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(Chapter Begin)


"This isn't looking good, Pikachu," said Ash, trying to figure a way out of this situation.

"We can't stop here," said Pikachu, "Everyone's counting on us! We've never let ourselves be beaten like this before, and I for one won't be starting now!"

"Let's show him everything we've learned over this past month!" exclaimed Ash with determination, looking DragonX straight in the eye.

The only question is: Are Sceptile and Pidgeot alright?

(Recap End)

All of the Human Judges were waiting for some sign, while the Robotic Judges are scanning the explosion site for any confirmation of Sceptile and Pidgeot's vital signs. Just when the Judges were about to make their call, Sceptile and Pidgeot jumped forth from the snow-filled crater, looking a little roughed, but otherwise unharmed.

"Now THAT'S what I've been waiting for!" exclaimed Ash, his face turning serious as he was getting into the battle.

"Well," said DragonX, smiling a bit, "It seems your Pokemon have more endurance than I originally thought. That just means I won't hold back Kyogre and Groudon's power this time around."

"I wouldn't expect any less of you, DragonX," replied Ash, a smile appearing on his face.

"Look at that Brock!" exclaimed Misty from the Kanto Gym Leader Booth.

"I know," said Brock, "This is what Ash has trained for since the day he met Pikachu. This battle will prove if Ash has what it takes to be a Pokemon Champion."

"Well," said Blaine, "That's assuming that DragonX doesn't hold back."

"What do you mean?" asked Erika.

"He means," said Lt. Surge, "that DragonX has yet to truly feel threatened by Ash. So, until Ash shows he can match DragonX at his best, then this isn't over by a long shot."

The other Kanto Gym Leaders started to understand what that statement truly meant.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Max, excited that Ash wasn't out of the battle yet.

"That's the Ash I know!" cheered May.

"He shows potential," remarked Norman, their father.

"We'll see if that potential is enough," said Flannery.

Ash Ketchum was ready show off more of his special tricks against DragonX.

"Alright," said Ash, "Let's get things sped up! Sceptile: Get on Pidgeot's back and use Agility/Quick Attack Combo attack!"

Sceptile jumped on Pidgeot and they rocketed towards the Legendary Pokemon faster than before.

"FLAMETHROWER AND ICE BEAM!!" shouted DragonX, trying to cut off the attack before they got in range for direct hits with stronger attacks.

"Perfect!" said Ash, his smile widening, "Double Team!"

Both Pidgeot and Sceptile seemed to disappear when the attacks hit, only for them to appear behind Kyogre and Groudon.

"Protect!" exclaimed DragonX, resorting to a move he didn't really prefer.

Both Protects stopped Pidgeot and Sceptile in their tracks, for the moment.

"Perfect," said Ash, his smile never fading.

"I guess it's time I unveil my most sacred move, upon which this style was founded upon," said DragonX.

Kyogre and Groudon moved around behind Sceptile and Pidgeot.

"ASH!" declared DragonX in a loud voice, "I believe its time to show you why I choose these Pokemon for a style such as 'Element'."

Groudon charged a Fire Blast and left it floating in the air between Kyogre and him.

"Start with the basic of Fire," explained DragonX, "Next add four different Elements to cause maximum damage."

Kyogre froze one arm with Ice Beam. Groudon shot a Solarbeam, turning the other arm into Solar Energy. Kyogre shot a Shock Wave at one of the legs, turning it into Electricity. Groudon used Earth Power to turn the final leg into earth.

Ash looked on surprised at this new development, and he wasn't alone. Everyone in the stadium as astounded that someone could combine such elements into a single attack.

"This is the foundation upon my Element Style," informed DragonX, "If you can survive this, then you actually stand a chance against my other Pokemon."

"Let's take it HEAD ON!" shouted Ash to Sceptile and Pidgeot, who understood this tactic. They moved in front of the Elemental Fire Blast, leaving it between them and the Legendaries.

"Time for the send off," said DragonX, "TWIN HYPER BEAM!!"

Both Kyogre and Groudon powered up and shot a Hyper Beam at the Elemental Fire Blast, sending it towards Sceptile and Pidgeot.

Ash narrowed his eyes as he felt his Aura Power Surge and he focused it into Sceptile and Pidgeot. They charged head on into the attack and an explosion occurred.

Out of the smoke plowed through Sceptile and Pidgeot.


Caught unaware from the explosion, Pidgeot was able to attack directly on Groudon with Brave Bird and Sceptile was able to get multiple hits on Kyogre before DragonX could react. Kyogre and Groudon both fell down and fell unconscious.

"He did it," said DragonX, suddenly intrigued as to what else he learned over the last month, "He was able to stand up to my most powerful combination attack with Kyogre and Groudon and STILL take them down in one move after facing the full brunt of my attack. He IS the one I've been searching for."

"How's that!" exclaimed Ash.

All the judges were in agreement that Kyogre and Groudon weren't able to battle further and DragonX returned them to their Pokeballs. He then looked Ash with a look that was somewhere between anger and impressed.

"I see I have to take things VERY seriously if I'm going to beat you," said DragonX.

"I'll say," said Ash, getting a bit Cocky.

"Well," said DragonX, taking off his red cloak, revealing his sleeveless red shirt, blue shorts, green armbands, black boots and his red headband with the symbol of 'Fire' and 'Dragon' on it, "I think its time I bring out my strongest combination Pokemon."

He then raised his arms to the sky and called out in a loud voice, "I summon the Deity of the Skies, and Master of the Dragon Fury: RAYQUAZA!!"

Rayquaza descended from the skies as the weather cleared out. DragonX then took out a Pokeball from his shirt Pocket near his heart.

"My very first Pokemon and my brother through my entire journey thus far. I summon thee: BLAZE!!" declared DragonX, with a tone that told Ash how serious he was taking this battle.

"Well folks, it seems that Ash has done what few others have been able to do: defeat Kyogre and Groudon. Let's see how he faces off against Rayquaza, Lord of the Skies, and Blaze the Blaziken, DragonX's strongest Pokemon, and his very first Pokemon as well," said the announcer to the worldwide audience.

"I let you have the first move, Ash," said DragonX.

"You're mistake," said Ash, getting a bit cocky again.


Pidgeot: Aerial Ace on Blaziken and Hyper Beam on Rayquaza

Sceptile: Energy Ball on Blaziken and Dragon Claw on Rayquaza

Rayquaza: Extreme Speed on Sceptile

Blaze: Fire Punch on Pidgeot

"This doesn't look good," said Ash, as he saw Blaziken and Rayquaza move faster than he could see.


Rayquaza dodged the Hyper Beam effortlessly and hit Sceptile before Dragon Claw could hit.

Blaze dodged the Energy Ball and stopped Aerial Ace in its tracks with one Fire Punch, not even Blaze Aura activated.

This combo took out both Pidgeot and Sceptile in seconds, earning a gasp from most of the crowd, especially Ash's friends.

"What just happened Gramps?" asked Gary, who was setting with the Pokemon Professors.

(Including Ivy)

"It seems that DragonX has trained Rayquaza and Blaziken to move faster than the naked eye can see," said Professor Oak, trying to find an explanation as to why Ash's Pokemon went down in less than 5 seconds after DragonX called out his attack.

"He's had Blaze since they were born," said Rowan, who had better information on DragonX, "And he can befriend just about any Pokemon and take their abilities far above their normal maximum. He can actually feed his own energy into these Pokemon. That's what makes him so dangerous as a Trainer, even more so when he actually gets serious."

"But what does that mean for Ash?" asked Ivy.

"Bad news, from all sides," said Birch, as he among the other Professors looked slightly scared of the power and speed DragonX's Pokemon have displayed, and DragonX wasn't even warmed up yet.

"Hmm," mused Giovanni, "This is just the challenge that can push Ash to the edge and push his limits. Though that might just be a bad thing if my evil transfers to him too soon."

Ash was shocked. Pidgeot and Sceptile had been taken out in one hit, and in under 5 seconds no less. He returned them to their Pokeballs.

"I guess this is what he meant," said Ash, gathering his wits once more, "Pikachu, get ready."

"Right," replied Pikachu.

"I CHOOSE YOU, CHARIZARD!!" shouted Ash, throwing Charizard's Pokeball out into the arena, "GO! PIKACHU!!"

Charizard and Pikachu appeared on the arena floor, ready to battle all out against DragonX's Pokemon.

"First attack is still yours, Ash," said DragonX.

"Fine with me," said Ash.


Charizard: Dragon Rage on Blaziken and Dragon Claw on Rayquaza

Pikachu: Charge Beam on Rayquaza and Spark on Rayquaza

Rayquaza: Hyper Beam on Pikachu and Dragon Claw on Charizard

Blaze: Bulk Up, Double Kick on Pikachu, and Fire Punch to deflect Dragon Rage


Blaze powered up and used Double Kick to reduce the power of Spark and send him flying into Hyper Beam, before using Fire Punch to easily send Dragon Rage to a different direction, that hit the barrier over the crowd and dissipated.

Charizard and Rayquaza were actually equal in power and were in a stalemate with Dragon Claw after Rayquaza dodged Charge Beam.

"Seems like your Charizard is equal in strength as Rayquaza is normally," commented DragonX.

"Normally?" said Ash, not missing the double meaning behind it.


Charizard: Flamethrower point-blank at Rayquaza

Pikachu: Charge and Rain Dance

Rayquaza: Flamethrower on Charizard and Iron Tail on Pikachu

Blaze: Sky Uppercut on Charizard


The Flamethrowers collided and in the explosion, Rayquaza used Iron Tail on Pikachu, who dodged after building up his electrical power and summoning rain clouds. Blaze charged into the smoke and sent Charizard out of it with Sky Uppercut. Charizard recovered from hitting the ground at the last second, but was still feeling the effects of the powerful Sky Uppercut.

"Okay, I think its time to change tactics," said Ash.


Charizard: Steel Wing on Blaziken and Dragon Rage on Rayquaza

Pikachu: Discharge on both Rayquaza and Blaziken

Rayquaza: Dragon Pulse on Dragon Rage and Water Pulse on Discharge

Blaze: Earthquake on Pikachu and Blaze Kick on Charizard

"Perfect," said Ash, before shouting, "Charizard: Double Team and Pikachu: Magnet Rise!"


After firing Dragon Rage, Charizard charged in with Steel Wing on Blaziken, only to disappear behind him when countered with Blaze Kick and sent him flying in the air near Rayquaza. Rayquaza used Dragon Pulse to stop Dragon Rage; however, Discharge electrified Water Pulse and sent it back into Blaze, who was knocked in the pathway by Charizard. Discharge, powered up by Charge, Rain Dance, AND Water Pulse did an extraordinary amount of damage to Blaze, and Rayquaza when Blaze crashed into him, sending them both back to the ground.

"Alright Charizard: Sunny Day!" exclaimed Charizard, who used his power to turn the rain into intense sunlight, "Now Fly as high as you can go!"

Charizard flew well above the stadium without going to far to be chilled by the altitude and lack of Oxygen.

"Ash!" shouted DragonX, "You've just made a BIG mistake!"

"I don't think so!" countered Ash, "I'm winning this battle!"


Charizard: Flare Blitz on Blaziken

'Oh crap, I won't be able to shout the command in time,' thought Blaze, before mentally calling out, 'Rayquaza: Dragon Dance, followed by Dragon Claw, Extremespeed, and Outrage on Charizard to protect Blaze!'


Charizard flew down like a missile on a collision course with Blaze, but Rayquaza recovered and flew around Blaze a few times before flying up with Extremespeed fueling Dragon Claw and Outrage as he raced upwards to meet Charizard.

"BLAST BURN!!" shouted Ash, "OVERHEAT!!"

Charizard glowed brighter as he added the power of Blast Burn to his body and added glowed even brighter as he shot Overheat directly at Rayquaza.

'Rayquaza: Dragon Pulse to counter Overheat!' shouted DragonX mentally to Rayquaza.

Rayquaza shot out Dragon Pulse and met Overheat in equal power.

"Time to end this!" exclaimed Ash, summoning more of his aura and sending it to Charizard, "CHARIZARD! UNLEASH YOUR RAGE!!"

Charizard heard this and responded back tenfold. His body became a living inferno as he closed in on Rayquaza.

'This is it!' thought both DragonX and Ash as Charizard and Rayquaza collided.

A HUGE explosion ensued, covering the entire field.

"CHARIZARD!!" shouted Misty, Brock, Delia, Professor Oak, Gary, May, Max, Dawn, Ritchie, Tracy, Melody, Molly, Bianca, Tory, and even Paul, Jessie, James, and Meowth, not to mention Ash's other friends from around the world.

As the smoke cleared, both Charizard and Rayquaza were locked in a stalemate again with their claws, neither giving an inch until…


Charizard let go of Rayquaza, only to grab him in a full nelson from behind. He flew around in circles as if spanning the globe many times in mere seconds before diving to the stadium floor. Nobody had noticed the weather clear through this intense battle.

"I don't think so," said DragonX, "OUTRAGE!!"

And just moments before impact, Rayquaza let out an ENORMOUS amount of energy, making Charizard flinch but not let go of Rayquaza as they both hit the ground, causing another explosion.

"CHARIZARD! NO!!" shouted Ash in concern.

"RAYQUAZA!" shouted DragonX.

The smoke cleared, revealing both dragon Pokemon unconscious and out of the battle.

"By unanimous decision," informed the head Human Referee, "Both Charizard and Rayquaza are declared unable to battle by double knockout."

"Charizard, no," said Ash, a few tears appearing in his eyes.

"Good job Rayquaza," said DragonX, as both trainers returned their Dragons to their Pokeballs, "Time to make this battle count for you, Groudon, AND Kyogre!"

In response to this statement, Blaze immediately began to glow with Blaze Aura Level One.

"Now's when I get serious," said DragonX, his eyes glowing red as well.

"Okay," said Ash, slightly intimidated by the eyes before instantly recovering, "Then I'll get serious as well!" He took his right hand up to his Cap and turned around backwards, something that didn't go unnoticed by his friends.

"Okay," asked May aloud, confused, "What did Ash just do?"

"He turn his cap around," explained Max, remembering the videos he watched of Ash from a few years back, "Back when he was exploring Kanto, the Orange Isles, and the Johto Region, this cap acted like a switch for his battle styles. He used to turn his cap when he was up against only the toughest of opponents. But why now, after so many months?"

"I'll tell you why," said Norman, who caught Max watching said tapes sometimes in years past, "This is his way of saying 'I'm going all out, no regrets.' For him to do this now means he's going to REALLY show his true strengths now."

"Hey Misty," said Brock, "Looks like he's back."

"I know," smiled Misty, "Ash is in his zone now."

They returned their attention to the battle at hand, knowing it would be the best battle for QUITE sometime to come.

Back on the battlefield, Pikachu and Blaze had returned to their original positions, ready for the next round of battle.


Pikachu: Agility and Double Team, followed with Thunderbolt

Blaze: Focus Energy, Bulk Up, and Swords Dance, followed with Twister

"What!?" exclaimed Ash, wondering how Blaze knew Dragon-Type attacks. He wasn't alone, as many spectators were wondering the same thing.

"I know what you're thinking," said DragonX, smirking a bit.


Thunderbolt, for all its speed and power, couldn't get by Twister

"This is why Blaze is my best Pokemon," explained DragonX, "I've trained with Blaze since we could both walk. Normally, even with years of Training, Blaziken couldn't learn Dragon-Type Attacks; however, that's where Blaze, and myself, are different. We tried many times to learn Dragon Attacks, and failed many times as well. It wasn't until a few years back when we found the secret."


It was a little over six years ago, on the very same day Ash started his Pokemon Journey no less, and back when Blaze was still a Combusken. DragonX and Blaze were deep in intense training, attempting to learn Twister, among other Dragon-Type moves, but with no luck so far. They trained hard all day and night for seven days straight without any progress. DragonX was nearing to giving up; when he decided to give it one last shot.

"Blaze," said DragonX, "We have to give it all we got. All or nothing, otherwise it's all FOR nothing!"

"Right!" agreed Blaze.

DragonX summoned his full power and channeled his energy into Blaze, his mind focused only on using Dragon-Type moves. Blaze then glowed Red, his mind also focused on using Dragon-Type moves only. Something then happened that neither of them expected. They felt different, as if they fell into a time/space warp or a negative zone. They then felt a power like no other.

"This is it!" gasped DragonX, before getting serious again, "DRAGON CLAW/TWISTER COMBO ATTACK!!"

"Gotcha!" responded Blaze the Combusken, as his claws started to glow and he spun at high speeds, destroying the area around them.

Just then, a voice spoke out to them.

"Many battles await you, oh mighty DragonX," said the mysterious voice, "Make use of your new abilities, for they will help decide the fate of the world."

(Flashback End)

"And that was that," said DragonX, though leaving the voice at the end since no one would understand that part, "Our willpower and unbridled determination broke the barrier between possible and impossible. I will never abandon Blaze and he wouldn't either. SO BRING IT ON!!"

Blaze's Aura grew stronger with this statement and Blaze started moving without orders, or so it would seem.

'Blaze, get in there and show him Fire Punch, followed by Blaze Kick,' said DragonX mentally to Blaze.

Blaze was moving in, charging up Fire Punch as he closed in at high speeds.

"PIKACHU!!" shouted Ash, "Dodge and counter with Charge Beam!"

Blaze closed in and charged in with Fire Punch, only for Pikachu to fly into the air to dodge it, as Magnet Rise was still in effect, and powered up Charge Beam, only for Fire Punch to swing around and hit Pikachu's Charge Beam at point blank range. Blaze quickly followed with a Blaze Kick directly at Pikachu, sending him flying across the stage, but Pikachu never landed due to Magnet Rise's effect. It soon wore out and Pikachu landed gently on the arena floor, breathing heavily as it tried to recover from the last combo.

"How did Blaze move so fast when you didn't give it an order, huh?" questioned Ash.

"It's quite simple," said DragonX, "I simply used my bond to contact Blaze mentally and have him responded to mental commands far faster and more efficient than shouted ones. I did this before with Rayquaza against Charizard's final assault."

This caused random gasps to be heard throughout the stadium, as very few ever pushed DragonX that far in battle, and more so with Blaze of all Pokemon.

"If you're going to have any chance of continuing to surprise me, then you're going to have to step up and play in MY league! This is no longer just a battle between Pokemon! It's a battle of bonds and whose is strongest!!" declared DragonX to Ash.

"Whose bond is strongest?" asked Ash to no one in particular, "But I never… Wait!"

Ash remembered his battle(s) with Anabel in the Battle Frontier in Kanto, how he connected with his Pokemon to hear their thoughts and they could hear his. He looked at Pikachu, who was still recovering from Blaze's attack, only for Pikachu to look up and nod at him. Then Ash heard Pikachu's voice inside his head.

'We can do this, Ash,' said Pikachu, 'I've believed in you since our first great obstacle in facing Brock. You never gave up on me, knowing that even though I was at a disadvantage, I could still win. So, I won't give up on you either. Let's do this together and show the world what we're truly made of!'

"Pikachu," said Ash, tears forming in his eyes. He bowed his head as he remembered everything they've been through together and how they overcame each and every challenge no matter what it was, and this was no different. He raised his head up again, concentrating on his bond with Pikachu and felt a surge of energy not unlike his power of Aura.

Ash opened his eyes, revealing electricity running through them. He directed his gaze at DragonX's Flame covered eyes, determination radiating off of them.

"What's going on?" asked Misty softly, looking down at Ash and suddenly feel a pull from her heart, one that she never felt before. She looked on in his electric eyes and found herself mesmerized by that gaze.

"Misty?" asked Brock, noticing her look and looked back at Ash, and back and forth between them all the while thinking, 'Could this be because of their love for each other?'

To everyone else in the stands, and those who were watching across the world, it seemed as if Ash and DragonX froze, only their gazes fixed on each other were the only signal that they gave their attention to the other. But then they noticed Pikachu getting up, Electricity surging throughout his body and glowed out in an aura similar to Blaze's. Then both Pokemon started moving faster than ever.

Pikachu started off with a Thunderbolt at Blaze, who deflected it with one hand and fired off a Flamethrower at Pikachu. Pikachu dodged it and powered up Iron Tail to swing at Blaze, only for Blaze to block it with Metal Claw.

"Amazing!" shouted the Announcer to everyone, "Blaze the Blaziken and Pikachu are battling harder than ever, and without verbal commands from DragonX OR Ash Ketchum folks! This battle has ascended to a level far above our own, so until a victor is decided, we'll just have to wait as we watch this incredibly intense battle!"

Blaze swung around with a Double Blaze Kick at Pikachu, who used Agility to dodge it and fire off a Shock Wave. Blaze used Flame Wheel to block most of the attack before attacking with Fire Punch again. Pikachu blocked it with Thunder Punch of all things and fired a Charge Beam at point blank range, only to be met with Flamethrower. The ensuing explosion sent Pikachu and Blaziken to opposite ends of the arena floor.

The shields were charged up to their maximum to keep up with the power of the incredible attacks, but even then the crowds could see the shockwaves flow through them as the battle continued.

Pikachu and Blaze looked at each other, a small smile gracing their faces. They've never had an opponent quite like the other and while Blaze had experience behind him with his Blaze Aura and his brother with him on the battlefield, Pikachu was always adapting just as quickly with his moves. Pikachu's Electric Aura combined with Ash's power; it was already rivaling Blaze's Blaze Aura level one.

Blaze closed his eyes as he felt his second level unlock.

Blaze Aura Level Two: Blaze ability multiplied many times over.

Blaze opened his eyes and locked eyes with Pikachu once more. They both nodded to each other before charging once more.


Pikachu charged in with Skull Bash, meeting Blaze's head on. Pikachu powered his Skull Bash even stronger by adding Spark into the Mix, to which Blaze responded with Flame Wheel. Another explosion sent them back to opposite ends again.

'TIME TO END THIS!!' thought DragonX and Ash at the same time.

'Pikachu: VOLT TACKLE!!'

'Blaze: BLAST BURN!!'

Pikachu and Blaziken powered up their strongest moves before charging in, the air and ground friction they were creating as they charged were destroying the ground as a trail showing everyone the power of these attacks. Pikachu and Blaze closed in on each other and when they made contact, they heard five final words from their Trainers.

'Good Job and Thank You!' said DragonX and Ash at the same time as another explosion covered the entire field, covering the trainers from view as well.

"ASH!" cried out Brock, Delia, Professor Oak, Gary, May, Max, Dawn, Ritchie, Tracy, Melody, Molly, Bianca, Tory, and even Paul, Jessie, James, and Meowth, as well as Ash's other friends from around the world.

Misty was quiet as she had fainted just after the explosion occurred. No one had noticed at first, but when Brock looked over to see how Misty was doing, didn't find her in her chair but the floor, he called out to the other Kanto Gym leaders to call for a medic. Sabrina had been the first to rush over to the phone and called for the nearest medic to report to the Kanto Gym Leader's room.

When the medic arrived and saw Misty unconscious, he began to ask all the regular questions any medic would ask while checking on Misty's condition. After checking to see that she only fell unconscious, the medic recommended she be taken to the nearest bed to relax and be allowed to awake on her own.

Elsewhere, Giovanni noticed Misty's actions since Ash turned his hat backwards and only then realized the connection between her and his son. He then realized that SHE might be the key to destroying the wretched curse that had plagued his family for generations once and for all. He only hoped that they hadn't already confessed their love, otherwise another generation would have to go by for another chance, if that.

As Ash and DragonX escalated their battle to the limit, it was then, and only then, that he realized that his son had already surpassed him as a Trainer. He also felt the evil he inherited from his ancestors become distant from him, as he felt his true self returning. He only hoped that he could make things up with Delia after all this was over.

As the smoke was clearing, it appeared as if both Pikachu and Blaze vanished while Ash and DragonX stood still, neither one moving a bit, until…


Everyone looked up to where the explosion occurred. No one noticed, but in the smoke cover, Blaze and Pikachu realized their battle was getting too dangerous for the people in the stands so, they moved their battle to the sky. They continued their fight, their fighting spirit along with the fighting spirit of their trainers keeping them going. They charged once more with Volt Tackle and Blast Burn, causing said explosion. In the smoke, Blaze and Pikachu fell down towards the arena, but before they collided, they sent a Thunderbolt and a Flamethrower at the ground to cushion their impact, if only to not break the shields protecting the spectators.

As the smoke cleared on the arena floor, both Pikachu and Blaze were struggling to get up while Ash and DragonX had fallen to their knees, doing everything in their power to not fall down or admit defeat. Pikachu and Blaze were both able to stand for a moment, before they fell backwards, Blaze somehow hitting the ground first.

The Human and Robotic judges met together to make a decision on the battle. With both Blaze and Pikachu knocked out, they had to make a decision. They didn't want to declare a tie, for that would only anger the crowd since they wanted to see a winner. Upon reviewing the final minutes of the battle recording by all four robotic judges, they finally made their decision.

When Delia had heard Misty was unconscious, she ran as fast as she could to the young girl, intending on helping her as much as she could. She knew what Misty was going through, as she had gone through similar experience during one of Giovanni's battles, where he went all out himself in said battle. She had to intervene before it was too late, and saving hope for the Pokemon World.

Everyone was tense, waiting for the final decision from the judges. Then, the lead Human Judge walked forward from the group and turned on his mic.

"After several reviews, we have come to a decision. The match has been declared a victory in Ash's favor, as Pikachu was able to stand longer than Blaze with enough time for everyone to be in agreement."


DragonX and Ash were finally able to stand up, their eyes returning to normal, after a few long minutes of struggling. They made their way slowly to the center where their Pokemon are recovering. DragonX stopped by Blaze, waiting for him to stand up before continuing. Ash did the same with Pikachu. They met in the center and looked at each other for what seemed to be eons, but soon enough, DragonX extended his hand to Ash.

"Thank you Chosen One," said DragonX, "This was the battle I've been waiting for since I was young. A battle that maximized power, speed, and tactics; all limited by only imagination. I wish to have another battle sometime in the future, if you would like?"

"Of course," replied Ash, "Though, the next we meet, it will be as equal trainers proving who's the best of the best in this world."

"I wouldn't expect anything less," said DragonX, a smirk appearing on his face.

Ash then shook DragonX's hand, showing their respect for each other in many ways. The crowds cheered at such an astounding battle.

Elsewhere, Delia had found Misty just as she was waking up. She calmly asked everyone in the room, which wasn't many, if she could speak with Misty alone. The others were confused, including Misty's sisters, and Brock, but Brock trusted her judgment. He led the others outside to give Delia all the time she needed.

Misty woke up and saw that Mrs. Ketchum was looking at her in a different way than she could ever remember.

"Misty," started Delia, "There's something I haven't told you before that you need to know."

"What is it, Mrs. Ketchum?" asked the Cerulean Gym Leader.

"It's about Ash, and his father," explained Delia vaguely.

Misty then snapped to full attention, "Mrs. Ketchum, what about Ash and Giovanni?"

"You already know," sighed Delia. That made this a bit easier, "Giovanni, as you know, is the Viridian Gym Leader and also Leader of Team Rocket. But there's more to the story than that. He wasn't always like he is today. He was sweet, kindhearted, and a dedicated Trainer just like Ash is now. But he had another side to him, an evil side. His family, for many generations, has been cursed. The firstborn son if each generation will inherit the evil of his ancestors. Many generations of his family suffered from this until about 3 generations ago, the firstborn son of that generation found a means to be free of his evil side."

"What was it?" asked Misty.

"True love," said Delia, "Though the family forbade it, mostly, he went ahead and married his true love, preventing the evil of his own heart from taking over. But the evil that cursed the family found a way to survive. The evil of generations past was still able to take over and influence the body and spirit of the next, yet was unable to break the lock that love had placed upon the spirit's own evil. That man's firstborn son, and son's firstborn son, also found true love. Giovanni is the grandson of the first one to find the secret of eliminating the Evil, but it was for only the current generation. The evil of the generations past was still able to influence them until the day that they die or pass it on to their firstborn son. That's where I come in. It was after I married Giovanni that he explained his family's curse to me. He abandoned Ash and me before Ash was born to protect us from what he was to become. And it worked for the most part. Until Giovanni had him kidnapped a month ago."

"Giovanni was helping Ash, by offering a place where he could train extensively," countered Misty, defending Giovanni for the first time in her life, "But as the month progressed, he began acting, and feeling, different, at least to me. Sometimes he was the same Ash Ketchum I knew since the start of his journey, but at other times he seemed as if someone had possessed him and had him acting cold, distant, and even harsh to even Pikachu. It's like he was a different person altogether."

"Then it's already happened," sighed Delia, closing her eyes.

"What's already happened?" asked Misty, sitting up now.

"Just like Giovanni and all his ancestors, Ash too has an evil side, though for it to show up this early has never happened before," continued Delia, "Yet today, that was the REAL Ash, wasn't it?"

Misty nodded slowly, still wondering where this was going.

"Then there's still time," said Delia, "I know you love Ash, just as much as he loves you. So, you need to confess your love to him to prevent his evil side from taking over."

Misty blushed heavily, but still responded, "He doesn't love me. He never said anything, even after we went our separate ways. He just found another…"

"Misty," said a voice from the door. They turned to see May enter, along with Dawn, "Ash is a great guy and all, but he's faithful to the one he truly loves. When he told us about you, we knew right away he cared about you in a way we could never compete, and we were fine with that."

"May's right, Misty," agreed Dawn, "Ash loves you, not either of us. Besides, after seeing you two interact yesterday and today, we both know for a fact that you two belong together."

"They're right Misty," finished Delia, "Only you can help Ash now, since after this battle, Ash's evil side will only increase in power and soon completely take over Ash's body."

"But what about…" started Misty before getting cut off.

"But nothing!" said May, "You are the only one who can do anything now!"

Back on the field, Ash felt something wrong within. He felt imbalanced, as if his battle with DragonX drained him of all strength to defend against his Evil Side. He fell to his knees right in front of everyone in the stadium, a dark Aura flaring up.

"Hehehe," said Evil Ash, "Thank you, DragonX, for weakening my good side. Now I can have FULL reign over this body!"

Evil Ash stood up and expelled his incredibly powerful Aura across the stadium, filling it with darkness and fear.

"Is that supposed to impress or frighten me," deadpanned DragonX.

Pikachu was backing away from Evil Ash, knowing that his brother was trapped within and that he couldn't reach out to him alone. Suddenly, Delia, Misty, May, and Dawn were rushing out onto the arena, but as they got closer, DragonX and Blaze stopped them.

"What are you doing?" demanded Delia, "Misty has to get over there now!"

"NO!" said DragonX in a serious tone of voice, "If you do that now, then all I have worked for will be in vain!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Misty.

"I know about Giovanni's heritage and I'm trying to stop it once and for all!"

"Well, this battle certainly didn't help!" countered May.

"I know what I'm doing. I can't let the Prophecy crumble because one girl can't be patient for one minute."

As they were arguing, Ash's evil Aura was spreading further, causing more fear to infect most everyone in the Stadium. Then, Giovanni rushed out and stopped just feet from his son, glaring at him like no tomorrow.

"Hello, father," greeted Evil Ash casually, "I think you have something that belongs to me!"

"You will have to force it out of me, since I'm not willingly giving you the keys to World Destruction!" countered Giovanni, readying a Pokeball.

"Very well," said Ash, moving faster than any human normally, Evil Ash moved right in behind Giovanni and gripped his right shoulder painfully, causing Giovanni to drop the Pokeball he had and get the attention of DragonX and the girls.

"NO!" shouted Delia, concerned for Giovanni and her son.

"YES!" shouted Evil Ash, literally sucking the Evil out of his father before letting go and allowing him to fall to the floor unconscious.

"Kazaam! Teleport!" shouted DragonX.

Alakazam appeared in a flash and teleported Pikachu, DragonX, the girls, Brock, Max, and Tracy away from the stadium, along with an unconscious Giovanni, and his Pokeball, as well.

A bright flash appeared in the backyard of the Ketchum residence, revealing the group transported by Kazaam the Alakazam on DragonX's order. With Evil Ash now holding the evil of his ancestors and Ash's Aura, he now had the power to envelop the world in darkness and destruction. DragonX had a plan, but only time will tell if it succeeds or not.

(Chapter End)

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"No way," said Giovanni, shocked at this news, turning to Delia, "You never told me your ancestor was Sir Aaron, the first Human to control Aura."

"Well dear," sweatdropped Delia, scratching the back of her head with a slightly silly expression, "I had always meant to tell you, but it never came up and you never asked my about my family all that much."

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