AN: After brainstorming for what feels like an eternity, I bring you a new story…inspired by the following quote from the Season 1 Episode, Dead Man talking…Enjoy.

Abby: Look, DiNozzo is your partner, in the world according to Gibbs; you share the blame if anything goes hinky…


"He requested to be what?" Gibbs wasn't fuming nearly as much as she expected him to be.

"Transferred." Jenny repeated for the third time in the last minute.

"No chance."

She stood up from her chair and handed him the papers. "The boy wants a fresh start…you should give it to him."

"Believe me, that's the last thing I want to give him…"

"You're going to lose him Jethro. His complaints are justified; he said and I quote…"I can no longer work in an environment where I am constantly reminded of my failures. My own supervisor will not look me in the eye…" She removed her glasses. "The sad part is Jethro, I believe him."

"Then why I am I up here? You want to transfer him so bad…do it."

"I wanted your approval. It is, after all, your team."

He threw his hands up. "Oh now it's my team…it's wasn't my team a month ago when you ordered those two off on a wild goose chase…"

"You're out of line Agent Gibbs!"

"And just what line would that be Director?"

She stepped out from behind her desk. "I sent them on a legitimate mission; you had no need to know."

"Save me the song and dance Jen, I've heard it all before."

She pointed to the door. "You can go." But as he turned to leave she left him with some parting words. "You've already lost one Agent…don't make it any harder on yourself than it has to be…"

And after a few seconds of a signature Gibbs stare; he threw the door open and left.

He tarried down the stairs to find his team diligently at work; or doing a great impression of it anyhow. He arrived at the desk of Timothy McGee, and threw down the pile of papers.

"Request Denied." He spoke simply; and headed behind his desk.

Tim shuffled the papers back into a pile and stacked them neatly to his right. He then slid open his side drawer and pulled out a similar stack; before grabbing his bag and side arm. He stared intently at the empty desk to his left for a few moments and slowly approached Gibbs. He first set down the papers.

"What? Think if you keep requesting it, I'll approve it?"

Tim deliberately shook his head before swallowing hard. "I know better than that boss."

"Good. Get back to work."

Tim shook his head. "I can't."

"What the hell do you mean you can't?"

He set his side arm and badge on top of the paper work. "I can't do this anymore."

And for the first time in a month; Gibbs made eye contact with his Agent. But even his stare couldn't penetrate the wall Tim had put up. Without saying another word; he readjusted his bag on his shoulder and sent Ziva a trying smile as he left.

As the elevator doors closed; Ziva stood up. "You are just going to let him leave? Just like that?"

He ignored her question; and reached for his coffee as if nothing had changed. It was then; she slammed her badge beside McGee's. "Then so be it."

He turned to watch her leave; a part of him wanting to chase after both of them; another part almost relieved. He continued to take down his coffee; as the silence around him became deafening…