up to the voice. He was answered by seeing a Trainer riding a Salamence.

"Are you the one called 'Ash Ketchum'?" the Trainer asked.

"What's it to you?"

"I am an outstanding Trainer by count of the Leagues and I wish to challenge the youngest winner of the Battle Frontier."

"You want a Battle? You got one!" exclaimed Ash, as he and his Pokemon got battle-ready.

"Will a 5-on-5 suffice? I wouldn't want your Pikachu getting hurt," asked the Trainer, surprising Ash.

"5-on-5 is fine, but why the caring about my Pikachu, since you didn't have any hesitation on attacking us before?" countered Ash.

"Pikachu is you very first Pokemon, is he not?"

"How would you know that?"

"I've read up on you, Ash Ketchum. I must say you impress me. Not many people can conquer the Battle Frontier at the Age you are easily. Now, let's begin: GO! Kazaam!"

Alakazam appeared out of her Pokeball.

"Alakazam, huh. GO! CORPHISH!"

Corphish got into the battle position, with the other Pokemon watching from the sidelines.

"Corphish, not bad. Kazaam: Hidden Power."

Alakazam unleashed a Ground-Type Hidden Power against Corphish.

"CORPHISH, COUNTER WITH BUBBLEBEAM, THEN GET IN THERE WITH CRABHAMMER!" shouted Ash, using more volume than necessary.

Corphish shot out his Bubblebeam to counter Hidden Power, followed by Crabhammer at close range.

"Kazaam: Psybeam."

The attack stopped Corphish in his tracks.


"Psycho Cut and Shock Wave."

Psycho Cut tore through the Bubblebeam, and the Shock Wave: tore through Corphish, leaving it very damaged and unable to battle.

"Corphish, return."

"Kazaam, return. GO! STLFighter!

Lucario appeared, but it looked shiny, as Ash's Noctowl is.

"Lucario, huh. GO! SWELLOW!"

Swellow got into position, and the two Pokemon stared at each other. STLFighter actually looked a bit bored.



Lucario was faster than Swellow, and was able to do more damage.


"Dragon Pulse!"

Dragon Pulse stopped Aerial Ace with ease.

"WHAT! Lucario can learn Dragon Pulse?"

"Try this: Focus Blast!"

"Swellow: Double Team!"

There were about 10 Swellows in position.

"Not bad, but try this: AURA SPHERE!"

Swellow got knocked to the ground by that last attack.

"SWELLOW, can you get up!"

"I don't know if I can," Swellow responded to Ash. He was hurt pretty badly by the Dragon Pulse on top of the Aura Sphere.

"RETURN!" Ash returned Swellow to his Pokeball. He didn't want Swellow to get hurt anymore.

"At least you understand when to stop. That's something all Trainers should know," the mysterious Trainer told Ash.

"Just who are you?" Ash demanded.

"I'll tell you, if you win a battle against me."

"Let's go!"

"GO! IronThunder!"


(AN: Snorlax vs. Raichu, not a TOO bad of a match up, huh?)



Snorlax could take the hit while boosting his attack power.


"IronThunder: Charge!"

Snorlax went to sleep while Raichu charged his electrical power.


"IronThunder: Shock Wave!"

The attacks cancelled each other out.

"Iron Tail!"


Raichu charged with Iron Tail, but Snorlax pulled of Sleep Talk and used Hyper Beam to counter, sending Raichu back.

"I see you know how to cover Snorlax's sleepiness."

Snorlax woke up refreshed.


"IronThunder! Thunderpunch!"

The attacks collided and the shockwaves sent them both back.



The attacks collided and took them both out.

"Not bad, Ash; as expected from someone of your caliber. Let's go Dragonlord," said the Trainer as he got down to the ground.

"GO! Buizel!"

Buizel go into position. He was a bit intimidated that his friends got taken down already, and he was facing an incredibly powerful Dragon Pokemon, but he wouldn't let that stop him from doing his very best.

"Buizel, Aqua Jet!"

Buizel Charged, but he was stopped quickly.

"Zen Headbutt!"

The powerful Psychic attack canceled out the Aqua Jet and sent Buizel for a loop.



Dragonbreath didn't take long to overpower water gun and sent Buizel flying into a nearby tree.

"Buizel, into the water, and counter with Surf!"

"Hyper Beam!"

"Use Aqua Jet to get into the water!"

Buizel dodged Hyper Beam and got in the water.



Salamence moved quickly, even after using Hyper Beam a few seconds ago. He evaporated Surf and burned Buizel.

"End it: Flamethrower!"

Buizel got knocked out, landing in front of Ash.

"BUIZEL!" Ash shouted.

"I see we're down to the final round," the Trainer said as he got back onto Salamence and flew up once again.

"One round to end it. Bayleef, let's take them down!"

"Right!" shouted Bayleef, wanting to impress her trainer and got into position.

"Right, well let's go, SleepBringer!"

"Jigglypuff!" which was Poke-speak for "Time to sing again!"

"Hold up, SleepBringer. I think we should show Ash what else you can do."

"Okay, whatever you say, Sir."

"Let's get started. Faint Attack!"

Jigglypuff disappeared.


Unfortunately, Bayleef got hit, but was able to counter.

"SleepBringer: Use, Wish, and follow up with Gyro Ball!"

"Yikes! Bayleef: Use Razor Leaf, and follow up with Body Slam!"

Razor Leaf canceled Gyro Ball, and the Wish restored the damage done by Body Slam.



Bayleef gathered Energy from the sun as Jigglypuff rolled closer and closer.

"SOLARBEAM!" shouted Bayleef, unleashing her attack.

"Jigglypuff, REST!"

Jigglypuff went to sleep just in time before Solarbeam hit. Jigglypuff woke up within seconds.

"I think it's time to end this: SING!"


"I do, which is WHY I trained her. She can put Humans and Pokemon to sleep, except for me. Now, do it!"

Jigglypuff started singing.

(AN: I won't even begin to try and translate it, just listen to a recording of Jigglypuff's song, alright.)

Ash was getting drowsy, along with Pikachu and Bayleef. Dragonlord was immune after listening enough times to stay awake, but if sung many times in succession, it would eventually fall asleep.

"I'll tell you my name, before you fall asleep: It's DragonX."

DragonX allowed Jigglypuff to mark Ash, Pikachu, and Bayleef before returning her to her Pokeball.

"Time for Preparations."

Salamence took off back to the Battle Facility owned by DragonX.

Gary went searching for Ash after an hour of his usual return. He found Ash asleep, along with Pikachu and Bayleef nearby.

"What happened here?" asked Gary, before recognizing Jigglypuff's marker that he had on his face a few times as well. "Guess that explains that."

Gary returned Bayleef to her Pokeball and proceeded to the task of getting Ash and Pikachu back to the lab.

Professor Oak and Tracey were just finishing supper when Gary dragged in Ash.

"What happened?" asked Professor Oak as Tracey ran over to Ash.

"See for yourself," said Gary as he showed Tracey Ash's marked up face.

"Don't tell me, Jigglypuff?" asked Tracey as he took Ash and Pikachu over to a nearby couch to relax as they sleep.

"We'll have to wait until he wakes up. Why not have some dinner, Gary?" said Professor Oak to give Gary something to do while they wait for Ash and Pikachu to wake up.

(Time Change)

30 minutes later, Ash was up and at 'em again and telling Oak, Gary, and Tracey about what happened in the Pokemon Battle.

"Then he has Jigglypuff use Sing to put us to sleep. Somehow he's not affected by Jigglypuff's song and is able to stay awake. He told me his name at least: DragonX."

Gary walked over to the computer, "I'm not surprised, now that you've told me his name. He's the world's Top Trainer." Gary brought up DragonX's file, showing that he has about 400 Pokemon total and his strongest is his Blaziken. "Rumor has it that he was raised by both his parents, and his parents' Pokemon. His Blaziken happens to be his parents' Pokemon's child. Which is why his Blaziken has rarely lost in a battle. Here's a quote from him after defeating all the Elite Fours and Champions: 'I hereby challenge all the trainers of the world to challenge me when they think they are ready. They must defeat all 7 of the Frontier Brains here in Kanto before they have the Privilege of Properly Challenging my Battle Facility, the Battle Heart.' Not many have faced him as a Frontier Brain, and no one has beaten him as one. He uses his strongest Pokemon in the Frontier Battles. You have your work cut out for you if you try and challenge him now."

"I won't let that stop me…" said Ash, before the phone rang.

"Ash, I expect you home for dinner in ten minutes," said Delia, Ash's mom.

"I'll be home right away, I've got a lot to tell you when I get home," said Ash as he got Pikachu and raced out the door to his mother's cooking.

"We'll take to you later, Delia. We have a few more things to do before we turn in. Good night," said Professor Oak before he hung the phone up.

DragonX walked into his facility to see that everything was now completed for his true battle against the Chosen One, Ash Ketchum. He stepped on his floating platform and controlled it to the sky. He had left most of the Pokemon he took back in his Storage Room. He rose up to the Clouds level and called Lucario out of his Pokeball. Lucario went to his proper place as the Meeting of the Legendaries came to Order.

"I have called you here to give you my decision on who I shall have with me in battle against the Chosen One," said DragonX.

"I think I know whom you are choosing, and I must say, I think it may work," said Mewtwo, who was beside the Three Legendary Birds and Mew.

"I believe that whoever you choose will serve you well," said Lugia, who was with Ho-Oh, the Legendary Dogs, and Celebi.

"I have chosen: Kyogre and Groudon for the first round, with Rayquaza teaming up with Blaze in the second," said DragonX. The Legendary Pokemon thought it over and decided this would be the best way to test the Chosen Ones. Testing him against the Elements of Nature, not to mention see how smart and strong a Trainer he is.

"I shall contact him and send him a reason to Challenge me. Prepare for the Battle, protocol: Element Battle," DragonX said, before he return down the surface level. The Legendaries proceeded with Training Kyogre and Groudon, as well as Rayquaza for the Big Battle.

Ash was finishing up his supper when the phone rang. He went to pick it up.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Ash Ketchum, I believe we have a battle to finish."

"DragonX! What do you want?

"The question SHOULD be: What do you want?"

"I want a rematch, and an official battle between us."

"Good, you have one month to reach my Facility on Blaze Island just off the East Coast of Kanto. Train hard, you going to need it."

"I'll be there!"

"Hold up, now. I haven't given the battle rules for my facility. We'll have a double battle with four Pokemon each, and the challenger, that's you, can't switch out until you beat my first two Pokemon. AND you can only use Fully-Evolved Pokemon, besides your starter of course. Pick your Pokemon wisely, for you'll need all the luck you can get against my best Pokemon," said DragonX and he hung up before Ash could react.

"Time to call in some help," said Ash as he dialed another number. This was but the first of two needed to help him train.

Misty finished off another unworthy trainer with her Corsola, before deciding to return to her room for the day. Her sisters called out to her, saying she had a phone call. She answered in her room.

"Hey, Misty. How've you been?" asked Ash, for she was the first one he called.

"Ash!? It's good to talk to you. I'm doing fine, I just defeated another trainer today. People are starting to underestimate the Cerulean Gym for having the Water Theme, but I prove them wrong, one by one," said Misty; she was surprised by his calling so soon, since she only saw him last week on his monthly day off from training.

"I need your help, I only have a month to prepare for what will be my toughest battle yet. How fast can you get here?" asked Ash. She didn't think he would be asking for her help, but toughest battle?


"Hold on, I've got email," said Misty as she checked her email. It was from the Indigo League: All Gym Challenges are postponed for a month, due to the request of a Frontier Brain giving time to gather everyone invited to the Battle Heart Facility. All Gym Leaders will have a Special seating area. We await your arrival in a month's time; have a good month off.

"WOW! Ash, I'll be there within a few days. I just got an email that said All Gym Leaders have a month off!"

"GREAT! I'll see ya soon. Bye Misty."

Misty hung up the phone and started packing all the things she'll need while staying in Pallet. She went to where she keeps her Pokemon and decides to bring along Staryu, Corsola, Kingdra (Horsea evolved) and Gyarados to Train with Ash. She ran to where the Official Closure of the Gym Posters were and grabbed one to place on the door. She shouted to her sisters that she would meet them at the Battle Heart Facility and raced off to Pewter City, where Brock was Gym Leader and go with him to Pallet Town, and Ash Ketchum.

Brock was finishing making dinner for the whole family after reading the email from the Indigo League. They ate in silence before Brock stood up to make an announcement.

"I'm not going to be here over the next few weeks," he said to the family's 'non-surprise'.

"I think I know where your heading, and I wish you luck," said his father, Flint.

"Thank you, and I'll need to prepare after supper, so if you guys don't mind…"

"We'll be happy to help," said Forrest, the oldest of his brothers and sisters, who had taken over the Gym after Brock left to find Ash in the Hoenn Region.

Brock got ready and by the next morning he decides to leave for Pallet Town, only to find Misty waiting for him at his front door.

"Misty?" says Brock, confused.

"I've just gotten here, so are you ready?"

"Yep, I was about to set out now."

"Let's get going, have you got your toughest Pokemon ready to help Ash train?" asked Misty.

"Wow, Ash needs help training, well why didn't you say so? I'll be right back."

A few minutes later, Brock came back out with his Onix, Sudowoodo, Golem (his Geodude evolved) and his Crobat.

"Now, I'm ready."

The two trainers, and original traveling partners of Ash Ketchum set out for Pallet Town, and Ash Ketchum, their best friend.

Norman told May and Max about the Battle Heart and they decided to go as a family in a few weeks, May knew she would see Ash there, and maybe Drew as well.

(AN: Look at my profile for Pokemon Pairings, except for Dawn, she'll be a surprise.)

Her mother had informed Dawn about the Battle at the Battle Heart Facility, and they decided to travel together with Kenny's and Zoey's families when the time came.

All over the world, all the Gym Leaders were preparing to travel to the Battle Heart Facility to see what the Frontier Brain has in store for his Challenger. The Frontier Brains were getting ready as well, especially Lucy and Anabel, who are looking forward to seeing Brock and Ash again, respectively.

Ritchie had completed another hard day of training with his Pokemon when he received a call on his Pokegear. His parents told him about the Battle Heart Facility having a battle in a month and Ritchie decided to head there to watch this Battle, for he knew of the reputation of the Frontier Brain of the Facility and had wanted to meet him, but never had the chance, until now.

"Sparky, time to head for Blaze Island."

(Chapter End)

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