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Rose POV

I am not the only one ashamed of my movie roles, maybe Alice hasn't found out about my alias, but if she found Bella, and Emmy bear, than I'm probably on her shit list too.

Edward POV

Is my fiancée hiding from me now. This must be an interesting movie, I mean its titled Catch That Kid. Once the movies over I glance over at her and start to question what else she has hidden from me, that putting me in the doghouse wasn't really fair, she looks over at me and mouths an apology to me. I smile softly waiting patiently to get Alice back.

Alice POV

This is gonna be an awesome movie to put on, I mean, Bella claims she hates choosing between two boys, but then she stars in this movie where it's a subplot, where she attracts any other guys within a 10 foot radius, even when she was younger.

Emmett POV

Alice is popping in one of my favorite kids movies, she's actually trying to make up for showing the music video. Wait she's never kind, what am I missing her, I have watched this movie a thousand times. I wait for the beginning and it clicks, I kinda snicker waiting for Edward to realize he was wrong about who else was involved in Hollywood, maybe we can uncover her next.

Jasper POV

I guess my new job right now is to feel embarrassed for everyone who has ever done anything to Alice, because of her payback when she found out what has been going on behind her back.

Bella POV

Now that the movie is over, and I got over my initial shock, and put Edward in the doghouse, Alice popped in another movie looking at me mischievously. Wonder why? The beginning credits start to roll, and I just shrink into couch, letting it swallow me whole. Out of all the movies she chooses the one when I was supposed to pick between two boys, the one where I was a criminal.