Ha… I thought it would just be a normal night, you know

Ha… I thought it would just be a normal night, you know? Jordan and I were messing around with the camcorder, but never filmed anything because we didn't have any ideas. Then Jordan says to me, "Wait… I have an idea!"

"What is it?"

He replied, "Just start filming, you'll see…" Then he picked up a stick and held it up to his mouth, like a news reporter on the street. I pressed the record button. I never expected what happened next.

"Hello, this is the backyard news! I'm Jordan Moreno, and it is now," he then glanced at his watch, "12:31. We are standing now in the backyard of Josh Bancro trying to find-"

Then it happened. There was a huge earthquake. The shake was so strong that we both fell, and we both thought that we heard something. While the camcorder was still rolling, Jordan and I ran back into the house. As soon as we step in, we see Danny on the floor with glass shattered on and all around him. Jordan helped him up, and I realized I was still recording. I was startled for a moment, and thought to myself, "Should I leave the camera on… or ditch it and leave?" Interrupting my thoughts, Jordan said, "JOSH! Stop standing there and help me get Daniel up!" As I decided what I wanted to do with the camera, I put it down on the nearest table and helped Danny up.

"Oh god…" I picked the camera up almost immediately and panned it to Daniel. The broken class cut him up, and he was losing blood by the second.

"Uh, um… Jordan? What are we gonna do? I'm pretty sure we don't have the time to cover each and every cut with a band-aid!"

He looked at me as if I was trying to be funny, and said "Just go get some towels and some ice." As I went to go do what I was told to, he asked "Hey. Is… is that thing still on?" I couldn't think of an excuse for having it on. If I said yes, he would've asked for an explanation. If I said no, he would've asked me why I was carrying it around like I was filming. So instead of answering, I went into the kitchen to gather some towels and ice. I handed them to Jordan and he said to Daniel, "Ok, I'm gonna put some pressure on you're cuts, ok? It's gonna hurt right now, I can tell you that…"

Daniel replied, "Um, ok. I'm ready."

I just stood and recorded the whole thing. I had no idea what I was doing at that time. Recording it all wasn't intentional; the camera was just in the position and-

Agent Marshall: I'm sorry Josh. But is there anything else that happened outside of the house?