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Chapter 1 - Discussions: "Piper, I swear, it won't hurt their mortal education," Leo Wyatt pleaded with his wife, Piper Halliwell.

"No? Leo, they will be at Hogwarts for a year. A normal school year!"

"I've been assured there's a spell that will bring their minds up to date."

"Isn't that personal gain?" Since her daughter would be the third child going, Phoebe felt entitled to jump in.

"Wand-wielder magic doesn't work that way. The power is inherently neutral, so no backlash," Leo explained. "Wyatt, Chris, and Patty would be fine."

"You know, it could be good for them, especially since that Voldemort guy's joined up

with the Source..." Paige trailed off when she realized she'd brought up the 'S' word. When the Source had first come back, he'd taken great pleasure in taunting them about last time, and the things he'd told them... well, Leo had confirmed it, once the binding the Elders had put on him snapped. Phoebe was still liable to react badly to mentions of the Source.

Just then, the three teens who were the subject of the discussion ran into the solarium. Wyatt, Christopher, and Patience Halliwell looked like what they were, three active, generally happy teenagers. What no one could see was the power the three held within them. Wyatt was the prophesied Twice-Blessed, and Chris and Patty were both Halliwells, children of Charmed Ones, and therefore powerful in their own right.

"Hey, what's up?" Wyatt asked.

"How would you three feel about a trip to Hogwarts?" Leo asked.

"Cool!" was Patty's response. She hadn't inherited much from her absent father, Jason Dean, but she had gained a love of travel. The idea of spending a year in a new place, even the wilds of Scotland, was fantastic as far as she was concerned.

"What about school?" Chris, the family academic, asked.

"Handled, apparently," Piper grumbled. She was far from sold on this.

"Well, then, let's go!" Wyatt declared. Leo looked at Phoebe and Piper. Phoebe smiled slightly and nodded.

Piper sighed, and finally said, "Fine."

"You misjudged Leo Wyatt, you know," Jazlyn Temaida Black said mildly to the man lounging in the chair on the other side of her desk. "He's one tough negotiator." This had been Dumbledore's idea, but thanks to her fount of Charmed knowledge, she'd done a lot of the talking. Said fount was sitting across from her, but for personal reasons had been kept out of the discussion.

"He never seemed to be," Cole Turner said with a shrug, "but then, people change. Even dead people." He flashed a smile at her. "So, who's he sending?"

"Well, that's the part you won't like so much. His sons, Wyatt and Chris, and their cousin, Patience. All of whom share the Halliwell name." Translation: the girl was Phoebe's. Jazlyn was good at quiet hints.

"Wonderful," he said caustically. And what would happen when they saw him, and, quite possibly, recognized him from the Book of Shadows?

"They can't do anything, you know," she pointed out. "Nor can their relatives; Dumbledore'd never let them in if he thought they planned to attack one of his teachers."

Cole said nothing, averting his gaze from Jazlyn's all-too sharp one. But that didn't stop his cousin from reading him like a book.

Jazlyn watched Cole, biting back what she wanted to say. From the day she'd first met the man whose father was a Squib relative of her grandmother's, she'd felt the connection of family, in a way she hadn't towards a blood relative since her de Chardin relatives had died. And to Jazlyn, nothing was worse than seeing a member of her family hurting in any way. But what could she say, besides what had been said long ago?

"What about Nixie?" Cole's voice was rough. "If they... if..." They'll take her away, was what he couldn't say. His daughter was his reason for living; he couldn't lose her. Not like he'd lost her mother.

"Nothing's going to happen," Jazlyn said, her voice firm despite her own fears. She didn't know the Halliwells, so she couldn't be sure that they wouldn't pull something like that. But she knew Nixie would never let them. "And if it did... do you really think they can hold Nixie?"

Sometimes Fred and George's Extendable Ears only made things worse. Phoenix Turner sighed as she tugged the flesh-colored string from her ear. She stared off into space for a moment before looking at her companions. Harry Potter and Alexandra Black gazed solemnly back, knowing their friend too well to push her to speak. "I don't like this," Nixie said finally, her voice low and resentful.

Alex and Harry exchanged the barest of glances, and by tacit agreement, it was Alex who spoke. "Nix, Mum's right. Nothing's going to happen."

"Easy for you to say, Axie. You don't.. .you're not... I'm not a bloody Halliwell! I'm a Turner, and that's all I want to be! But they won't see it like that."

"You're also a Temaida, and an honorary Black. You can't be touched," Alex said firmly. "Not unless the Charmed Ones want to deal with the High Families." Alex might be a Gryffindor, but she understood the power her parents had because of their blood as well as Nixie, a Slytherin, did.

Harry chose this moment to chime in. "Relax, Nix. You've got a family. None of us are going to let some people who happen to share blood with you take you away. You lot got me away from the Dursleys, right?"

Nixie smiled. They were right. And so was Jazlyn. No one could hold her against her will. If the Charmed Ones tried... she wouldn't kill them, but she'd make them regret it.

A/N: OK, just so we're clear, this takes place in an AU of my Generations universe (HP). For more info on that world, the first two stories are all you need. For those who've read it, yes, Alex is basically a rewritten Ambryn in her genetics (and choice of boyfriend), but she's a very different character overall.