Okay so all my stories are kinda sad or drama filled or romance things and so I just wanted to do something funny.

This doesn't really take place in certain books but it's just very random.

There's a few curse words in here-just a warning.

I don't have anything against Twilight…trust me.

Disclaimer-blah blah-don't own twilight.


Bella- So Edward, can I meet your family?

Edward-Whatever gets you to shutup. Alice get over here.

Alice-What do you want.

Edward-I hate you and your damn visions!

Alice-Damnit Edward! You're so friggen annoying when you spaz on me!

Edward-This is Bella. She's the girl you saw me killing.

Alice-Ew her hair's frizzy.

Bella-I'm still here.

Alice-She speaks!

Edward-Bella, what'd I say about talking? Now Jaspers gonna want to eat you.

Bella-Crap. (Does Reba impression.)

Edward-I hate it when you imitate that talentless redhead.

Bella-That's my favorite show!

Edward-I wouldn't know I don't own a television or anything human-like.

Alice-Why am I here again?

Edward-To meet Bella damnit!

Alice-Oh, right.

Bella-What's up with your hair man.

Alice-ITS NOT MY FAULT I WAS IN AN ASYLUM. –pulls out hair-

Edward-What a psycho bitch.

A/N-yes I warned you about language.

I literally made this up as I was typing.

I'm just really bored

More to come! Maybe in the next hour or tomorrow-depending on my mood and considering im in the process of 3 stories.