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Things certainly changed over the next couple of weeks. Kyle officially divorced Chris, and cut him off from seeing Chloe for the rest of his life. Which wasn't long, since we found out he overdosed on heroin a week later. We went to the funeral and put a picture of Chloe on his grave, but his mother wasn't too cool with us being there. She blamed Kyle for her son's death, saying that if she'd just worked it out with him everything would've been fine.

Suffice it to say, we didn't stay long.

When we came back from Sturbridge, Kyle moved in with me. Our relationship was way past the whole 'two houses' thing, even though it'd only been a couple of months. Time wasn't really the case with us. We were happier this way.

The day we invited Matt, Jeff and Jill over for a celebratory dinner, Chloe said her first word. Guess what it was? Matt. I accused Kyle of seeing him behind my back, but it was all in good fun. Although, the look on Matt's face was pretty hilarious when she said it again, right to him.

We were sitting in the dining room, waiting for Kyle. I could see her stirring something in the kitchen from my seat. Everyone's chatter slowly went away as I watched her taste something, wrinkle her nose, shake her head. She shook a little jar over the food, tasting it again. I smiled when she did.

Matt hit the table with his hand, sliding his glass in toward himself. He smiled. "Shannon, man, I gotta hand it to you."

I slowly broke my gaze from Kyle, that stupid grin still on my face. "What's that?"

"You picked the hottest chick, with the biggest problems, and still ended up coming out on top." He blinked at me. "How do you do it, brother?"

I sighed happily, putting my hands behind my head. "Just got a little Moore charm than you do."

Jill rolled her eyes. "You are the biggest loser I know, Shannon."

"I take great pride in that, fatty." I leaned forward, resting my elbows against the table. "You look especially obese tonight, by the way."

"What can I say, Shan? It's a special occasion." She smiled, kicking me under the table.

Jeff jumped. "OW! Who just kicked me?"

Jill frowned. "Sorry, honey. I was tryin' to kick Shannon."

"Oh. You got my shin, babe." Jeff grimaced, eyebrows raising over his sunglasses. He rarely took them off now - he didn't feel comfortable without them.

Kyle came into the room, resting against the door frame with her arms crossed. "What are you guys up to?"

"Jill kicked me," Jeff said flatly.

"I didn't mean to!" Jill glared at him, looking at Kyle afterward. "I was trying to kick the asshole you're dating."

Kyle smiled. "Did you get him?"

Jill shrugged. "I don't know. I hit Jeff on the way."

"Don't worry." Kyle knocked her fist against my arm. "I got him for you."

"Ow!" I glared at her. "Thanks a lot, honey."

Kyle pursed her lips. "Oh, I'm sorry, babe."

Matt laughed, raising his glass to her. "A toast to Kyle!"

I gaped at him. "For punchin' me!?"

"Someone had to do it," Jill said with a smile.

Matt nodded. "For not only punching Shannon, but for putting up with all the bull shit he put her through."

"Hey, I resent that - "

"Including the mohawk he's now sporting."

I stopped, looking up at Kyle. "You don't like my mohawk?"

Kyle wrinkled her nose, smiling playfully. "It's not... terrible."

"I don't believe this!" I sighed, shaking my head. I held up my drink. "Well. To Kyle, then."

Kyle laughed, opening her mouth to say something. The buzzer went off in the kitchen. She glanced out the doorway. "Oh! Food's done. Be right back."

I smacked her side on the way to the kitchen, catching her eye when she turned to glare at me.

"Hey, Shan."

I looked away, at Matt. "Yeah?"

"Since Kyle's outta ear shot... " He smiled drunkenly. "When you plannin' on proposing?"

I glanced back at her, smiling softly. "Sooner than you think, man."

I yawned loudly, turning off the bathroom light as I wandered into my room. Kyle was laying against the pillows, wearing glasses with her hair pulled back, reading a book. She didn't notice me until I fell onto the end of the bed, laying across her feet.

She smiled down at me. "What are you doing?"

I shrugged. "Layin' here."

She made a noncommittal noise, going back to her book.

I sighed and rubbed her calf. "You check on Chloe or should I?"

She looked up. "Huh?"

"Did you check on Chlo, or should I?"

Her eyes slid to the page again, turning it. "You can check on her if you want. I did earlier, but... " She glanced at me. "If you want to. You know. Go ahead."

I nodded and kissed her shin, climbing over her legs. She kicked me as I headed to the door.

Chloe was sitting up when I went into her room, looking around curiously. She brightened when she spotted me, lifting her arms before I even got to her crib.

"Hey, darlin'," I said softly, picking her up. She giggled, trying to put her little arms around my neck. "I'm glad you're up."

She kicked her feet.

I went over to her dresser, taking her new toy off of it. "We need to go show momma your new toy, don't we?"

She looked at it pensively. Her hands barely fit around it.

"Just don't drop it, okay?" I smiled when she touched my cheek. I kissed her palm, heading back upstairs.

"She awake?" Kyle asked flatly, eyes scanning the page she was on.

"Yeah." I climbed into bed next to her, plopping Chloe in my lap. "She was restless. Wanted to show mommy her new toy."

Kyle looked at me, eyes narrowed. "What new toy?"

I shrugged, dropping my gaze to Chloe.

Kyle sighed, taking off her glasses. "Shannon, you need to stop spoiling - "

I bit my lip when she stopped talking, mouth open as her eyes fell onto Chloe. She looked up at me, then down again, taking the toy from her. I noticed her hands were shaking when she opened up the small, leather box.

"How do you like Chloe's new toy?" I asked quietly.

Kyle, eyes wet, looked up at me, mouth open in a smile. "How did you - "

I shook my head. "How do you like Chloe's new toy?"

She sniffed, taking the square-cut diamond out of the case. "I love it. It's perfect."

I smiled, helping her slide the silver band around her finger.

She kissed me on the lips. "Just like everything else."

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