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Summary: The life of fifteen year old Lily changes completely when she meets Tony Stark. She's not like anyone he ever meet and a sudden urge to protect her becomes more real than anything he ever felt. Movieverse (sort of)

AN: Please keep in mind that for the story to work I had to change Tony's age by making him younger.

A young woman no older than fifteen stood in front of the immense arc reactor, looking out of place. She turned her head to her father who was talking with a younger, nervous looking man. Her father was the head engineer of the weapons developing team, and a very strict man for that matter, that didn't show his affection towards his daughter, or for anyone else.

She turned back to the reactor and took several steps closer. She was watching it with a both a nervous look and a look of fascination.

She didn't care she looked out of place, she didn't care that she looks like a little girl. She loved everything that had to do with science, and she loved coming to Stark Industries every time she got a chance, or every time her father would bring her. But the arc reactor was something new. She's never seen anything like it before.

She was too lost in her though to notice the man that entered from behind her, until he spook.

"Mr. Navodlom, I'm glad I caught you here, I have the latest plans for your new invention. The boys from researching gave them to me this morning. I want you to look over them."

She turned around and looked at the man front of her. Of course she knew him, who didn't knew him? He was Tony Stark. Their eyes meet but she quickly turned her eyes away from him and to her father. She was too afraid that with just looking at her he could tell how much she likes him. Of course she liked him, who didn't? But she wasn't stupid; she knew the reputation he had with girls, beside she was 15, he was 25. But that didn't stop her from liking him.

His eyes were sill on her looking at her. She was tall, slim, blue eyes, long black hair, she looked more like a model and she definitely didn't look 15. Not that he looked at her like that; to him she was nothing more than a little girl. Still he couldn't help but wonder what she was doing there.

"Mr. Stark?"

He turned back to look at Mr. Navodlom, pulling him out of his thoughts.

"Yes, well as I was saying here are some calculation and planes for you, if you could look over them, so we could get that out of the way."

"Certainly sir." The engineer said, as he took the papers and laid them on the table in front of them.

Lily slowly made her way next to her father, but stayed hidden behind him at the same time. She turned her head and took a look at the papers. After a moment her father took his eyes off the papers and spook. "Everything appears to be in order Mr. Stark."

"No, it's not, there is a mistake." Lily spook in a strong voice.

"Lily! I'm sorry Mr. Stark, this is my daughter Lillian. Lily I told you too..."

"What do you mean there is a mistake?" Tony said cutting short her father.

"Well, the calculations there, it's not taking into account the mass of the weapon, and if the calculations are correct that means that that would be a rather small missile."

Tony took the papers and looked at them for what seemed an eternity for Lily. Finally he turned to look at her with a smile on his face.

"It appears that your daughter was right, I'll have to take these and see what happened. And thank you for saving us from a disaster. I'm quite impressed you could see the mistake." With that he turned around and walked out the door giving Lily one last smile.

She could've stood there for the rest of eternity. She could believe that Tony Stark just said he was impressed by her. Get a hold of yourself Lily, you didn't impressed him, he was just impressed someone so young could tell that mistake.

She looked around and noticed that she was alone with her father. So fast that she didn't even notice, her father grabbed her roughly by the arm.

"How dare you put me through such a humiliation? "

"I didn't do anything, I just though you should know the mistake."

"And do you think that justified making me like an idiot in front of my boss?"

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I just thought that..."

"Damn right you won't do it again because this is the last time you will ever set foot in here again. Now go and wait for me in the car."

With that Lily left the room with tears forming in her eyes. She shut herself in the car, covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

Tony stood in his office overlooking the rest of Stark Industries. He was still thinking about the girl that he saw earlier, but something was different. He didn't think about her like one of the many women that he's been with. At least he didn't think he did. All he knew was that he was intrigued by her, and wanted to see her again. He turned back to his desk, turning his attention to the computer.

"Jarvis, I need you to do some research, please see what you can find out about Lillian Navodlom."

"Yes, sir. Lillian Adora Navodlom, fifteen years of age, high school student, graduating next year ahead of everyone in her class, honorific student. Daughter of Daniel and Marlene Navodlom, won several awards for horse riding as well as being her hobby, and has a passion for science."

"Passion for science, and she graduated ahead of her class. Jarvis do we have any open internship programs?"

"Not at the moment sir."

"Then make one and make sure to send it to Lillian Navodlom right away. Today to be more precise."

"Very well sir, and where would you like her placed?"

"I don't know yet, just put a note saying to come and see me first."

He knew he was getting into trouble by doing this but in that moment he didn't care.

Lily was sitting by the pool with her best friend by her side, telling her everything that happened today.

"Did you tell your mother what happened with your father?" Her best friend Anna asked.

"No. What for? It would just be another reason for them to fight. I hate it when they fight." Lily seemed to be sad, so Anna tried to take her mind off things.

"But you meet him. You meet him right? Oh, my god, you MEET him! She yelled as realization sinked in.

Lily stared at her for a couple of second and started giggling.

"Is he as cute in real life as he is in pictures?" Anna asked curiously.

"Even more, but I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have pointed out the mistake to him. After all he is Tony Stark; he was sixteen when he graduated from MIT. What if he takes it out on my father?"

"Don't worry about that, beside what if something bad happened cause of that mistake? Anyway, you're fifteen and you're graduating from high school."

"It's not the same, he..."

"Excuse me, Miss Lily?"

"Yes Marion, what's the matter?"

"This was delivered for you just now." Lily took the envelope from Marion preparing to open it when she saw Marion was still there. "You can go now."

"I really don't like her. " Lily didn't noticed what she said as she was starring at the content of the envelope. "What?" Anna asked as she reached for the papers.

"No way in hell!" She said after looking at the papers. "You got an internship at Stark Industries?"

"I don't understand, I didn't apply for an internship."

"Oh my god." Lily looked put to see her friend holding a piece of paper?

"What does it say?"

It took Anna a couple of seconds to find her voice.

"Dear Miss Lillian, I was quite impressed with your quick observation today, and I am sure I'm not mistaken by sending this internship. Please come and see me and we can decide on all the details. Signed, Tony Sark."

Anna looked at her when she was done reading, seeing the shock impression on her friend's face.

"Are you going to accept it?"

Lily took the note from Anna's hands and read it over; making sure it said exactly what Anna told her. She looked at Anna and back on the note her expression unreadable.

"I don't know." She said looking one more time at the note. "I don't know."

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