Agent Marshall: Josh…

Agent Marshall: Josh…

Josh: stares blankly

Agent Marshall: Josh?

Josh: …

Agent Marshall: JOSH!

Josh: Huh? What?

Marshall: Ok kid… We need you to tell us everything that happened two days ago. Everything you did, everything you said… and everything you saw.

Well. It all started off as a normal Thursday, and my friends and I were hanging out…

"Hey Danny, want to make a video for YouTube or something?" Daniel and I were looking for fame, theater or Internet.

"Do we have too? I mean, I want to get famous… just not right now…"

"You lazy son of a…" Jordan was in the room. He doesn't cuss, but he doesn't mind if people cuss around him. "Hey Jordan, want to be famous?"

Jordan shrugged and said back to me. "Okay, whatever."

So I got my camera and went outside, thinking of what we can do to get famous on the web. "So Josh. What do you have in mind for this video of yours?"

I looked at him and said, "Well, I don't know… I thought you were the one who had the ideas! I just have the camera!" I gave him a silly smile, and he shot back with one of his 'whatever' looks.