Bella POV

Bella POV

I was hanging out with Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan when Alice announced we were going to watch a movie. "What movie are we watching?" Emmett asked Alice as she was putting the DVD in. Alice has a mysterious twinkle in her eye which meant we were about to find out.

The beginning credits rolled and the movie was called Stick It. When the 3 kids were on bikes one of them looked familiar. Then when he finally talks I figured out who he was kind of. An hour later the movie was finished and Emmett was sinking into the chair. "What the hell were you thinking?" Rose yelled at her husband who was cowering. It was a summer job, I was bored out of my mind." He replied sinking down as low as he could.

Emmett POV

Hmm Alice said we were going to watch a movie, when I asked and she smiled her too sweet smile I wondered what was going on, then the movie started and I yelped internally hoping no one would notice. The movie went by and well Rose wasn't happy about the fact that I was in the movie. Man now I'm in the dog house, at least they didn't find out about the Hilary Duff video I did.

Edward POV

Wonder what was going on, Alice was blocking her mind from me, Rose was thinking of what she and Emmett could be doing right now my mind is now scarred again, Emmett was thinking that he was dead meat after the movie, Jasper was looking at Alice's ass and thinking of what they did last night, and well Carlisle and Esme were out on something for the hospital. When the movie was in and started I was laughing at the fact that Rosalie was thinking about killing Emmett while Emmett was thinking about ripping Alice to shreds.

Alice POV

Man I am good, can't believe I could do this to poor Emmett. Well they all deserve it, I love most of them to death but I need to get back at most of them. When the movie was over I was enjoying the show Rose was giving us all which had Emmett on the couch. So funny, one down and four to go, summer jobs my butt, Bella probably wanted to get rid of her memories of Edward but I still need to show the movie, she practically robs a bank. Maybe I could link the Hilary Duff video to the screen, after a half hour I got it connected and played it in front of everyone. Emmett growled at me and Rose was about to tear him to shreds.