Here in the wall,

The end is coming.


But before I go,

Into oblivion,

I need to tell you:

I want to blame you for this.

I want to curse your name

Your face, your form,

And take it to the hells.

But I don't have that choice;

The hells don't want me.

Neither did you.

But I can't blame you for that either.

This is a punishment of my own choosing,

For a failed life.

My only comfort,

As hunger devours me,

Is that I didn't give in.

To you,

Or to myself.

Empty comfort now.

I wonder if you'll remember me,

For more than just betrayal

You seemed to see what I could have been

Behind crude words, cruel actions

If love, instead of pain, had been my mother

You were entirely too good to me,

I see that now.

The end is coming;

I welcome it.